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Unfortunately for T'challa, Arthur Curry is more than just a man - he's the King of Atlantis and the wielder of Poseidon's Trident! Sure, there’s Batman, who deals with (somewhat) regular crimes in his city, but the majority of heroes, are either aliens, sea gods, or super geniuses – who let’s face it – aren’t really relatable to us and are more admirable in an otherworldly way. Instead, let’s turn to the numbers. You’re also just as likely to see plenty of similarities. Now, you can't turn on the TV or hop on the internet without seeing Marvel vs DC threads all over the place. So in this Marvel vs DC battle, we've got a sorcerer … Iron Man (2008) As a kid I remember always hearing about which comic book company was the best. You also have the Bat family; several kinds of Robins, one Batgirl and Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate son. Currently, I'm pursuing a BA in Film and Electronics at California State University Long Beach. Year While both series have plenty a mix of characters with wondrous or tragic origins (Superman being the last of his kind, Batman losing both his parents in an alley, Magneto surviving Auschwitz etc. We could spend days merely listing all of DC and Marvel movies, TV shows, animated series, before we get down to the business of who did it better. DC had the first big successes on the big screen. RELATED: Lex Luthor: 5 Marvel Villains He Would Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To). Sure, Ultron's a scary robot, but so is Amazo - an android that can replicate the powers of the entire Justice League! 3. The storied rivalry between the two goes back nearly 80 years when they were known, respectively, as Timely Comics and National Alliance Publications. Marvel may be having its day in the cinematic sun right now, but DC has many years of great film adaptations under its utility belt. Rating For context, a picosecond is one-trillionth of an average second. So in this Marvel vs DC battle, we've got a sorcerer that uses hand gestures to cast spells and another that needs to speak backward. Want to know the best Marvel Movies and DC Movies? Introduced in 1934, DC was initially known as “National Allied Publications”. A peek into the extraordinary, a world of flawed men and women alike you and me. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Dc Counterpart: Justice League of America. Since most of these characters have decades of continuity behind them, we'll compare the modern versions of our combatants - with the express intent of excluding as much excess continuity as possible. RELATED: 10 Characters Marvel Ripped-Off From DC (And 10 DC Stole From Marvel). Great heroes with powers far beyond mere mortal men and women who believe in doing the right thing, protecting the innocent and exemplifying the remarkable qualities of the human condition. No superhero movie has ever been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar® nomination……..there have been two superhero movies that have earned Worst Picture of the year awards…..1986’s Howard the Duck and 2004’s Catwoman. If you ever wade into a discussion on the giants of comic books and superhero movies, you will undoubtedly encounter a debate about its two leaders – Marvel vs. DC. 2018 Sort Marvel Movies vs DC Movies by Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score. 60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie. But let’s not forget the pedestal the Dark Knight trilogy still sits on, alongside decades of beloved screen adaptations featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. His Iron Man suits outclass just about all of Batman's inventions by a mile. 7. We imagine Atrocitus would try to burn the Hulk and restrain him with Red constructs. Doom Patrol (DC) teamed up three months before X-Men (Marvel). Superman (1978) Certain characters find themselves amongst the army. Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information. What brings him back to the narratives are often the deeper or hidden philosophies in great works, niche publications and new releases. DC’s first superhero big screen adaptation was 1966’s Batman the Movie starring Adam West as Batman. Average Joe characters like Peter Parker were suddenly granted superhuman abilities, while others overcame major flaws to do great things, giving everyday people hope that they too could reach their potential. 2. Mark also enjoys sharing discoveries, answering queries or pondering an implication or two. Once when in dire straights, Wally outran the Black Racer (one of DC's personifications of Death) by running to the end of time and back! This list from Comicsland sums it up: Deadpool (Marvel) is a blatant spoof of Deathstroke (DC). 2012 Some were tongue-in-cheek copies made to poke fun at the competing publisher, while others were honest attempts at capitalizing on something that worked. Star City? Red Tornado (DC) came to life just two months before Vision (Marvel). /* table font color */ Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Marvel’s key roster are far more likely to be ordinary people: Many DC heroes are widely respected in their universe. Things might be even for a time until the Jolly Green enters his Worldbreaker state. Both of them are at their best when working in teams. It makes sense to but Ray Palmer against Henry Pym as the two originals. Also the Speedsters, who are a dynasty all on their own. Superman was, On the other, Marvel was known for having a more human approach. Either way, you can still find some of the old spirit that differentiated the two back in the day if you look close enough. 2004 Hey Robert…..that I am. In that time, Wally's dismantled guns scanned large areas, and created weapons out of the Speed Force! RELATED: 5 Things About Marvel's Thor That Are Completely Different from Norse Mythology (& 5 Ways He's Exactly The Same). border-color: #8c8383 !important; Tony was slapped in the face and called a murderer by a grieving mother who then proceeded to rant about how the incident wouldn’t have happened if the Avengers didn’t present themselves as being able to do whatever they liked. In contrast, Rami is the Malthusian that engineered the Green Lantern Rings and the Phantom Ring. For Marvel however, you only really get this idea of lineages with Mutants, the Inhuman Royal Family and the Fantastic Four. The Dark Knight (2008) This is how it’s always been—and how it’ll likely be for a while. Hank didn’t even know he had a daughter with someone else until she turned up in his life. Before the 2000s, both Marvel and DC were in similar boats. Heath Ledger in DC’s The Dark Knight (2008). Tony Stark was a jerk who learned the price of hubris and scientist, Bruce Banner had to cope with his destructive alter-ego.

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