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International Pest Control, 26(5):124-126. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 76(2):324-334. Indian Journal of Sugarcane Research, Development Workers, 5:163-164. Kumarasinghe NC; Ranasinghe MASK, 1985. They get their common name from the female's ovipositor, which unfolds like a jackknife. Turin, Italy, September 7-11, 1987. The mustard sawfly Athalia proxima Klug. Sightings of sawfly caterpillars feeding amongst the needle leaves of pine trees are common in areas of conifer forests. Summary of Scientific Work Done on Sugarcane Pests in India During 1940. Incidence of sugarcane leaf hopper and parasitization by its natural enemies in western Maharashtra. The species of Pyrilla (Fulgoroidea: Lophopidae) in Ceylon and India. Indian Farming, 9:401-406. 3 0 obj Dhaliwal ZS; Bains SS, 1985. A laboratory technique for rearing sugarcane leafhopper, Pyrilla perpusilla (Walker). First, they cause 10 to 14 percent grain yield reduction by their tunneling activity in the infested stems. Control of sugarcane pyrilla in Sind. Dispersion of eggs of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker during different seasons. Indian Sugar, 28:333-335. It functions like a saw blade, allowing her to cut into stems or foliage and deposit her eggs. Gupta BD, 1948. 26 (5), 124-126. The Pyrilla, Pyrilla perpusilla Walker. Srinath D; Patel HK, 1968. Agricultural Science Digest (Karnal), 8(3):170-172. Rahman KA, 1941. Memoir of Department of Agriculture India (Entomology series). What is the difference between manure and fertilizer? Butani DK, 1961. 30 (1), 33-34. Control of Pyrilla on sugarcane in Bombay-Deccan. in Sind. (Pyrilla perpusilla Walker) in Mysore. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 30:293-294. Standing Committee on the Auchenorrhyncha Meetings, 485-492. A faunistic review of Auchenorrhyncha on sugarcane. (Entomology Series), 9:1-20. Leaf hopper (Pyrilla perpusilla Walker) of sugarcane. in the NWFP. Taxonomic changes in Chinese Lophopidae with a check list of Chinese species (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea). Some observations on the causes leading to the severe multiplication of sugarcane leaf hopper, Pyrilla perpusilla Wlk. Indian Journal of Entomology, 15:173-179. l�JQ��mr���{��g{�0g����~قG\���q��0:0�_��M�����uO��9��s�]���X�8$ �.�H�4����?&}�'��m�Oi>f4gÃO��hH�3 �ѐ�p�?���}���kޘ� �LC���\,���ARPw��Mz��QuM��Oy����]�F^���7:�qo�&�y�l�k�*m2-�+�7(���ZY�N��уZ6ق�8`l&��1�����'Č20�_�mSj�_gӰD���!��e Entomon, 8(1):19-22. The general appearance of each stage is similar except for increase in size during subsequent instars. Are Those Pests Sawfly Larva or Caterpillar? Rajak RL; Pawar AD; Misra MP; Prasad J; Verma A; Singh GP, 1987. 1), 60-75 pp. (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), an egg parasite of Pyrilla perpusilla Walk. Notes on insects injuries to crops in Afganistan. coimbatorensis Fennah. How To Complete My 1000 Words Essay In 2 Days Time? The adults of these insects are small orange-yellow insects with brown-black markings on the body and have smoky wings with black veins. endobj Indian Sugar, 10:765-768, 779-781. The natural enemy complex of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker at Dhuri, Punjab. Nymph: There are four nymphal stages (instars). •Damage caused by : larvae . Mustard sawfly, Athalia lugens proxima (Tenthredinidae: Hymenoptera) Distribution: All over the Indian sub continent. The problems of Pyrilla perpusilla and the impact of its natural enemies. Pyrilla infestation in Western Uttar Pradesh. Some recommendations for the control of sugarcane pests in India. The sugarcane lophopid planthopper Pyrilla perpusilla (Homoptera: Lophopidae): a review of its biology, pest status and control. Studies on population dynamics of Pyrilla perpusilla (walk. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your email address will not be published. Description of two new species of Strepsiptera parasitic on sugarcane insects. Cooperative Sugar. Leiden, Netherlands: E. J. Brill, v + 535 pp. 73-133. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Biology of Chrysopa scelestis Banks. Singh OP; Dayal R, 1975. Rajendra A, 1979. Gupta BD; Avasthy PN, 1954. Moths of Australia. In: Proceedings of 2nd Biennial Conference of Sugarcane Research and Development Workers. High populations of P. purpusilla during an outbreak stage. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology, 3(2):164-165, Dhaliwal ZS; Bains SS, 1983. #6܄5�4B�e��»[����:��ڛD3���������L[������8c�~*�3��ߋ fΙ�)#5�Ul Gupta BD; Avasthy PN, 1959. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 54(9):742-750. Gupta BD; Avasthy PN, 1956. EPPO, 2014. Raja Rao SA, 1954. Plant Protection Bulletin, India, 39(1-2):1-6. Indian Sugar, 21:327-332. 9 (pt. Effect of post harvest burning of sugarcane trash on the incidence of Tetrastichus pyrillae (Crawford.) Kumarasinghe NC; Ranasinghe MASK, 1988. Rahman KA; Nath R, 1940. Indian Journal of Ecology, 7(1):161-163, Brar RS; Bains SS, 1981. in Sind. Malayan Nature Journal, 40(1/2):165pp. Rajak R L, Pawar A D, Misra M P, Prasad J, Verma A, Singh G P, 1987. of ref. Epiricania (Epipyrops) melanoleuca (F), a nymphal/adult parasite of sugarcane leaf hopper (Pyrilla perpusilla Walk.). PhD thesis. Efficacy of different organophosphorus insecticides against sugarcane leafhopper, Pyrilla perpusilla Walk. FENNAH R G, 1963. On Indian insect types - II Biology, life history and external and internal anatomy of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker.

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