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He is also President’s Professorial Fellow at King’s College London. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. I believe we will see discussions regarding whether we should allow our special education students, homeless students, English-language learners, and other students at high risk of further learning loss to return to face-to-face instruction first. Will college — minus the campus environment, social connections and athletics — be acceptable, if it’s replaced by depersonalized online learning? California is beginning these discussions. “Even if [companies] can make the hires, will those students be able to travel, and what kind of onboarding will be provided to new employees? More from Pat Hickey:The future of schools after COVID-19. To navigate union tensions, some places have signed formal agreements (Memorandums of Understanding) to set forth the expectations of teachers. Michael Horn (@michaelbhorn) is head of strategy for the Entangled Group, senior partner for Entangled Solutions, and the co-founder of the Christensen Institute. Over the last decade, the number of international students worldwide has more than doubled to 5 million. Online provision will not replace face-to-face education in the long term for students wanting the academic kudos and status benefits from full-on immersive experiences in other countries. Jo Johnson is Chairman of Tes Global and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. The COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Stay-at-home orders forced parents to serve as teacher, guidance counselor, and recess monitor, giving many a newfound appreciation for the complex jobs of teachers. And financing the program through an ISA means students won’t have to pay anything if they don’t get a job afterward—an increasingly likely proposition. At the same time, these programs also face an existential risk, as the ISA business model stipulates that providers only get paid when their graduates get jobs. - Offer content in different formats making it more attractive to students, interactive and promoting self-evaluation; teaching them while having fun. COVID-19 will also exacerbate weaknesses in higher education business models, particularly in colleges and universities that are highly dependent on international students and haven’t created an adequate online strategy. © 2011-2020 EdSurge Inc. All rights reserved. The future of higher ed after COVID-19 | Pat Hickey Pat Hickey, Reno Gazette Journal 6/2/2020. Our dreams are somehow similar. Is remote learning just as effective as in-person classes, and is the technology available to ensure equity for all students? Beyond that, there will also be significant longer term impacts. Additionally, these populations of students were far less likely to be engaged in remote learning in the spring time (see here). Online learning — a wonderful workaround during a contagion — is an educational experiment in a world where teachers are no longer considered authority figures. Schools must not lose sight of the value of social efforts, such as clubs and extracurricular activities, in strengthening a student's sense of connectedness to their school. Access to this fund should be subject to strict non-negotiable conditions, including the phased closure of poor-quality and low-value courses under teach-out arrangements to ensure that students can complete their studies. In Bangladesh, a country with a young population of 170 million, and Sri Lanka, there are an estimated five students competing for every available university place, according to the British Council. But the most exciting growth in international education will come from institutions using technology to scale up access for talented students from poor and middle-income backgrounds for whom it has previously been out of reach. This will come about through an acceleration of two trends. Consequently, when school district leadership looks at the demands put forward by teachers’ unions — like retrofitting HVAC systems or implementing widespread COVID testing of staff and students — even if they agree with the measures, the fiscal situation precludes them from being able to act.

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