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Incorporate healthy practices for living. As they used to earn on daily wages based on the companies outcome, their earnings have stopped as businesses are shut. Saving time to avoid transportation time, prayer, sports, chatting with friends. I am happy that I have had time to blog, learn Spanish and even catch up with distant family members. This affected a lot of people. Finally came to know that this virus is not a blessing to students but a foreshadow of the student’s further life to adjust the Online mode of education. Though students and teachers are connected through video conferencing applications, lectures are going on. Schools, colleges, institutes, and universities are shut as social distancing is to be practiced and this has affected students and their studies. Social distancing is the answer to avoid this virus and in order to improve social distancing among the users, lockdown is initiated. For me, the hardest part of online school has been the emotional aspect. This has reduced productivity and efficiency in the work, though there is no other option for this. jQuery(document).ready(function($){var widget = new SGMBWidget();widget.show({"id":"1","title":"Share Article Now","options":{"currentUrl":"1","url":"","shareText":"","fontSize":"14","theme":"classic","buttonsPosition":"","socialTheme":"","icon":"default","buttonsPanelEffect":"No Effect","buttonsEffect":"No Effect","iconsEffect":"No Effect","buttons":"{\"facebook\":{\"label\":\"Share\",\"icon\":\"default-facebook\"},\"linkedin\":{\"label\":\"Share\",\"icon\":\"default-linkedin\"},\"twitter\":{\"label\":\"Tweet\",\"icon\":\"default-twitter\",\"via\":\"\",\"hashtags\":\"\"},\"googleplus\":{\"label\":\"+1\",\"icon\":\"default-googleplus\"}}","roundButton":"","showLabels":"on","showCounts":"","showCenter":"","showButtonsAsList":"","setButtonsPosition":"","sgmbDropdownColor":"","sgmbDropdownLabelFontSize":"14","sgmbDropdownLabelColor":"","showButtonsOnEveryPost":"","showOnAllPost":"","sgmbPostionOnEveryPost":"Left","textOnEveryPost":"","showButtonsOnMobileDirect":"on"},"buttonOptions":{"facebook":{"label":"Share","icon":"default-facebook"},"linkedin":{"label":"Share","icon":"default-linkedin"},"twitter":{"label":"Tweet","icon":"default-twitter","via":"","hashtags":""},"googleplus":{"label":"+1","icon":"default-googleplus"}},"button":["facebook","linkedin","twitter","googleplus"]}, 1, '', 'https://technoitworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Lockdown_Banner.jpg', '', 'https://technoitworld.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-lockdown/'); }); I feel like with this situation, you have to look at the bright side. What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal, What are advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy, What are advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy, Richest Man in India & Indian Billionaires Family, Australia Top University Ranking - Top Universities in Australia, Top University in USA - Best International Univeristy in US, Top Universities in the UK - Best Universities for RUK and International Students, Top Universities in the World - Best Universities for International Students, Top Indian Boarding Schools - Best Residential Schools, Top Universities in France & international students. This is a readers’ blog platform. Your classes can fit better into your schedule. These online lectures are not very effective in terms of knowledge sharing and long-term growth. Countries able to contain the outbreak in time and lift the lockdown will be able to grow faster than the others. Waiting for unlocking situation to meet friends and relatives. While the survey response was collected from 2000 students online, as many as 300 students responded offline through telephone calls.

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