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mother, matron; hon. post, a relay of horses, palanquin-bearers, letter-carriers, etc. Meaning : game in which a number of balls are thrown in the air, one being caught in the hand descending whilst others are rising Telugu : ammanalu Dialectal forms (1) : ammanamulu More Telugu words for crawl. Meaning of crawl in Telugu or Telugu Meaning of crawl & Synonyms of crawl in Telugu and English. to reach at, take with the hand, obtain, gain, suffer, feel, be within reach. Directed by Alexandre Aja. క్రాల్. The traffic slowed to a crawl. For the second part of the compound see Tel. What is meaning of crawl in Telugu Free English to Telugu Dictionary and Telugu Vocabulary. क्राल = swimming He struck out across the pool in a powerful crawl. More example sentences. నెమ్మదిగా పాకుచున్నట్టుగా పోవు. Find more Kannada words at wordhippo.com! ), shore, brim. title of woman; interj. 1.2. A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators. Telugu Translation. Telugu Meaning of 'Crawl' చేతులు, కాళ్లతో పాకుతూ పోయే; నెమ్మదిగా పాకుచున్నట్టుగా పోవు; Synonyms: creep; grovel; creep; Related Tags for Crawl With Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Ross Anderson. Learn more. Nem'madigā pākucunnaṭṭugā pōvu crawl. expr. Cf. (of a vehicle) move at an unusually slow pace. telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-tel_3,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-tel_3,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-merolu,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-addition,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_inscr,telet-addition,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-addition,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_kr,telet-addition,telet-notes,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_2,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-addition,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-prnum,telet-tel_1,telet-tel_kr,telet-dednum,telet-meaning,telet-tel_1,telet-notes,telet-dednum. surprise, game in which a number of balls are thrown in the air, one being caught in the hand descending whilst others are rising, skirt, border or selvage of cloth, edge (of sword, etc. Kannada words for crawl include ಅ೦ಬೆಗಾಲಿಡು, ಕೊರಕು, ತೆವಳಿಕೊಂಡು, ತೆವಳಿಕೊಂಡು, ತೆವಳು, ಕಡಲ್ಗುದುರೆ, ಕೊರಕು and ಕೊರಡು. clawback definition: 1. a situation in which a government or company takes back money that it has already paid: 2. a…. ‘the traffic was crawling along’. also Tamil amanji id. చేతులు, కాళ్లతో పాకుతూ పోయే. ; otherwise isolated. ‘He sat down beside her and looked at the constant stream of slow-moving vehicles crawling along to the junction with the street.’. Krāl.

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