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This temperature is usually reached during the early hours of the given day.Daily rainfall ... CallUrl('www>farmonlineweather>com>aujsp?l=d',0), ~TildeLink() (°C) England-18.3°C at Gainford, Durham in 1878 Northern Ireland ... CallUrl('www>metoffice>gov>ukweather>org>ukhtm',0), ADASAutomated Data Acquisition System Additive Data A group of coded remarks that includes pressure tendency, amount of precipitation, and maximum/~TildeLink() during specified periods of timeADDSAviation Digital Data ServiceAdiabatA line on a thermodynamic chart relating the pressure and ... CallUrl('forecast>weather>govphp?letter=a',1), The index is computed by subtracting a base temperature of 50oF from the average of the maximum and ~TildeLink()s for the day. CallUrl('www1>agric>gov>ab>ca<$departmentnsfcomhtm',1). Get your answers by asking now. CallUrl('www>surfnewsnetwork>commesonet>orgphpweatherdudes>comhtml',0), Put into service since the time the weather station was established;Purpose: for measurement of the ~TildeLink().Weather for ActivitiesDaily Activities Recreation ... CallUrl('www>cwb>gov>twhtm',1), Growing Degree Day - A form of degree day to estimate the approximate dates when a crop will be ready to harvest. You can sign in to vote the answer. So as the mercury expands, it rises inside the glass tube, allowing for measurement. CallUrl('www>accuweather>comasp?type=g',0), The afternoon maximum and the early morning ~TildeLink()s are usually specified. When only afternoon high temperatures are being averaged, it's often referred to as the "average maximum temperature" as opposed to simply "average temperature. Mercury expands when warm and contracts when cool (and to a much larger degree than the glass thermometer which contains it does.) Terrestrial (Ground) Temperature: Terrestrial minimum temperature is nominally measured at 9 am and is the lowest temperature recorded since 6 pm the previous day. percentiles, Rainfall Global Standards. As the sun rides higher in the sky, increasing amounts of short-wave radiation are available to heat the ground, and therefore available to heat the overlying air. Mean Daily Temperature The average of the highest and lowest temperatures during a 24-hour period. Farmer's Almanac: How Does a Thermometer Work? You may already have an intuitive sense that temperature is a measure of the "coldness" or "hotness" of an object. For example the weather office records the "mean daily temperature", which is the sum of the high temperature and the low temperature divided by 2. not just how it works or the formula? CallUrl('weatherfaqs>org>uk

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