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If the general population is currently using a product In addition to biotic stressors, plant productivity is influenced by abiotic factors such as herbicides, soil composition, water supply, and temperature. Crop developers must file a notification for permission to import, grow, or move through state lines any genetically engineered plants. Education Center - K-12 Lessons and Laboratories - Classroom Activities in Plant Biotechnology: Health...The Effects of Disease in Crops on Human Health An example of pathogens in our crops causing human disease is illustrated in the incidence of the fungus Claviceps purpurea which causes a disease called ergot. These techniques do not allow control at the genome level; rather they allow multiple genes to transfer and require a rigorous selection process to ensure that the desired characteristic is stable (5). In fact, when asked, “During the past few months, have you done anything or taken any action because of any concerns you may have about genetically modified foods?” only 5% of the respondents said “yes” (52). (, Sévenier, R., Hall, R. D., van der Meer, I. M., Hakkert, H. J. C., van Tunen, A. J. (The Pew Initiative on food and biotechnology. This debate was once relegated mainly to the plant scientists and activists and focused only on the food safety aspects. (, Rugh, C. L., Senecoff, J. F., Meagher, R. B. B., Traxler, G. & Nelson, R. G. (, Fernandez-Cornejo, J., McBride, W. D., Klotz-Ingram, C., Jans, S. & Brooks, N. (, Heimlich, R. L., Fernandez-Cornejo, J., McBride, W., Klotz-Ingram, C., Jans, S. & Brooks, N. (, Losey, J. E., Rayor, L. S. & Carter, M. E. (, Sears, M. K., Hellmich, R. L., Stanley-Horn, D. E., Oberhauser, K. S., Pleasants, J. M., Mattila, H. R., Siegfried, B. D. & Dively, G. P. (, Alia, , Hayashi, H., Sakamoto, A. Biotechnology and You Background • Biotechnology is used to: – Diagnose disease – Prevent disease – Treat disease . Farmers have been using genetic manipulation to improve crops for thousands of years. Novel produce such as seedless tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers, strawberries, melons and cherries, to list a few of the possibilities, would be attractive to many consumers. The end product looks very similar to the varieties of corn we produce today (3). What is the popular or general journal called in English? Due to discovered homology in the human genome with that of other species, the use of nonhuman genes and proteins in human therapeutics will become more common. Biotechnology . Recent advances in agricultural biotechnology have highlighted the need for experimental evidence and sound scientific judgment to assess the benefits and risks to society. Lots! It has now flowed into the realm of the biomedical sciences with issues such as predicting allergenicity, assessing nutritional benefit, evaluating nutritional quality, meeting the nutritional needs of developing nations, and expanding the sustainable food supply to meet future demands. (, Streatfield, S. J., Jilka, J. M., Hood, E. E., Turner, D. D., Bailey, M. R., Mayor, J. M., Woodard, S. L., Beifuss, K. K., Horn, M. E., Delaney, D. E., Tizard, I. R. & Howard, J. Consumer education also plays a large role in this whole debate. Scientists have just begun to tap the large potential of biotechnology to produce varieties of plants that confer a wide spectrum of advantages to consumers. (, Stark, D. M., Timmerman, K. P., Barry, G. F., Preiss, J. Health, life quality and expectancy of life have been increased worldwide through the services provided by biotechnology. persons likelihood of developing a certain genetic disease) are Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Genetically engineered organisms and products; Simplification of requirements and procedures for genetically engineered organisms, Department of AgricultureAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant-incorporated protectants; Final rules and proposed rule, Statement of Policy: Foods derived from new plant varieties, Guidance on consultation procedures.

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