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The Frieze (dated 442-438 BC), which ran along the top of the Opisthodomos, Pronaos and the Cella was of the Ionic order and showed the greatest Athenian festival 'Panathinaia'. The gables, as well as the statue of Athena, were the work of Phidias and described several important scenes. Services, The Greek Parthenon: Facts, History & Construction, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Who commissioned the building of the Parthenon? Related Posts: ————————- Why is the Parthenon important, special and famous? The enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, the Parthenon Rome is the new building of the Pre-Parthenon or the Older Parthenon. It was built over 2,400 years ago, and the ruins of the monument can still be seen today. Top 7 beautiful Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy: not only wine. It is thought there are around 13400 stones in the building. The Parthenon was an ancient temple built atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The procession was held yearly and had a special procession every fourth year. All the columns have a small inclination toward the cella. Best cities in France and places to visit, Why is the Parthenon important: Related Posts, Monastiraki Athens history food and shopping, Who was the Parthenon built for? It was built to celebrate the victory and Athens political, economic and cultural superiority. This design was so renowned it has been copied centuries later, even the Romans incorporated it into the design of their buildings, and a good example of this can be seen at the Roman library at Ephesus. The Parthenon was an ancient temple built atop the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Marble Statue of a Kouros - 360 Degree View. 1460s). Not only was the Parthenon a magnificent structure to look at, but it also showed Athenian dominance over the rest of the Greek peninsula and that Athens was its Greek imperial master. It was built to celebrate the victory and Athens political, economic and cultural superiority. The Parthenon was built between the middle of the fifth century and 432 BC by architects Callicrates and Ictinus, under the supervision of Phidias, who was also entrusted with the sculptural decoration. This theory was reinforced when Athens moved the Leagues treasury from the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary at Delos to the Parthenon (Opisthodomos room). Pericles was the leading Athenian statesman at the time, Phidias and Kalamis were in charge of the design of the sculptures and decorations, and Ictinus and Calibrates were the main architects. Why is the Parthenon important, special and famous? Would love your thoughts, please comment. The East Pediment showed Athena's birth from Zeus' head whilst the Olympian Gods watched. answer! The Parthenon is so special because first of all is the symbol of Athens democracy. It was transformed from a temple to a Byzantine Church. Day Trips From Milan: choose your best trip! Positano Italy: 10 unforgettable Things to do in Positano & Positano beach, 6 very amazing Italian Amalfi Coast Towns, Stresa Italy Lake Maggiore: 1 luxurious town, Sorento Italy Amalfi Coast beautiful Things to do, Restaurants, beaches and…. After the looting by the Roman Emperors the building itself was still intact and was turned into a church in the 5th Century AD by the Christians. The curvature of the Stylobate, the taper of the Naos walls (housing the cult statue) and the Entasis of the columns allow the visual effect to make the temple appear more symmetrical than it actually is. The West pediment portrayed the dispute between Athena and Poseidon over control of Athens in front of Heroes, the Gods and the mythical Kings of Attica. Inside the Cella it was made up of both old and new elements. Unfortunately the Parthenon will never be restored to its former glory; however, in time we will hopefully be able to have a better idea of what it once looked like. The room also held large marble statues placed on corner pediments, which were adorned with depictions of Athena's life. The great gold and ivory statue of the goddess Athena was guarded in the eastern section. Subscribe here! The Outer Colonnade was made up of 92 metopes alternating with Triglyphs that were placed above the epistyle underneath the architrave, all of which held reliefs, (Trojan War on the northern side, Centauromachy on the southern side, Amazonomachy on the western side and Gigantomachy on the eastern side). The first was to display the dominance and power of the Athens, the premier... Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions. The cella was built first, and the columns around it. These statues were carved with the same care in the front side and on the back even if nobody would see the back of the statue. Over the centuries, the purpose of this structure kept on changing. Some walk quietly, others gallop, and others fight with each other. As with most buildings on the Acropolis it was dedicated to Athena to thank the Goddess for their success. The shaft of the columns also have a slight convex curve which becomes narrower at 2/5 of their height. The Parthenon had been kept in relatively good condition right up until the 19th century. This is a demostration of the skill the Athenians had in maths and geometry. Work began on the Parthenon, built on the Acropolis, in 447 BC to replace an existing temple which was destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC and cost 469 silver talents to build. It was built over 2,400 years ago, and the ruins of the monument can still be seen today. Who was the Parthenon built for? The columns go all around the cella. The Parthenon is the final result of a long course of development of the Doric order, which had began at least 250 years earlier. The Parthenon was very carefully built, by expert masons. It was built … The building was also used as a gunpowder store and when the Parthenon took a direct hit from a mortar fired by the Venetians from the Hill of Philopappus, the gunpowder exploded and destroyed a large part of the building. It is a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Morosini and his men soon plundered the building, looting what they could find and destroying the rest, leaving the partial ruins that can be seen today. Unfortunately sometime in the 5th Century the Parthenon was raided by a Roman Emperor and the statue of the cult image of Athena was stolen and taken to Constantinople where it was later destroyed during the crusades (around 1204 AD). Built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, it also has replicas of the Parthenon marbles cast directly from the originals. The pediments are the triangular areas formed by the sloping and horizontal cornices of the roof over the two narrow ends of the temple.

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