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However, see one piled on top of the other and you get a different picture. Hard to find but impossible to overlook, the Ercol Candlestick Chair (also known as the Ercol Shalstone Dining Chair) is a rare thing of beauty. Friends. You can change your cookie settings in your browser at any time. Fine Wine. Food. View and download the latest L.Ercolani catalogue. You might not expect it if you saw one in isolation. Ercol Quaker Dining Chair. Frequently paired with a set of Quaker chairs or Carver chairs, Ercol dining tables most commonly feature a drop leaf, making them ideal for those who are either tight on space or looking for a table … As such, we thought we’d put together a guide on the different types of Ercol dining chairs. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Similar to the Quaker in height but different in shape, the Ercol Goldsmith's is the sort of chair that engenders strong feelings. Wherever you might be, the furniture you choose for your dining area will add it’s own kind of flavour. Discover which Ercol table will suit your home when you browse our range of vintage pieces. Friends. However, one thing we have noticed since we started trading is that our customers can get confused about which Ercol items they are trying to source. The subtle curve in the back rest makes for a comfortable dining experience and the changes to the structure make them as robust a chair as you’ll find. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you won’t have to look hard to get a deal as most sellers now know there is a strong seconds market for Ercol furniture. Comprises of an oval drop leaf dining table from ercol’s colonial range which pairs solid elm and beech woods to create this space saving table. If you can grab one, or some, we recommend you do. Cookies help us deliver our services. And since all Ercol has similar design features, this can lead to an awkward conversation as someone tries to draw the shape of a chair in mid-air. Collection in person. The full title of the Quaker, for example, is the Ercol Quaker Back Windsor Dining Chair. They’re plenty sturdy and perfectly suited to home use. Buy from us, however, and you can rest assured that everything has been tested and restored. We have only ever managed to source a handful of these and when you get up close and personal with one you’ll see why someone wouldn’t want to part ways with it. Each chair measures 43 cm wide 97 cm high 43 cm high from floor to seat 41 cm seat depth. All in all, this is a great dining chair that will sit perfectly around any blonde wood table and a good set will almost always deliver what you want for many years to come. The lattice effect on the back is also carried through into the underpart to create a balanced look that takes the classic Ercol design and gives it a decorative twist. Don’t expect to find a reasonably priced set easily. Collection in person. £400.00. Someone shopping for a Quaker chair, for example, might conceivably be drawn to the similar style of the Windsor. We also love the old, school-chair feel about them. Whether they’re creating a family focal point for sit-down meals, gracing the corner of a lounge as a receptacle for casually flung-down magazines, or providing a generous spot to place coffee and cake when visitors call, this is a brand that always delivers style and practicality in spades. For generations, Ercol tables have featured in stylish British homes of all types and sizes. Considered by some to be the essence of life, the cultural significance of sharing a meal dates back centuries. Remember, every chair we sell is checked and ready to go. 8 bids. The Quaker is probably the easiest of all Ercol dining chairs to source.. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you won’t have to look hard to get a deal as most sellers now know there is a strong seconds market for Ercol furniture. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Our Price: £105 per chairPrice New: £229 per chair. For starters it looks like the back shouldn’t be able to stand up on its own. Wherever you might be, the furniture you choose for your dining area will add it’s own kind of flavour. Our Price: £70 per chairPrice New: from £390 per chair. or Best Offer. When it’s L.Ercolani furniture it will add to the atmosphere with unassuming designs that exude authenticity by the mere fact that each piece has been meticulously crafted from wood. Put simply, they lack some of the defining features of the best vintage Ercol furniture to the point that if they weren’t marked as Ercol you might be forgiven for thinking they were produced by another manufacturer. This cannot be said about other Ercol shapes. Won’t work for everyone but it does for us. Ercol Chester pedestal table, extendable with 4 Old Colonial Ercol chairs. Family. An Ercol table, made of real wood and designed with simple elegance is a thing of beauty. Long story short, seek them out because you want them not because you think you might get the deal of the century. Thank you for saving this search. Dining. For example, the seat shape is square, there are less spindles and the underpart is an altogether different design. If this article has reminded just how much you enjoy vintage Ercol furniture, you can head to our Ercol collection to see what's currently available. But they are at the end of our list for a reason. You can still make an enquiry via the 'Ask A Question About This Item' button, but please allow more time for a response while the seller is away. Vinterior is taking orders as usual, however please be advised of possible delivery delays. Fine Wine. They look superb around a complementary dining table. They really don’t come available that often and certainly not at a price that we consider reasonable. Our Price: £85 per chairPrice New: £495 per chair (RRP). The reduced height also means they are a safer bet when buying them through sites such as eBay as they are usually sturdier than Quakers and Goldsmith's. They are significantly harder to source than the Quaker or the Goldsmith's. For example, they might know the shape of what they are looking for but not the name. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. £205.00. £250.00. Ending Friday at 8:40PM GMT 3d 14h Collection in person.

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