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Sometimes, rubber might not be the right option to consider when it comes to molds. If you have not made silicone based molds before then this entire task seems to be quite a complex one. If you are manufacturing overseas, you've likely encountered some hiccups. We love to help people get everything under one platform, made out of the silicone materials. Anything and any form of customized designs you want, just come to us straight and we will help you out in big ways possible. Product Design Email Id: info@rubbersiliconemolds.com Phone: (917) 993-9690 We Manufacture and Supply Custom Rubber Molded Products, Silicone Molds, Adhere to quality control, every staff in Xufusilicone. We Manufacturer Rubber Silicone Molds. Want to order a custom silicone mold? As an experienced custom silicone products manufacturer, we aim to offer customer one stop service, from Product 3D drawing to Mold 3D drawing, from Prototype sampling to Mass production, from Standard export packing to Customized private label packing, customer can count on us. The Extreme Molding Team has integrity, tons of expertise, and maintains a high standard of quality in everything they do. Xufusilicone is dedicated to providing customers with eco-friendly premium quality custom silicone products for over a decade. Shipping Worldwide via UPS, DHL, and USPS. We are Leading Company in Rubber Mold Making. W | Mississauga ON L5C 0A3 | Canada Phone: (917) 993-9690 | Programming 12 years R&D ExperienceMake Idea to Reality, 13 Years Japan&Europe Customer  Service Experience. We outsource production on very few of our precision cast products, but we found that Extreme Molding meets our exacting standards. If you want someone alternative to go against rubber yet with the same consistency, durability and strength, then silicone can be that perfect alternative to address. Professional Custom Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Plastic Parts Molds Injection. This email address is being protected from spambots. Sometimes, the existing designs are not the one you want, and you just want to address some new designs to match up with customized mood. Rubber Silicone Molds offers Manufacturing and Production of Custom Rubber Molded Products, Silicone Molds, Rubber Extrusions and other Industrial, Food and Medical Grade Products! We offer reliable production times, competitive pricing and use American sourced materials. Choose between large or small silicone molds along with square or triangle silicone molds. | 137-1140 Burnhamthorpe Rd. Packing and Delivery. Our multiple sercices to streamline the custom production process including: in-house CNC tool mold making, Prototyping, and compression molding production. Rubber Silicone Molds. Website developed and maintained by A.S.K. 12189 USA, Quality Materials, IP Security, Made in USA. Are Silicone kitchen utensils and bakeware safe for food contact. This site makes use of cookies which may contain tracking information about visitors. [Learn More], #14 Xinghua Road, Longgang, Shenzhen 518111, In house mold design & manufacturing to help streamline the product development process。, Silicone Parts Design, Develop and Manufacture, Zip lock food storage bags 100% food safe silicone food containers leakproof, Reusable silicone food bags: fresh-keeping sealed bags for food storage, Homemade silicone gummy bear molds China wholesale, Silicone shoe covers waterproof, dirt proof and slip resistant, Infant teething toys Monkey shape wholesale, Dophin silicone baby teethers safe for baby, Beaded silicone teething pacifier clips wholesale, Heart silicone teething beads wholesale China factory supply, Penguin silicone travel tubes cosmetic toiletry containers refillable, Homemade Sauerkraut easy fermentation lids for wide-mouth Mason Jars, How to choose the right color : 11 Color options for silicone products (2020), Silicone brush manufacturer: 7 silicone bristle brushes popular in our daily life, Silicone development : Bikini for toys (full process record). Check out our full line of molds … Copyright © 2020 xufusilicone  All rights reserved. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be. HB Silicone is a full service silicone manufacturer capable of bringing your product from concept to full scale production. Get your choice of silicone molds at Bold Maker! High Volume Production Reduce risk and increase safety while improving supply chain management with a trusted manufacturer and supplier. Every year, Xufusilicone has launched over 20 new products for customers' option. Extreme Molding is a trusted leader in silicone injection molding for high-end consumer and life science applications. Be the first one to join us and we are so proud to be your custom silicone mold manufacturer. Website developed and maintained by A.S.K. Material Selection, CNC MOLD MAKING Well, among the name, our company seems to be one at the top notch rankings over here. You have a great idea, we can help bring it to life. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter for up-to-date information on our products and services. Shenzhen Wenqiao Silicone have 12 years` experience in custom silicone products industry, from custom silicone molds assessment and building, custom silicone products` production, silicone products testing, quality check and shipping. CAD files Inventors and engineers rely on Extreme Molding for silicone and plastic injection molding applications that require innovation and attention to detail.

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