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Except for antennal and thorax differences, red flour beetles are almost identical to the confused flour beetle. Both are pests that infest flour and cereal products and invade and become problematic in homes, grocery stores, mills and food processing plants. Adults will grow to be about 1/8th of an inch in length. Even though they are different species they are so similar that that confused flour beetle was named so because it is so commonly “confused” with the red flour beetle. The granary weevil likely came from humble beginnings, on the southwestern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains. These beetles feed on finely milled starches such as flour or meal. The life cycle of the grain beetles consists of the egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages. Adults and larvae feed throughout stored food, primarily in milled or prepared products. Commercial: (800) 562-8103. They are known to fly. Start over by storing all grains (i.e. Its wings have fused together, encasing it in a solid exoskeleton. Residential: (281) 561-9999 Mouthparts are for chewing. They do not get into our cupboards. Their general body shape may appear to be long and thin to slightly round. The confused and red flour beetles cannot feed on whole undamaged grain; they are scavengers, they feed on grain materials damaged by other pests or during transportation or storage. These weevils are now known as "cosmopolitan pests," meaning they made it out of their small mountain habitat to spread across the world. A scavenger and secondary feeder, these insects feed on broken or damaged grains, rather than attacking the kernel of the grain. This is particularly true of the granary weevil. Adult beetles consume food. The beetles act like stowaways, hiding as larvae within the kernel of a grain while they develop. Sides of the thorax are rounded and although wings are functional, this insect commonly flies only short distances. Red flour beetle (right) and a foreign grain beetle (left) for a size comparison. The number of different types of insects that will invade grains, flours and other foodstuffs stored in your home is truly dizzying. They were excavated from an Egyptian tomb dating back to 2300 B.C., as well as from stables in Amarna from mid-14th century B.C. This puzzled Rudy Plarre, a scientist who studies insect pests at Freie University in Berlin. Good sanitation is important. Red Flour Beetle Unlike the confused flour beetle, red flour beetles are able to fly and have three distinct clubs at the end of their antennae. Insecticide products that are labeled for use in food- storage areas generally contain ingredients that are short-lived and relatively safe to use in the home. For areas where long-term residual control is de- sired, look for products containing synthetic pyrethroids, such as permethrin, esfenvalerate, cyfluthrin, or bifenthrin. But if granary weevils are entirely dependent on human trade to reproduce, that means they would have branched off from other species of its genus, Sitophilius, and evolved on an incredible timeline. Please enter your username or e-mail address. Red flour beetles are 1/8 to 3/16 inch long, flattened, and dark cherry to dark brown in color with gradually-clubbed antennae,  with a 3 segmented club. Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Facts. They are medically harmless, even if eaten. Typically, foreign grain beetles are no more than nuisances in homes. If you have, you're not alone. They are perhaps the most common pest of processed flour. It's difficult to quantify the economic effects, because they're distributed so widely through the manufacturing chain. Spices and other products kept for longer periods should be sealed in airtight containers. They’re smooth and a single colour. Fiction: It is OK to eat food that has sawtoothed grain beetles in it because they are harmless. will not do your child's homework, Fanmail: WTB? If you follow these three basic rules, you won't have to worry about beetles, weevils, moths, and other food infesting bugs. Lindsay Patterson is the producer and co-host of Tumble, a science podcast for kids. Occasionally, mice or other rodents can cause a persistent beetle infestation. There are two main types of grain beetles: merchant grain beetles, which fly, and sawtoothed grain beetles, which don’t. Click for a hub of Extension resources related to the current COVID-19 situation. They are strong fliers over short distances. Depending on the species, a female grain beetle may lay between 40 and 300 eggs each year. If you store grains in your pantry, you've probably had the unfortunate experience of opening a package or jar to find tiny bugs living inside. Doppler is used to monitor cloud cover and rain potential. To get rid of these guys you have to throw out infested foodstuff and wash down the shelving and cabinets wherever they are. That number shoots up to 50 percent in less-developed countries. "There are probably six to seven Sitophilius species," said Plarre. But that also makes it hard to get anywhere outside its pile of grain. Signs of the granary weevils' success pop up throughout history. Life Cycle  female O. surinamensis lays 45-285 white, shiny eggs singly or in small clusters in crevices in the food material during a 2-5 month period; eggs hatch in 3-17 days depending on temperature; larva passes through 3-5 instars and usually constructs a pupal cell or cocoon from food particles held together with sticky oral secretions; larva attaches anal end to some solid object to pupate; life cycle typically 30-50 days (range 27-375); optimal developmental conditions 30-35 degrees Celsius and 70 percent humidity; as many as 6-7 generations per year, depending on temperature and food supply; adults typically live 6-10 months but may live longer than 3 years.”  BugGuide also indicates that they can be found:  “in containers or buildings where grain is stored; adult O. surinamensis cannot fly; adults of O. mercator are strong fliers but are not attracted to light.”  We would suggest that you inspect the pantry closely to identify the source of the infestation.

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