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4 Sales Best Practices to Increase Productivity (+ Revenue), “I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble.”, “I understand how that could be frustrating.”, A personal, conversational greeting, ie. By using the right phrases from the empathy word list can help so much in making customers feel that they are understood, respected, and their feelings are validated. Let’s get down to the bottom of what’s going on here. When you do this, it signals that you are a safe harbor for vulnerability. So, just to reiterate what I hear you saying: it seems like XYZ thing happened. 30 examples of empathy statements, phrases & words for customer service, Here are some examples of empathy statements that can be used to acknowledge or validate, 1. #1 You feel something is off. Cognitive empathy can also be described as perspective-taking, and it references our capacity to understand and identify the specific emotions of others. Be present, and attend the conversation at hand. Sometimes, no matter how well-crafted and empathetic your responses to customers are, they’ll still be frustrated. Examples of Empathy Statements for Students. You’re making total sense. That is the reason why people share their struggles as if they are longing for connection. CALL US: 954-654-9609 You may have noticed this when you cried watching a very sad scene in a movie. It makes total sense you would need some help with this. Required fields are marked *. You want to bid them a fond farewell, and leave them with a good taste in their mouth. For, if you cannot identify the effect of your actions on the emotions and psyche of another, then you also are not equipped to process the feedback necessary to alter your behavior. There is no “less is more” mentality here. Here’s a list of empathy statements to have handy at all times. We have compiled a few lists of empathetic statements and phrases to help inspire your team to craft even more empathetic responses across different scenarios. Keep these questions at the forefront of your mind when interacting with others and you are sure to see the benefits. Your empathetic response could be comforting words like, "It's really hard to feel grief like this. According to the Empathy Index, “Empathy is more important to a successful business than it has ever been, correlating to growth, productivity, and earnings per employee.”. It's totally natural that you would feel this way. I see. This rule can be explained from many different perspectives, and in all cases it is defined in one of the following ways: Psychologically, empathy is required to exercise either of these rules. That vicious nature knows no bounds, and people result to criticizing, insulting, bullying, assaulting, killing, and torturing each other and more. It sounds like you did everything you could. “We value customers who provide their feedback. To finish up, here’s a graphic showing are some of our favourite empathy statements, which can really work well in any customer service environment. When you use statements full of gratitude, it expresses that you are genuinely thankful for the feedback they provided. Your customer support team should be naturally empathetic, or they should be. If for example you harm a person and feel guilt, that is empathy because you share the emotional or physical pain that the person experiences. The diminishment of empathy in our society. The act of doing this yields concrete social benefits, and will affect their interactions with others for the rest of their lives. People continually justify their actions based upon their own small view of the world, and never stop to consider that there may be something wrong with their approach to life. The following examples of empathy statements will connect you to and reassure your customer: 6. You can already see a bit of this in the prior example paragraph: we let the customer know that we’d be talking to the team about it. You know what it's like to feel loss. In particular, this type of empathy is evidenced in one of two ways. These empathy statements should be repeated at various points throughout the customer service conversations. They want someone to show interest in their story and understand how they are feeling. Example of Empathy #1 – Sanofi: Chief Patient Officer Position. I understand how frustrating it must be to wait this long for your order. I'm so glad you contacted us about that; it's important that we get it fixed. When you connect with someone’s pain or struggle, it helps him feel supported. These videos about empathy show people expressing empathy in real life situations. Always appreciate and thank them for spending time to share their feedback with you. That understanding is the foundation of communication, respect, and morality. After you’ve put them at ease with an empathetic opening paragraph, it’s time to let them know that you fundamentally understand where they’re coming from. This directly affects your ability to have deep and engaging relationships with the people in your life, and emphasizes the role of empathy in affecting the quality of your long-term relationships. If I were in your position, I would be upset too. Use these with your partner regularly for a more intimate couple bond. These empathy statements are more important for irate customers. Contact: Singapore: (+65) 3159 1103, UK: (+44) 1217 900471, USA: (+1) 7472 19 2143. Published in 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee focuses on themes of morality and human nature. You’re totally right, this would be a valuable feature for us to add. This creates a safe, supportive space for the person to share what they have to say because it shows that you respect and care about their thoughts and feelings. You give her a hug and listen attentively while she talks. (Try this free printable Empathy Lesson Plan.) You’ll often find that if you simply allow the silence to linger after a break in the tirade, they’ll break the silence themselves and offer a solution. “Please let us know if you have additional questions.”, Provide a sense of urgency with right empathy statements, 22. Listening to the entire story and concluding that the customer is a strong person sounds encouraging. 30 examples of empathy statements, phrases & words for customer service. It helped to sort many customer annoyances like hidden charges, unallocated seating, and carry on baggage restrictions. Besides, using good empathetic words helps you to maintain your brand credibility. Your understanding of these cues is instinctual; you simply have to allow yourself to be open to them. What are they really trying to say, what are the effects of our hasty words on the outcome of the conversation? Most of the customers’ decisions are largely emotional rather than logical. If they’re happy, sad, afraid, or upset, take note of that emotion, and respond to it. CEO Michael O’Leary famously remarked, “If I’d only known to be nice to customers was going to work so well, I’d have started many years ago.”.

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