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Cyborg decides to recruit Platinum, so he tracks down her creator Will Magnus. The Outsider reveals himself to be the Alfred Pennyworth of Earth 3. J'onn is now back, but fears the worst. Psychically, he attempts to keep her aware, but her mind constantly goes back under. The core story was published as a seven-issue mini-series, written by Geoff Johns with illustrations by David Finch. He soon realizes they are manifestations of his psyche and that he can control them. What he'll do with that is sure to be another big story. Detective Comics Vol. This means fighting against villains such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Cold releases the Crime Syndicate's prisoner, who is revealed to be their world's Alexander Luthor. This is when he's taken to a vault and has five bodies in cryostasis-Talons from The Court of Owls-revealed to him. Timeframe: Only an additional, few hours: 0-Hour + 12-24 Hours. Timeframe: 0-Hours + 54 (Approx.) Constantine is continued in The Voice in the Fire by Fawkes. Justice League Dark is continued in Paradise Lost by DeMatteis. Forever Evil is a big event and it didn't get here by itself. The Outsider has them enlist Grid, a sentient cybernetic system who took over Cyborg. Back at STAR Labs, Cyborg convinces his dad to rebuild him, this time with different parameters. Batman reveals that Deathstorm trapped all the other heroes inside the Firestorm Matrix. Captain Cold tricks Johnny Quick into setting off his gun and freezing his leg, then he shatters it leaving Johnny one-legged. The issue then goes across the nation, showing scenes of turmoil and riot. Cyborg embraces his nature as part machine and defeats Grid by trapping him inside his own body. The Suicide Squad arc follows Discipline and Punish by Ales Kot, then the series ends and it is replaced by Sean Ryan's New Suicide Squad. The JL Dark, Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and a host of other magical heroes combine their forces to destroy the abomination. Excerpt from Justice League #28 (2014), part of the Forever Evil event. The Crime Syndicate returns and they battle the Injustice League. Forever Evil #1(November, 2013) Believe it or not, Lex will later do surgery on the Man of Steel, saving his life. As thoughts conflict across the planet, the sun rises. October 29, 2020 October 30, 2020 / Anderson / Some individuals assume every one of them is for different factors. It's not official because this includes The Phantom Stranger and his story. Using his great strength, he flat-out kills one guard and then gets the other to give him the secrets of the institution. Pandora #09" (so every issue from that point should be numbered +1 in the order). This makes Mirror Master Mad because he thinks that this will cause Lisa to die. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Bane is seen spending some time recovering. At the Crime Syndicate's Lair, Alexander Luthor is now fully empowered with MAZAHS! He makes it to the final level after sensing he is being followed. Once it was opened, a rift between Earth-1, where our main heroes exist, and Earth-3, where the super-evil doers including the Crime Syndicate dwell, was created. In his current state, he is severely weakened. 041 Justice League #25 - Grid tells Owlman that Ultraman is en route to Metallo. They make a deal to protect the city and head back to the main fight. Constantine, vol.2: BlightReprints Constantine #7-12 (December 2013 – May 2014).Trinity of Sin – Phantom Stranger, vol.3: The Crack in CreationReprints Trinity of Sin – Phantom Stranger #12-22 (December 2013 – October 2014); & Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger: Futures End #1 (November 2014). Desparo is there and ambushes her. Poison Ivy has them trapped in Gotham City, but all she wants is to make a deal. The machine goes off and Mindwarp appears to be obliterated. As they squabble, the fight outside ends. Ultraman is weakened by the sun, so he uses the moon to block all sunlight. You can produce your very own good luck if you understand the realities and also make use of a great online betting system for sporting activities. Back at the Thamaton machine, Constantine duels Nick Necro in his mind while imprisoned. In the present day, Ultraman visits the Daily Planet to punish its employees for their weakness. Forever Evil is a DC Universe crossover event that was published in 2013-2014 as part of The New 52. The issue then moves to the Gotham Memorial Hospital, ran by the super-villain Professor Pyg; he's mutilating and terrorizing patients when Scarecrow drops in, warning him of Bane's coming. He suggests that it is Darkseid, but back on the Syndicate's World, we see the Anti-Monitor. They arrive at Doctor Thirteen's house, finding the man laying in the bathtub with slit wrists. [19] Cyborg leads the Metal Men to Happy Harbor, where they take on Grid. Trevors comes to and takes the Lasso of Truth, using it to get the Doctor to realize he was killed. Justice League of America #7.1 (Deadshot) - In the midst of the Crime Syndicate takeover, Deadshot takes on a mission of his own, relating his origin in the process. Freeze, Man-Bat, Mad Hatter, and others. We have taken much of this reading list directly from the Centre Cannot Hold, which breaks it down to the trades with the issues below. Excerpt from Forever Evil #1 (2013). Almost beaten, he is saved by Stargirl when she arrives; because of her youth and optimism she isn't vulnerable to the machinations of this foreboding place. 016 Justice League of America #10 - Reliving her own memories, Courtney Whitmore aka Star Girl, is fighting Deadshot and his crew with J'onn aka Martial Manhunter guiding her body. ), 045 Justice League #26 - This issue has a perfect location tag on the Crime Syndicate. This story is directly preceded by Trinity War in most of the crossover books. In a worldwide annoucement, they state that they've destroyed the Justice League. In response, Weather Wizard leaves the group. @jimmyimpossible: And probably too weak to include here but Talon 11 shows the Outsider recruiting Bane for Arkham War. Sorry, I meant it should be placed before "Pandora #08", not #09... One thing more: the issue 036 "Justice League Dark #28" should be #29 hahahaha. Progress through the issue now starts showing the districts: Mr. Meanwhile, Constantine has been attempting to get more clues, but comes up with nothing. Surprisingly, though, he says this is God's Will. 0-Hour up to 0-Hour +6 (approx.) Captain Cold is separates from his Ice Gun Powers and returns to normal. They barely make it through to "The Circus", where ARGUS keeps their other-dimensional entities. (The Rogues are in Metropolis and fight The Parasite.) Unfortunately, he's been knocked out. Using their techniques, Trickster and Mirror Master shove some Flush Gang members into the mirror world. In order to best preserve continuity, it's organized together. Luthor suggests that they all work together to take down the Crime Syndicate. ), 046 Justice League #27 - (Johnny Quick and Atomica are fighting the Doom Patrol in Denver.) Zauriel then offers to join them against Blight. 7 #23.2 – Ocean Master, Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. Inside the satellite, Grid and The Outsider are arguing over Nightwing's containment. 3 #7.2 – Killer Frost, Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger Vol. A few years ago, DC changed everything in a world-shaking event; now the universe is filled with heavily purified evil. At the end, we move to STAR Labs, Detriot, where Victor is getting better. He is outside of Central City at the time.) In the moment of meditation, another unbidden memory crops up and she somehow expulses Manhunter. They duke it out for a few minutes until she convinces him to tell her of The Outsider, giving her the coin of the Secret Society. That's when the voice of Waller tells Warrant's team to kill Deadshot's team. (The Rogues fight Power Ring and Deathstorm in Central City. Nightwing is captured, and his identity is revealed on public television as a demonstration. [11], Reviving the only Talon he could salvage, Bane woke up William Cobb and convinced him to take the city back with the Blackgate army. With successful combat excursions, Bane is now telling refugees to Wayne Tower for safety.

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