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I have never heard of this issue before. Dealership. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. By regulating and controlling the supply of certain key blanks, it becomes next to impossible to make a duplicate of those special keys. “Do Not Duplicate” on a key does not guarantee the key cannot be copied. Security Key Examples – We Do not cut or supply all the examples. The design is registered and has a patent attached to the complex shape and lock mechanisms that make the lock operate. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1705073, '56e41e92-152e-43af-9841-05da508244a1', {}); Restricted Keys & Why It Is Important To Get Your Keys Back, Simple Security Systems: What Happens in the Event of a Natural Disaster ». You complete their paperwork, pay the surcharges, but they still won't provide you with a spare key. If you attempt to have a locksmith duplicate your restricted key, but they are not the original manufacturer of the key, they will likely turn you away. If you need to duplicate a restricted key, you’ll need to receive permission from the owner or provide proper documentation that you are the owner of the keys. I think if your parents know of a place (usually heartlands) where there's a really old uncle with a makeshift stall usually near a market, he's pretty chill and will copy your key cheaply, no problem. Hi all, I have a restricted key which has “do not copy” engraved in it, which prevents me from getting a copy made cheaply in my country and forces me to buy an overpriced copy from the locksmith. perfectly legal to copy, but good luck finding a locksmith who will be willing to supply the blank or make a copy. Also showed me the key numbers that I could write down to have another ...", "I always appreciate the prompt reliable services Arties provides any time I have locksmith needs. Between restricted key programs, cloud-based management solutions and exemplary customer service, InstaKey is a partner to trust when integrating a key control program into your business. Dr Lock has access to a unique security key that is exclusive to Dr Lock locksmith Sydney. We do not cut any DO NOT COPY KEYS unless they have the Dr Lock Logo. This is because most of the Do Not Duplicate (DND) keys are considered “unrestricted” keys, meaning they are just like all other keys. While "Do Not Duplicate" keys are not considered restricted keys, there are some keys Locksmiths refer to as "restricted". Restricted keys are most commonly restricted through commercial means- i.e. The most restricted keyways may be restricted even further to just one local locksmith in a given territory. Locksmiths and hardware stores do not have access to the key blanks used with these proprietary systems. The reason for this is twofold. Furthermore, since a serialized key system assigns a unique serial number to every key in use throughout the workforce, simply matching those serial numbers to those on the keys returned by an exiting employee can ensure continued company security. I am not sure about Singapore, but usually keys with "Do Not Copy" are just suggestions. Restricted keys are often patent-protected and created by a specific manufacturer using specialized equipment. Your email address will not be published. Restricted keys are high security keys, which makes them difficult to duplicate. Body Corporate or Building Management refuse to give you an extra key! You’ll need to take this permission to the original locksmith, or to a dealer that has been authorized to duplicate this key type by the original locksmith. The design is registered and has a patent attached to the complex shape and lock mechanisms that make the lock operate. But ultimately, there’s not much protection for homeowners or business owners when someone walks in to a local hardware shop with your standard key or restricted key wanting duplicates. You must be a registered signatory to allow the key to be cut. In such a system, even when keys are collected from the exiting employee, management still must rekey the facilities in case other unauthorized copies exist. Can the owner of the key take legal action against you if you do? So only one company in your city can duplicate the key. Rekeying even a portion of a facility can be extremely expensive and draining on a budget, possibly affecting overall company productivity. Because this can lead to unauthorized entry, businesses have concerns about the security of their building and products and the safety of employees. If you have a restricted key and you want a copy, it’s best that you get permission before duplicating it. Dealership. Also, given the typically exorbitant cost associated with rekeying facility doors, this can represent a significant ongoing cost to the employer, especially if the business experiences significant turnover in their workforce. The new key was made very...", A Locksmith’s Dilemma: The Copying of Restricted Keys, How Technology Has Changed the Locksmith Industry, Car Key Replacement: Locksmith vs. If you need to duplicate a restricted key, you’ll need to receive permission from the owner or provide proper documentation that you are the owner of the keys. Usually the key blanks are found at certain locksmiths who are dealers of the key system (Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage Primus, Schlage Everest). "Very professional. Additionally, it depends on the locksmith or key duplicator and their level of comfort about taking on the job. ", "Even though I had service weeks ago, I still had to write this review. If they do not, all workers, equipment and potentially sensitive materials are at risk.

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