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", "Explore What's New in Entry Control", and much more. Sevenhugs was also awarded at the Digital Innovation Contest in 2017 and became the most acclaimed company at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. Smart Remote has received more than 20 prestigious international awards, among those the Red Dot Design Award and the iF DESIGN AWARD. Sevenhugs is a Paris based start-up that’s raised over $25M and has over 50 employees worldwide. Visit us online to attend a meeting, learn about membership, apply to pitch, sponsor a topic, or host a meeting. “Smart Home is in the process of becoming a mass market. As we continuously explore opportunities to embrace technology that could positively impact our customers, we believe that ultra-wideband has great potential. } Smart Remote U and Smart Remote X are compatible with over 650,000 entertainment and smart home devices from TVs, Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers and smart plugs to Spotify Connect, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV and more. (function() { "The FiRa Consortium welcomes Sevenhugs as they join forces with some of the most forward-thinking organizations on the planet when it comes to the use of UWB technology and enablement", said Charlie Zhang, FiRa Consortium Board Chair and Senior Vice President, Engineering, Samsung Research America. HID Global, co-founding member of the FiRa Consortium, along with fellow co-founding consortium members Samsung and NXP, will showcase UWB technology's unique ability to deliver a secure and more seamless physical access control experience this week at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The Smart Remote U is available for purchase at all store locations and BestBuy.com for $199.99. Sevenhugs simplifies home control and allows for everybody to enjoy the technology that surrounds them, allowing users to spend less time figuring out complicated controls for all their devices and more time to connect with each other through accessible and intuitive smart remotes. Copyright ©2020. Adelaide Chambers, Peter Street, Dublin, D08 T6YA, Ireland. Sevenhugs, Inc. a leader in innovative digital solutions and developer of the world’s only consumer-grade and field-proven Ultra-Wideband stack & software solution is excited to announce it has joined the FiRa™ Consortium as an Associate Member. SAN FRANCISCO, California—March 31st, 2020—Sevenhugs, Inc. announces the release of Ultra-Wideband by Sevenhugs, the world’s only consumer-grade and field-proven Ultra-Wideband (UWB) stack & software solution for smartphone, IoT device and automotive manufacturers. When these standards are met, other member classes will have the opportunity to use the FiRa Consortium “certified” logo. callback: cb “The FiRa Consortium’s commitment to a complete ecosystem means we will work with other consortia and industry players to develop approaches and define parameters,” says Charles Dachs, Vice-Chair of the FiRa Consortium and GM & VP Secure Embedded Transactions, NXP Semiconductors. Media Contacts Technologists expect UWB to have an impact on our IoT systems similar to what 3G did for us 10 years ago. Sevenhugs has developed and patented the world’s easiest to use universal remote control. sevenhugs@maxborgesagency.com In addition, TTA has contributed to the competitiveness enhancement and industry promotion for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the provision of testing and certification service. Sophie Mausolf Seine Zentrale für den Wirtschaftsraum EMEA hat es in Veldhoven. } “The highly intelligent menu concept of the Smart Remote implies a considerable simplification for the user in high-tech daily life.”. })(); Be the first to hear about new products, In order to proactively respond to the rapidly changing ICT environment, TTA has established international-level testing and certification technology specification by cooperating with over 30 internationally accredited test laboratories to provide worldclass testing and certification services. Taiwan promotes IoT cybersecurity standards and certification, to meet the requirements of international standards, and has assisted 11 Taiwanese companies and 36 IP cameras to improve their cybersecurity quality. this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and Manufacturers will be able to leverage Sevenhugs’ UWB stack, software and expertise to quickly market innovative UWB powered experiences. Smart Remote paired with the Sevenhugs Home Platform offers an easy and intuitive way to control your TV, Music, Lights and Home through a single adaptive interface. Experiences at CES 2020 LAS VEGAS, Nevada ... of the FiRa Consortium, will demonstrate how UWB simplifies the user experience with this hands-free access control feature. If you wish to gain more information on Sevenhugs’s solutions or make contact with the sales and business development teams, please contact: partners@sevenhugs.com. Others joining the FiRa Consortium are Contributor member, TSINGOAL, Associate members Humatics and OPPO, Test Lab members CAICT and SGS and Educational and Academic member, Yale University. Unlock the potential of UWB using spatial awareness; creating personalized and contextual experiences, precision control systems, secure keyless entry, and powerful tracking ecosystems. Using an intuitive touchscreen and an adaptive, patented UI, both smart remotes make it easy to navigate across several devices with a simple swipe so everyone in the home can easily access and enjoy the technology around them. TSINGOAL, a leading UWB ranging/locating solution provider in China, has over 1200 installations in factories, warehouses, power plants and nursing homes. Sponsored Content is a special paid section where industry companies provide high quality, objective, non-commercial content around topics of interest to the SDM audience. Through online and offline meetings, introductions and matchmaking, we present global communication service providers and vendors to the innovations that are pushing the industry forward – by connecting telcos, vendors and investors from across the globe to startups, new technologies, and entrepreneurs. Their mission is to create new digital experiences that significantly improve the way we interact with all of our connected products and services. After a first round of $1.7M and a second of $14.6M from Xerys Capital, the Paris Region Venture Fund, managed by CapDecisif Management, NovX (the Noveo Group’s investment vehicle) and various business angels, Sevenhugs has raised an additional $9M from Xerys Capital in order to further develop and distribute their smart home solutions both in the US and globally. Today, secure, hands-free access control, location-based services, and device-to-device (peer-to-peer) services are three main categories of use cases that will help UWB become an essential technology in future connected devices. ); Unlike Bluetooth or other tech sometimes used in positioning, UWB is precise to below 10cm and uses time-of-flight technology to assess distance where Bluetooth uses RSSI. UWB technology delivers accurate ranging and positioning in challenging real-world environments, allowing devices to add real-time spatial context enabling new user experiences. In 2018 they launched Smart Remote, the world’s first consumer electronics product to leverage UWB to offer indoor positioning plus orientation tracking 24/7 without recalibration and realignment by the user. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you should not navigate In 2018, Sevenhugs launched Smart Remote, the world’s first universal remote with contextual awareness. Discover how UWB enables secure and seamless access, FiRa Consortium – The strength to deliver lasting innovation, Thriving technologies begin with teamwork, Simply approach the door and it opens, leave the door on the unsecure (outside) and it locks, Bring positioning functionality with a high degree of accuracy to indoor environments, Let two UWB devices share relative ranging and positioning data to localize each other, Precision as a core value. The FiRaTM Consortium, a catalyst for bringing leading innovators together to drive UWB expansion forward, today announced growth of its’ member network to include Allegion, a leading global provider of security products and solutions, and Decawave, the pioneer in UWB technology, chipsets, modules and solutions. teaches security professionals how to operate an efficient security department and how to integrate smoothly with other groups inside and outside their own organizations. To access a building door or entry, the user only needs to have their smartphone (containing the necessary digital key) in their pocket or bag and the door simply unlocks and locks based on user’s access rights.

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