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Sleep. In the U.S., the cylinder has a diameter of 241 millimeters and weights around 68.3 grams. Learn how we craft a better down jacket at Triple F.A.T. A jacket with 500 fill power and 10 oz. Remember, it’s important to pay attention to all of the aspects that go into making a down product, especially the fill power, down weight, and down to feather ratio. Shop Down Jackets; Most FCX / Midweight garments are fleece or quilt lined and not insulated. With down jackets, I generally simplify it to the following standard, which applies to my body (I don’t get cold easily) and will apply differently to other people, depending on how easily they get cold: •    For summer trips, when I’m trying to backpack ultralight and I expect temps no lower than the upper 30s or higher, I bring a down/puffy jacket weighing 8 to 10 or 11 oz. Wes Siler of Outside Magazine says, "Fill power and down weight are like the horsepower and torque for insulation. Down jackets are insulated using the soft under feathers from ducks or geese. Although this is ideal for reducing weight, these jackets can be more vulnerable to snagging and abrasions. The down fill weight is one way to tell, though it’s not strictly a measure of a jacket’s warmth—it’s only a measure of the total weight (in ounces or grams) of the down in the jacket. Down jackets are there for if things really get cold – for the long walk home after the pub or for heading outside at the first sign of snowfall. There are three things to consider when purchasing a down insulated product: fill power, down weight, and down ratio. …625 fill power with 1 oz. You’ll always want to feel confident that you’re being sold a better down jacket that exceeds your expectations. I purchased a Mammut down jacket with 110 grams of 900 fill rating down. This results in a greater loft and a higher down fill power rating. In other words, the heat your body produces is always moving out into the air around you. If things get a little complicated, you can feel confident in simply looking for a higher Clo value. Wakeup. At landsend.com you’ll find that all of our winter coats come with a “Temperature Rating” guide from “warm” to “warmer” to “warmest”. And what makes it so warm? I've been studying Patagonia jackets for the last 3+ years (see full post list at the bottom). Another set of numbers you might see are the percentage of down and the percentage of feathers, such as 80/20. Like we mentioned above, a great feature of down is its ability to be stuffed into a backpack without taking on damage. Recall that the down is plucked from underneath the feathers. Down feathers and other insulation keep you warm through trapping heat from your body in tiny air pockets within the insulation, so higher fill ratings translate to more warmth per ounce of down. But with so many brands and styles, it can be difficult to figure out what the best choice of down jacket might be. In the real world, most of us rarely put ourselves in circumstances where our puffy jacket gets soaked; but consider that attribute of down and synthetic puffy jackets if you think there’s a possibility of facing that circumstance—or even a possibility of your puffy jacket getting damp and not having much opportunity to dry out. Hi, I’m Michael Lanza, creator of The Big Outside, which has made several top outdoors blog lists. The plumage is the soft, fluffy undercoat that lies beneath the tougher feathers at the underbelly. While down costs more, it is a much better insulator than feathers and thus is preferred in good jackets. And yes, we have taken into account the cool weather clothing you’re likely to have on under the jacket … Rave. In terms of jacket weather ratings, the higher the number, the warmer the down. The Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Down Parka. Some down jackets have cuffed waists and wrists to help seal in the warmth. The range of down that we use allows us to fine-tune our garments to meet the differing demands of our customers, both in terms of budget and intended use. Fill power ratings range from 300 to 900; fill power is the volume in cubic inches that one ounce of down fills up. An 800 fill power jacket will weigh less than the 500 fill power jacket while providing the same level of warmth. of down has a Clo of approximately 0.7. Online only with free shipping and free returns. Hope you and the family are doing well!! You can shop our entire range of down jackets, which come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. Some brands will print temperature ratings and ranges on their products (sleeping bags will generally always have them) in order to assure you that if it advertises warmth in 20-degree weather, the product will keep you warm in 20-degree weather. Today, there are water-resistant (hydrophobic) treatments for down feathers that greatly improve the ability of those feathers to repel water, dry faster, and continue to trap heat when damp. Well then, we’ve put together a temperature gauge, which should take any hasty decision making out of the equation. •    For trips when the temp could dip below freezing, I want a jacket that’s 12 to about 16 oz. Maximum loft occurs when the down clusters are fully expanded. The perfect winter jacket will go with you wherever you go and get you through whatever you get up to. Hey Pam, thanks and it made me smile to see your name pop up on a comment. America’s Best Backpacking and Outdoor Adventures. Use the information below to make the best decision about what kind of down jacket to purchase the next time you need one. You will usually pay more for higher fill ratings. A “Warm” rating often goes to thinner materials like our fleece jackets or insulated vests. The temperature rating of sleeping bags and quilts is set using a standardized method; see my “Pro Tips For Buying Sleeping Bags” (https://thebigoutside.com/pro-tips-how-to-choose-a-sleeping-bag/) for more explanation about that. The other jacket weather ratings associated with down are its down to feather ratio, generally 70/30, 80/20, or 90/10. If it’s November and you’re hanging out in front of a bonfire, you’re probably going to want a mid-weight jacket like a windcheater. Lightweight- better warmth to weight ratio, Wider comfort temperature range- making it suitable for cold and warm temperatures, Retains insulating properties when damp/wet. of down. The down fill weight is one way to tell, though it’s not strictly a measure of a jacket’s warmth—it’s only a measure of the total weight (in ounces or grams) of the down in the jacket. Although the temperature rating system has its flaws, there are still other numbers, figures and facts to consider when looking for a great down jacket. Fill power rates quality, and fill weight signals quantity. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know when it comes to down jacket warmth, how there are unaccounted variables when jackets are tested for temperature ratings, and finally how there are no enforced standards for testing (ratings will vary from brand to brand). Is there a way to estimate its warmth value now that more down was added? A high fill power combined with a high fill weight is a recipe for maximum warmth. " Join The Big Outside to get full access to all of my blog’s stories. of down will be warmer than a 800 fill power jacket with 5 oz. My advice: If you had not used the quilt before modifying it, don’t make any assumptions about how warm it’ll be now; just experiment with it in temps around its original rating or slightly lower than its original rating.

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