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Remember all the people Who live in far off lands In strange and lovely cities Or roam the desert sands, Or farm the mountain pastures Or till the endless plains Where children wade through rice fields And watch the camel trains. I have been praying. This is the origin of my loving this hymn, and of our mum singing it with us. About the inspiring songs, how about that wonderful film of Captain Tom walking to the strains of You’ll Never  Walk Alone? The words are even more dated as they come from Psalm 25 but they are a great prayer and an offering to Yahweh. Jehovah Is There. It’s not the more popular song with the same name. It emphasises that God’s love absolutely does not depend on our performance or how good or bad a Christian we are…. We need Jesus walking with us at the moment. Whatever else is going on. The song that really does it for me is “How Great Thou Art” Gloria and I have visited many places on cruises and holidays and when I am looking at a fantastic landscape with water running and birds singing this song always runs through my mind, How true it is. This reminds us that our home is in Heaven but God calls us to walk this broken world. When I feel burnt out or spent and when I’m doubting myself it helps me remember that God’s only just getting started and he can do things in my life that I couldn’t even imagine. Whilst not a hymn , the person being sung about can only be God, we love the line asking God to sit awhile with us. If we call upon His name.we. CHORDS SECTION: This returns you to the chords section. especially as the verse before speaks of pestilence! This song tells the truth about the current position the world is in we are children of God that is the reality no matter what. This is amazing!’ The album was the same name as the song. Only my Holy God!” What a privilege that the King of Kings invites us to call him Father! I hope this song is a blessing to you too…. In these days when things feel hopeless we have that continued hope and peace of eternal resurrection with Jesus forever. Great tune and wonderfully inspiring words! I hope it encourages others that despite what’s going on around the world, Heaven is coming down to Earth! “Heal our streets and land” – of coronavirus and of all those things that hurt and harm and pull others down. All seems so dark and yet we have the promise of resurrection on Easter Sunday. I ended up giving it to him and he got back to me later and said ‘Why aren’t there more songs like these on this cassette? And I would sing it probably different to the Maranatha singers! I can really hear it being sung in Emmanuel when we can meet together to worship and praise our amazing God. At this time in particular the words are powerful as we are forced to isolate. get the Person we.Love JESUS CHRIST OUR LIVING LORD... AMEN! A lovely song… And here sung by Jonathan Veira. The words are quite profound. oh come oh come emanuel and ransom captive israel then mourns in lonely exile here until the son of God appear rejoice rejoice emanuel shall ), Moy drug magnitofon - Мертвый вечер (Mertvyy vecher). One of the staff members asked me what I was listening too and it was one of his cassettes (that shows how long ago!). “Who else invites me to call Him Father? This is a hymn that is so appropriate for today and what we are faced with. It’s one of my favourites and has such fantastic lyrics. A reminder of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to us each and every day. Focusing on that beautiful saviour in these frustrating times is to experience life in all its fullness. The words of the chorus are so true for our situation today.

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