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We're getting close now by gum. Beginner guitar maker here. Now you need to condition the wood and install the fret wire. To begin with I need to make it clear to all the guitar experts out there that this build is strictly a working proof of concept and by no means the only way to do things. There are three basic guitar construction techniques (with several variations on each). Do you think it would be possible to make a guitar, using the same process as this, but made of good quality MDF? Reply There will be two model options based on iconic American designs from the mid-20th. Once the body is fully cured you can start the really fun part, carving the body contours. Use lots of clamps and pay particular attention to avoiding slippage. You will be using your router with the straight cut bit again, a good quality painters tape and epoxy. You don't, strictly speaking, have to radius the fret board but if you do, you will have a much nicer playing, and professional looking guitar. I have built several electric guitars over the years and through trial and er… Thanks,For the fret spacing it is all based on the math. So, let's look at the process. While I acknowledge there are many instructables on building, modding and hacking guitars of all sorts; it is my intention to demonstrate how you too can achieve professional like results when building your own instruments. You will likely spend more for a neck-through-body guitar because they are more expensive to build. At this point I will demonstrate how I carved the back of the neck. 2 years ago, I chose to do my Frets last and used a tuner to find my fret spacing and where I got my half step notes I put a mark and then went back and inlaid. You should now be ready to glue the body blanks together. I am also going to take you through the more daunting task of building the guitar neck from scratch, something many builders avoid by re-purposing old or using "store bought" necks. For further inspirado, check out ukeleleunderground.com - their forums are full of people who are completely obsessed with all things uke. Apply it in multiple thin layers sanding out between each layer. I have this on my long list of things I want to build, where I'm sure it will stay until after I've constructed a home-made Les Paul, rebuilt my Epi acoustic, added a custom tailpiece to my son's half-scale acoustic, and added inlays to my SG. Or thought to yourself, "I bet that I could build my own guitar," but never actually tried it? Other raw materials include glue to hol… 8 years ago The "body" of the guitar is actually comprised of "wings" that are attached to either side of the Neck-Through section of wood. You could farm this job out to your friendly neighborhood automotive body shop if your pockets are deep or do it your self. Many love the Bolt-On method of construction because of the freedom it allows for adjusting and even swapping necks. The marrow will cook out and the bone should be clean. And lets face it, if you play guitar then you know the neck can make or break an instrument, so why not make one to your own liking. The denser the wood, the better sustain an instrument will have (sustain refers to how long a note can be held). This long and rewarding career has included a restoration apprenticeship at the Music Emporium, many years at Tippin Guitars (building and restoration), rising to become rental workshop manager at Johnson String Instrument, training luthiers in China on 5 occasions in both guitar and violin repair as well as design & product development, studying with maestro Hans Nebel of the Wurlitzer workshop, and currently as the master luthier for Juzek Stringed Instruments/Metropolitan Music in Stowe, Vermont. I am making a bone nut from a section of beef shank bone. I only hope there is enough copper metal content to make this work. on Step 18. i'm very VERY supriesed that no one has mentioned that bone dust is poisonous and causes cancer.... bone is a great material, but please use caution. I am saving the solid mahogany and flame maple for the next build. A word of caution here, I will be using my table saw in an unconventional manner with all safety guards removed. Using rasps, files, spoke shaves and sand paper work the neck to the shape you like. Then just follow the image notes to make the nut. What I love about building guitars is the many opportunities for personal artistic expression. For this guitar I am going to reuse an old bridge I got from a friend (thanks Mike). So how ridiculous would it be if I made an electric ukulele? Try and get some HDF (high density fiber board). If you use the fret calculator I listed or just google "Paul's fret calculator" plug in the scale length you want to use and it will give you the distances from the nut for each fret.

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