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This develops on two levels: Thus, when discussing patterns of talk we conceptualize them as occurring in different speech communities or co-cultures based on historical, cultural and economic expectations of a given co-culture. Lakoff theorized that the powerlessness in speech mirrored women’s powerlessness in the culture. Aya Katz from The Ozarks on October 19, 2008: Glassvisage, this is an interesting topic. Way of Processing Information. As you recall, the study of space and our use of it (proxemics) has two important dimensions. Thus, it is important to understand the cultural reasons and pressures for the differences in communication, rather than judge one against the other devoid of context. Another way language is used to define men and women is through the slang terms commonly used to refer to one sex or another. The environment and the people around you matter a lot in such things. (2012). Women will also approach a man from the front while men often approach from the side at an angle, which is how each of them tends to stand or sit when talking to others. While giving a lecture on communication anxiety in a public speaking class, a professor may use examples from famous people rather than revealing her/his own experiences. A masculine communication style tends to be focused on instrumental tasks. However, men do not use touch only to show control. When women have to make a decision they will often process and look at options out loud while men tend to process internally until they come up with a solution. This is done in a number of ways such as indicating independence, showing control, and entertaining or performing for others. If you do process out loud, let the man know that this is a process you use for decision making and you are not asking him what to do. Communication tends to be more direct, relationships tend to begin and end quickly, and hierarchies are more relaxed. Earlier in the chapter we mentioned the pink and blue blankets used to wrap girl and boy babies after birth. As you read the types of tentativeness, what were your reactions? One of the key themes in the play is communication, specifically how we communicate about vaginas. We will discuss: Artifacts, Personal Space and Proxemics, Haptics, Kinesics, Paralanguage, Physical Attributes, and Silence. Such noises are “mmm,” “ah,” and “oh” and are often accompanied by nodding the head. 4. You need both to deal with the complexity and diversity of situations in today’s world both personally and professionally. What this paper demonstrates is how powerfully women are positioned in society (families and the First, we understand space as our personal space, or the bubble in which we feel comfortable. Showing knowledge in conversation gives speakers the opportunity to present themselves as competent and capable. Finally, Get Information. Like haptics, men and women use body language differently and to convey different meanings. Of course it did! Showing equity in conversation means showing that you are similar to others. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Did you know that this term did not come into existence until 40 years ago? Shadesbreath from California on October 19, 2008: I agree Aya, it's a bit unfair to assign all "aggressive" communicative behaviors to men and all "social" ones to women. People of all genders in our culture use touch to communicate with others. Since we have learned that language influences perception and constructs our reality, it is important to use language responsibly to reflect nonsexist attitudes (Beal; McConnell and Fazio; Mucchi-Faina; O Barr; Parks; Stringer & Hopper). Whether the cause is social or biological, men tend to take up more space and encroach on others’ space more often than females. 13 Sept. 2018. “Gender Styles in Communication.” University of Kentucky. 2(1), 18-27. Coinciding with cultural messages, men use their bodies to signal strength and control while women use theirs to communicate approachability and friendliness. This is an attempt to get away from the generic “he” and move toward inclusive pronouns. Because women are more relationship oriented, they tend to lead by consensus. It has spawned the V-Day movement which seeks to end sexual violence against women and girls. A final area of nonverbal communication that has had large implications on gender is silence. The final quality, tentativeness, involves a number of strategies and has invoked a multiplicity of interpretations. Women, for example, smile more often than men and Caucasian women do this more than African-American women (Halberstadt & Saitta). I have the advantage of being able to enjoy stereotypes for what they highlight rather than finding insult in them. The relative power of men to women, coupled with a greater level of social power that can manifest itself in unwanted closeness or touching, have been linked with the problems of sexual harassment and domestic violence (May; McLaughlin). All of this can lead to the type of miscommunication based on assumptions of why member of the other sex are using certain verbal and non-verbal behaviors. If you grasp the importance of effective gender communications and gender equality in the workplace, then start making a difference today using the following gender communication strategies.

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