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Earning 40.94 Career Contributions per season is insane. If work in the ABA factored into the equation, Dan Issel would make the featured section of this countdown with room to spare. He was a man amongst boys while playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, a team that was content to let Johnston rack up stats...and losses. Despite the Packers winning only 18 games all season—they were a true one-man team—Bellamy had 16.3 win shares. It's no more complicated than that. Whether he was leading the Memphis Grizzlies or teaming up with Kobe Bryant to win multiple titles in purple and gold, Gasol has established himself as a dominant offensive force, one who can thrive as a scorer while still excelling as a distributor. He's led his team in win shares on eight separate occasions, even doing so during his first four full seasons with the Lakers. No player in NBA history besides Chamberlain has ever led the charge for two squads in a single season. "I didn't get to see [Bill] Russell or [Wilt] Chamberlain, but I can't remember a guy that wreaks so much havoc of the court like Ben does," Joe Dumars, then the Detroit president of basketball operations, said after Wallace was granted his fourth DPOY, per The Associated Press (h/t ESPN). That year, his Career Contributions score was a stellar 30.28, nearly double his career average. With 11 rings to his credit—including a remarkable eight-year stretch in which his Boston Celtics won the final game of every season—Bill Russell is the greatest champion this sport has ever seen. It wasn't possible to game-plan for O'Neal during his prime; opponents just had to accept his dominance and do their darnedest to keep everyone else in check. Think back to his best days with the Magic, when opponents had to plan around either letting him dominate one-on-one matchups on the interior or risk the bevy of shooters torching them from the perimeter while they paid more attention to the force in the middle. Unseld was intelligent on and off the court, and over the course of his career he came to personify the virtues of hard work, dedication, and courage. And that's saying nothing of his PER, which beats out only one of the remaining players, one who just happened to be a defensive specialist. Rest assured that Joakim Noah will work his way into the featured portion of these rankings before his career is over. No one can ever take them away from him, and they shouldn't. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades, though, so that just won't do the trick. Between Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Sam Jones, Bill Sharman, Frank Ramsey, K.C. When he's healthy, Howard is a game-changing force on both ends of the court. A dominant defender, Noah is one of the more unique centers in NBA history, a statement that applies to more than just his trademark hairstyle and side-winding jumper. He pushed the general public past the breaking point with his antics, which, unfortunately, distracted everyone from his unbelievable talent. After all, he's the proud owner of the three best defensive box plus/minus seasons in NBA history, as well as five of the top nine. That last number is supposed to be impressive, even if it doesn't stack up against today's big men. Excel he did, though not enough to earn that coveted No. As an individual, Lanier actually played quite well during the most crucial part of the season. Johnston doubled that milestone in just one year. Nonetheless, he was hugely valuable to his teams, putting up dominant numbers and thriving as the No. To recognize that some players are bigger contributors than others, the advancement scores are weighted by how much time a player spends on the court. Rather than arbitrarily selecting his best season, we're meshing together the best performances of his career for each per-game stat. Of course, he also won a title with the Bullets later in his career, just to add one more honor to the brimming-over resume. Gilmore's relatively short NBA career and lack of postseason success hold him back, but it's not as though anyone could do that to him when he was on the court. That's an insane amount of career endurance, and it's not as though Parish played out his career as a scrub for too long. 1. Bellamy (twice), Alex Groza, Wilt Chamberlain (twice), Johnston (twice), Brook Lopez, Kevin Love and George Mikan are the only players in NBA history on the right side of 50. Mikan may have been the league's first superstar and still possesses some of NBA history's most dominant numbers.

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