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FIRST MORTGAGE PRISONERS FREED UNDER NEW AFFORDABILITY RULES AFTER MSE CAMPAIGN, TRAVELLERS ARRIVING IN ENGLAND TO BE ABLE TO CUT QUARANTINE IF THEY PAY FOR CORONAVIRUS TEST, HSBC AND FIRST DIRECT CUT REGULAR SAVINGS RATES TO 1%. Generally speaking, bank staff are workers and not employees. Responding at pace to the needs and demographics of patients - and also of pandemics. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. Your first payment can take up to 3 weeks to process. Please visit the NHS website on coronavirus for all the details and symptoms. All pregnant employees, regardless of their length of service in the NHS or hours of work, are entitled to a period of 52 weeks maternity leave. *Please note: You may not receive a text message, if it is over 3 days from presenting symptoms or if tests are not available in your area. I worked as a nurse in the NHS for two years and around three months ago I began to work on the nurse bank (within the same trust). Should you require any further guidance on any of the issues listed above then please contact Tracey Guest of Slater Heelis LLP on 0161 672 1246. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. You will not be asked to do anything that you don’t feel appropriately trained to undertake however, the Trust will ensure that you are well informed, suitably trained and have the correct equipment if necessary. Am I able to take holiday as normal during this period? 12 April 2018 Weekly pay is now being offered to people who join Shropshire’s two acute hospitals pool of bank staff. Calculate the AWE by adding together the monies paid and any other payments of earnings, but use the date monies were paid instead of the date of the shareholders’ resolution at the AGM to determine the total earnings during the relevant period. In this case, they can choose to take different times off from each job without losing any SMP. There are different rules for casual (or short contract) employees and agency workers. You will receive the normal shift payment for pre-booked shifts during any period of self-, isolation or sickness with COVID-19. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. Statutory Maternity Pay. Find out what you need to do as an employer. Unsocial hours payments are additions to basic pay. Information on Agricultural workers has been added to this guide. Many workers have no rights to maternity pay - so you are going to have to ask your HR as they are the only people who will know the answer. Bank members and locum doctors can book holiday as usual, but we would always encourage our workers to try and support patients and staffing in their Trusts. If your employee works for you outside the UK from the latest start date for employment with you, and up to and including the Sunday of the QW they can get SMP. Firstly, staff banks have nothing to do with the banking industry or where you keep your money. While the word agile and flexible are new to many organisations, the NHS has been working in this way for years. familiarise yourself with the latest version. Less than five months to transition band 1 staff to band 2. This is because the “Full Pay” and “Half Pay” in maternity is based on how much you earn in those 8 weeks. This takes you up to about 9 months. Count part weeks as full weeks. The change at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) was introduced on 1 April 2018 in response to feedback from employees. What I don't understand is why SMP and MA aren't the same? Employees must have 12 months’ continuous service with the NHS by the eleventh week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC) and: Intend to return to work in the NHS for a minimum of 3 months. NHS Employers offers NHS organisations a comprehensive range of events, seminars and conferences to share best practice, get informed and network with colleagues. Some directors may regularly draw money from the business in anticipation of a formal vote. To qualify for NHS maternity in full you typically need to: Be employed directly by the NHS and not subject to the Doctors and Dentists Review Board, Your average weekly earnings between the 16th and 24th week of pregnancy have been at least equal to the Lower Earnings Limit (£120 per week before tax), Have 12 months’ continuous service as an NHS employee at the beginning of the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth, Notify your employer in writing that you intend to take maternity leave before the 15th week before your expected week of childbirth and that you intend to return to work after your maternity leave ends, Give your employer your MATB1 form from your midwife or GP. Details on how to book a COVID-19 test can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. Use our NHS Maternity Pay Calculator to see how much will arrive in your bank account each month. If an employee qualifies for both SMP and NHS OMP this will be made up of. In order to be booked for testing, the bank member must complete the self-isolation form on the NHSP website. The safety of our bank members is always our priority and we work in partnership with our NHS Trust partners at all times to ensure this and maintain the highest standards of infection control. However, if your work on the bank is not as an employee, it is likely that your continuity of employment with the NHS has been broken and if you recommenced a permanent contract with the NHS, your continuity of employment would start again afresh. An NHS staff bank is an entity managed by a trust, or through a third-party organisation who contract healthcare professionals to take on temporary shifts at trust hospitals. Other Reclaiming: Mortgage Fees, Council Tax etc, Pensions, Annuities & Retirement Planning, Report Holiday Deals, Bargains & Special Offers, Martin's Blogs & Appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the News. If the director is contractually paid a regular salary, their AWE are calculated like any other employee. Can I refuse to treat a patient who is suspected to or has a confirmed case of the virus where I have not been provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Fit Tested in line with the NHS Trust Infection Control Policy? If Class 1 NICs are worked out separately on the employee’s earnings, then you must calculate their AWE separately, as the employee can get more than one amount of SMP. Use our NHS Maternity Pay Calculator to see how much will arrive in your bank account each month. nhs bank staff and maternity pay? The last three months of maternity leave was unpaid. It is of course reasonable to express concern if you don’t feel confident and to ask questions to make sure that you do understand. agendaforchange@nhsemployers.org, NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook, Maternity support (paternity) leave and pay - Section 35, HMRC: A guide to matternity benefits-NI 17A. If you add together all the employee’s earnings to work out Class 1 NICs you must add them together to calculate the employee’s AWE, and the employee can only get one amount of SMP. 26 weeks of ordinary maternity leave (OML) and: 26 weeks of additional maternity leave (AML), beginning the day after OML finishes. Visit the official NHS website. It means I work when I want each week and am not on a permanent contract. As NHS workers, we work as a team and refusal to care for the patient puts the team and the patients at risk. Don’t include this money when working out the director’s AWE, even if NICs were deducted at the time they were paid. Your health and safety is our priority and this special pay provision is in place to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.You will receive the normal shift payment for pre-booked shifts during any period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19. These are the NHS Maternity Policy details: 18 Weeks Half Pay Plus Statutory Maternity Pay (£151.20), 13 Weeks Statutory Maternity Pay (£151.20). Doctors Direct launched in 2016 as part of NHS Professionals. Please cancel out of the pre-booked shifts using the option "self-isolation" and then fill in our self isolation form by clicking the button below. Clever Tip 1: The more you earn between the 16th and 24th week before your due date the more maternity pay you get. In line with DHSC guidance, you can take special leave with pay for the recommended period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19. You may, however, be entitled to maternity allowance and I would recommend that you look into this further. They need to agree with one employer what other evidence will be accepted to confirm the date the baby is due.

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