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She may have presided over the mingling of fresh water with the brine as her name suggests. She had the upper body of a nymph, the tail of a fish, and a ring of six ravening dog-heads circling her waste. The tantalizing figure of the halios geron has been a favorite of scholarship. ACHEILUS (Akheilos) A shark-formed sea Daemon. GALATEA (Galateia) One of the fifty Nereides. BENTHESICYME (Benthesikyme) One of the sea nymphs, a daughter of the god Poseidon. "Oceanus." RHODE A sea-nymph daughter of the god Poseidon. At the same time, man's (always partial) mastery over the dangerous sea was one of the most potent marks of human skill and achievement. ‘Where the Lord of the Sea Grants Passage to Sailors Through the Deep-Blue Mere no More’: The Greeks and the Western Seas. She may have presided over "swift" currents and sea rips, as her name suggests. Homer's Odyssey contains a haunting description of a cave of the Nereids on Ithaca, close by a harbor sacred to Phorcys. Thus, on the Mycenean Linear B tablets found at Pylos, the name Poseidon[6] occurs frequently in connection with the wanax ("king"), whose power and wealth were increasingly maritime rather than equestrian in nature. ICHTHYES (Ikhthyes) A pair of divine fish who brought Aphrodite ashore following her sea-birth. CAPHEIRA (Kapheira) The sea nymph nurse of the god Poseidon. She was a goddess of the Samothracian Mysteries, and the mother by Hephaestus of the Cabiri. This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 03:47. The Gods of the Aegean Sea are one of seven branches of the Cult of Kosmos that you're tasked with tracking down and eliminating after the events of The Serpent's Lair.. Academic Search Complete. Academic Search Complete. Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, Netherlands & New Zealand. SCYLLA (Skylla) A monstrous sea Daemon who preyed on passing sailors. He was one of the Hecatoncheires, three hundred-handed, fifty-headed giants, and a son-in-law of Poseidon who made his home on the floor of the Aegean sea. TRITONES Fish-tailed Daemones of the sea, the male counterparts of the sea nymphs. He was an ally of the Titans. Poseidon received his domain when the three sons of Kronos drew lots for division of the universe. They included not only the Nereides, but also the daughters of Poseidon and the other sea gods. Thus Cape Tanaerum, the point at which mainland Greece juts most sharply into the Mediterranean, was at once an important sailor's landmark, a shrine of Poseidon, and the point at which Orpheus and Heracles were said to have entered Hades. A similar wrestling scene shows Peleus and Thetis, often accompanied by a host of small animal icons representing her metamorphoses. LEUCOTHEA (Leukothea) The goddess of the Ionian sea, a protector of sailors and fishermen. It was in this medium that most of the obscure maritime gods of Homer and Hesiod finally received standardised representation and attributes. A blow of his conch-shell horn calmed the waves. 22 Oct. 2015. Amphitrite was the goddess who spawned the sea's rich bounty--fish and shellfish--as well as dolphins, seals and whales. TELCHINES (Telkhines) Sea Daemones native to the island of Rhodes. Each one of these Old Men is the father or grandfather of many nymphs and/or monsters, who often bear names that are either metaphorical (Thetis, "establishment"; Telesto, "success") or geographical (Rhode from "Rhodes"; Nilos, "Nile"). Large mosaic scenes also portrayed rows of sea-gods and nymphs arranged in a coiling procession of intertwined fish-tails. BYTHOS One of the Ickhthyocentaurs or fish-tailed sea-centaurs. GORGONS (Gorgones) Three monstrous sea Daemones with snaky locks, bronze claws, wings, and wide grinning tusked mouths.

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