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7.7.2 In the case of individuals who accept an offer of employment from the new employer in the case of a type 2 arrangement whose new hourly or annual salary falls below eighty per cent (80%) of their former federal hourly or annual remuneration, departments or organizations will pay an additional six (6) months of salary top-up allowance for a total of twenty-four (24) months under this section and section 7.7.1. If the employee fails to select an option, the employee will be deemed to have selected option (a), Twelve (12) month surplus priority period in which to secure a reasonable job offer. Note: For SELRES personnel clothing rates, check with your local Navy Operational Support Center. [t7@x�F�k�_�8!Ux����^�(�V�5����ȵ��B�&�PCX1U���(. Latest ESRP policy update (multiples) per NAVADMIN 091/20. Pay Table Annual Rate Hourly Rate XML Data; 2020 General Schedule (Base) Complete set of Locality Pay Tables Locality Pay Tables for Geographic Areas ; ALBANY-SCHENECTADY, NY-MA: ALBUQUERQUE-SANTA FE-LAS VEGAS, NM: ATLANTA--ATHENS … a formal assessment and/or appraisal of an employee’s performance means any written assessment and/or appraisal by any supervisor of how well the employee has performed his assigned tasks during a specified period in the past; formal assessments and/or appraisals of employee performance shall be recorded on a form prescribed by the Employer for this purpose. 33.21 Where the Employer demotes or terminates an employee pursuant to paragraph 12(1)(c), (d) or (e) of the Financial Administration Act, the grievance procedure set forth in this agreement shall apply except that: 33.22 A grievor may by written notice to the immediate supervisor or officer-in-charge abandon a grievance. Your personnel office is responsible for providing the basic pay date, total active federal military service date, total commissioned federal military service date, and a variety of other dates, depending on the nature of the individual member's service. 1.1.17 Home departments or organizations shall appoint as many of their own surplus employees or laid-off persons as possible, or identify alternative positions (both actual and anticipated) for which individuals can be retrained. a provision of a statute or regulation, or of a direction or other instrument made or issued by the Employer, that deals with terms and conditions of employment; a provision of the collective agreement or an arbitral award; as a result of any occurrence or matter affecting his or her terms and conditions of employment. C82 - BU-91 Salary Schedule. Leave with pay may be granted to an employee for the purpose of writing an examination that will require the employee’s absence during his normal hours of work. An employee shall inform the Employer in writing of her plans for taking leave with and without pay to cover her absence from work due to the pregnancy at least four (4) weeks in advance of the initial date of continuous leave of absence during which termination of pregnancy is expected to occur unless there is a valid reason why the notice cannot be given. Surplus employees must be both trainable and mobile. 10.05 When an employee on stand-by duty is called back for work under the conditions described in clause 10.04 and is required to use transportation services other than normal public transportation services, he shall be compensated in accordance with clause 9.03 of this agreement. The Employer may grant leave with pay and reasonable expenses including registration fees to attend such gatherings, subject to budgetary and operational constraints. Subject to operational requirements, an employee shall be granted leave without pay for family-related needs in accordance with the following conditions: 17.10 Leave without pay for personal needs. An employee paid at a holding rate of pay on the effective date of an economic increase shall receive a non-compounding lump sum payment, equivalent to the percentage adjustment based on their holding rate of pay, in lieu of the economic increase. 37.15 Notwithstanding clause 37.02, in clause 17.02, Bereavement leave with pay, a “day” will mean a calendar day. 7.7.4 Employees who accept an offer of employment from the new employer in the case of type 3 transitional employment arrangements will receive a sum equal to six (6) months’ pay payable on the day on which the departmental or organizational work or function is transferred to the new employer. 1.1.30 Departments or organizations, acting as appointing departments or organizations, shall cooperate with the PSC and other departments or organizations in accepting, to the extent possible, affected, surplus and laid-off persons, from other departments or organizations for appointment or retraining.

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