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Evening at Jen’s house, and she’s trying to teach Joey to walk in heels with a book on her head. You could see the light go off at that point and it just progressed throughout the episode. Ahhh, the start of Joey's lousy singing career. Pacey’s sitting amongst the female Miss Windjammer wannabes and a girl named Hannah sits down near him. He also considers entering a beauty pageant would piss off his father. Jen unconvincingly says no. At Capeside High, Pacey is tossing things out of his locker, looking for a pen in a way unlikely to discover a pen. Dawson wants to talk about this new buzzing romance between them and Joey’s like, nope! Miss Juilliard Peace Corps is playing something complex and dramatic on the piano. So "Beauty Contest" opens, after racing through the gauntlet of “Double Date,” with the usual. Furthermore, on the eve of the extravaganza, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) is surrounded by romance when Jen (Michelle Williams) confesses her regrets about breaking off their relationship and Joey unburdens her heart. They seem to know each other. Or maybe become a model. And just like that, she ends the interview and leaves. Joey and Dawson then get into a conversation about how mating is instinctual, but not for humans according to Joey. Oh Joey. Arvin Brown And Joey’s like, you just did! But the girls aren’t done. I have to smile? The Scare You know, Joey, that’s great. 12 May 1998 Opening scene, in Dawson’s bed as per usual, he’s watching bugs have sex. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. She says she’s rob a bank so she wouldn’t have to be here. Jen says she’s never had female friends and from the looks of it, neither has Joey (Yeah, no shit). Fanpop quiz: What song does Joey sing in "beauty contest"? Joey says he’ll always see her like he did when they were kids. Leery, who’s helping judge the contest, to see how he’s doing. Anyway, Dawson’s telling Joey in a very roundabout way that he’s attracted to her now. Furthermore, on the eve of the extravaganza, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) is surrounded by romance when Jen (Michelle Williams) confesses her regrets about breaking off their relationship and J… He shows Dawson an apartment ad he’s been looking at. Now he’s basically admitting to knowing her feelings all this time? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. NEVER JUDGE -- Joey (Katie Holmes) becomes the center of amorous attention when she enters a local beauty competition to earn money towards her future education; meanwhile, to the pageant judges' dismay, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) enters the pageant on the grounds that he is as qualified as any female contestant. Think of the press! List of songs from Dawson's Creek - S1E12 "Beauty Contest", w/ scene descriptions. Douche! And Dawson’s like, come on, obviously no. You didn’t want him earlier that day! Joey’s getting her makeup done. He puts down her privilege and she makes fun of him for being poor. Jen says she was always afraid when she was with Dawson that he would suddenly realize how hot Joey was. She asks Jen why she’s doing this. Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 1, Episode 12 – Beauty Contest, Follow Up The Creek: Dawson's Creek Revisited on WordPress.com. Well, that seems fair. Outside the Leery house, Jen asks Dawson how his news coverage went, but his mind’s really on other things. Seeing as that’s during school hours, it seems like a booby prize. Who are your role models? Directed by Arvin Brown. Beauty Contest It's not of my all-time favorites from the series, and honestly, it's not in my Top 5 for Season 1. She asks if Pacey really thinks he has a chance to win and he says if he helps her lose then it’ll be worth it. It sounds like her baby voice so I'm thinking maybe but I'm just curious if anyone knows for sure. Joey’s still not going back and Dawson gives her this passionate speech about how proud he is of her. "Pretty Woman" Dawson is like, isn’t there some kind of instinctual urges when you like a guy, Joey? Since she hates things to do with hair and nails, this no doubt will be put to good use. He’s arguing sexual discrimination and he wants in that damn beauty contest. At Jen’s Joey and Jen are discussing their individual Dawson situations while gazing out the window at his house. Copyright 2020 Tunefind LLC. She wins a free day of beauty at a place called “Betty’s Hair Barn.” Sounds swanky. Back to Pacey and Hannah, apparently their history goes back to grade 6 when she stood him up. Decisions. Dawson keeps a straight face. Pacey decides he also wants to enter, which isn After Joey’s done singing, Dawson goes to get Pacey, who flails his cards. And there’s smug looks everywhere. | And the speech worked because Joey’s back up there answering interview questions. He’s bummed and walks off. And even though it was his turn, and even though he left his closet wearing a suit, he managed to find some blue face paint, inform the announcer he was changing his act, and strip down to his vest to do a Mel Gibson’s William Wallace act. No one. Jen tells her not to worry because it’s a small thing for the judges. He apologizes, but then starts to laugh again and Joey cuts him off. He asks her to get serious. Dawson finally realizes that he has feelings for Joey while Jen realizes that she wants Dawson back. Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 1, Episode 12 – Beauty Contest Posted on April 15, 2014 by updawsonscreek Reply Opening scene, in Dawson’s bed as per usual, he’s watching bugs have sex. Pacey in the evening wear portion of the pageant. Damn, buddy, you are really unobservant. Previous Jen says Vaseline will keep her lips from sticking to her teeth when she smiles and Joey’s like smiling?! Joey and Pacey enter a beauty competition; Jen regrets her breakup with Dawson. Song previews courtesy of Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. Jen’s trying to talk Joey into entering the pageant but only starts to get through when she talks about the money she could win. People die, move and grow up. Jen convinces Joey to enter a beauty competition to win money for college, while Pacey decides to enter to win money for his own apartment. Lori Rom, who portrays Hannah Von Wenning, was originally cast as Phoebe Halliwell on another WB series –. I Don’t Want To Wait was deemed too expensive, and they reverted to the original choice from Jann Arden. Mrs. She thinks Joey’s self esteem needs an overhaul. Well heck. Joey and Jen arrive, and Joey’s wigged out that Dawson’s doing the interviews. Won’t she miss family and, ahem, friends? Jen takes the opportunity to tell Dawson she and Joey are becoming friends, but also that she misses his friendship, and more.

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