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That aside, my only other gripe is the paint, which seems fairly easy to chip. […] Check out my review of the 2006 KHS Urban Xtreme on commutebybike.com (Click Here for the review) […], […] *KHS Urban Xtreme *Redline 9-2-5 *Rocket Shower by 10 nine 8 *Banjo Brothers Saddlebag panniers *Xtracycle Freeradical *Sette Rival Shoes *Bailey Works Super Pro Messenger bag *Active Tunes *Terry Scooter Capri *Ibex X-ray *Champiot Ultra *Lizard Skins Logo Lock-on grips *Trikke *Tifosi Pave sunglasses *Ibex Alpine 550 *Ergon Performance Grips *Bumble Bar organic bars *KHS Urban X *Cygolite Hi Flux 200 *Price Point Epic Baggy shorts *Rec Rac *Vaporwick Jersey Polo *TopLine Mgf Unigrip *Trikke Bikke *Masterlock Street Cuffs *KHS Latte *P1sseezee Bike Wash *Hoss Ponderosa Shorts *Xootr Swift *Kinetic By Kurt Road Machine *Tifosi Optics Slip *Ibex Trophy 770 *Bike Slingger *Fezzai Wiki Peak Comp *Lizzard Blizzard Gloves *Yukon HL Bike Headlight *Allen Racks 144A *Terry Commuter Skort *Genuine Innovations Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Wallet *Wilderness Electric Bike Kit *Smith Optics Threshold *Woodstock 505 *Giatex Sportable *Bell Citi Helmet *Inertia Designs Business Pannier *Park PCS-1 Workstand and BK-2 rollup *Rio Cali 128 MB MP3 player *Video Bike Repair DVD *Kryptonite Evolution-Mini *Ibex Corrida LT *Kona Smoke *Rudy Project Wizaard […], […] Today I went to visit the great folks of KHS Bicycles. I tried and tried to get on with it, but just couldn't. You can also try contacting shops that sell the Urban X and see if they are willing to ship it to you. Paint is faded Thanks for the great review and update. have minimal cosmetic (only) condition. include: tires, tubes, grips/handlebar tape, brake For the equivalent of 5 gasoline fill ups, you simply can’t beat the retail price of $299! Worst is the fact the stock KHS saddle with suspension is not doing its job of absorbing the vibration(Saddle is too rigid too). I happen to run over a broken glass bottle and the slick of KHS is live up to its reputation. This is, ultimately, a minor issue and a personal choice; your mileage may vary. […], […] This time I rode from my house to work, a 30 mile round trip with some rolling hills. need to be replaced. My biggest complaint, it is made in China, but the quality, both in ride and craftsmanship, is above its price point. A new breed of bicycle for the new breed of urban rider wanting more-more quality, more style and more performance! Put about 50 miles on it and was still undecided, then went on a 20 mile cruise one day and was hurting so bad by the end that I literally rode directly to the bike shop on my way home for a replacement saddle. 2006 KHS Urban Xtreme Bulletproof, too -- ran over broken glass and all kinds of urban detritus and no flats yet. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Where will KHS take you? It is a nice cromoly frame that rides like a dream. Companies that send in their goods to be reviewed do not compensate me in any way. 2012 KHS URBAN SERIES. faded slightly and/or slightly Please go to the KHS Website above for any 2018 Model/Color selections which we can get within 2 days usually and take around a day to Upgrade and do our Loving Assembly and Upgrading as we have limited New In Stock Inventories yet will be happy to inquire about availability of any model in the Model, Sizing, Frame Variety, Color and Pricing. Tagged with Commute by Bike. The riding position is more upright, putting less stress on the back, hips, shoulders and arms. A carbon Fiber Fork: I enjoyed riding the Urban X to work, to the beach and to the coffee shop. KHS makes Mountain bikes that give you a comfortable fit to help you be able to get and ride all day long. Conclusion: Test ride this bike before KHS realizes they can charge more for it. By Moe Ramirez First ride, u can somehow feel its toughness. The upside: faster tires = less time it takes to get to work. Too bad no one in PDX that I could find had any in stock. That’s why KHS puts so much care, quality, and style into our youth bicycles. The frame or fork or Always up for what the asphalt jungle has to offer! 2020 by CampfireCycling.com. This was easily solved by applying a thin layer of grease (with a toothbrush) to the metal attach points (which are tack? Is there anyway to buy this bike online, or do I have to drive to a major city to buy it? I ride a Giant TCR Limited for road, a K2 Lithium 4.0 for MTB, a KHS Urban Xtreme for my commute. need to be serviced. I have added a computer, rack bell, front and rear lights, and have purchased red BF Goodrich tires for it to dress it up even more. Home > 2018 KHS Models > COMMUTER > URBAN > URBAN XTREME. detectable blemishes or It was time to say goodbye to the KHS Urban Xtreme, but in return, Vince C. granted my wish of testing a super cool bike. It does, however, provide you with a decent level of shock absorption, substantially less had a “normal” seat been put on. frame (if metal) may have Reviews on Commute By Bike at Commute by Bike, KHS Super Cool Bike Preview at Commute by Bike. It does get a lot of looks and positive responses. Dealers (Temporarily Out of Service), Social Media Contests & Promotions Official Rules, Reynolds 520 DB CrMo Tubing w/Carrier Bosses & Disc Mount. In return, we got a KHS Urban Xtreme to test. Suite 101 You can see more, ride more miles, go more places and just have more fun. wheels, shifters, front or rear crank set or chainrings.

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