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Drastically improve your chance of a first. Contract law revision quizzes and games to aid you in your study of contract law including offer and acceptance, intention to create legal relations, consideration, misrepresentation, mistake, frustration IRC procedure to bank before correspondence. The father later died and the executors sought after the son for the remaining debts, There was a father of an illegitimate child. Effectively, the quid pro quo – proof that a bargain existed, Thomas –v- Thomas [1842] – “some detriment to the plaintiff or some benefit to the defendant”, Currie –v- Mirsa [1875] – “some right, interest profit of benefit accruing from one party or some forbearance, detriment or loss or responsibility given, suffered or undertaken by the other”. Keeping child happy was good consideration. Charter party repudiated with ship owners when vessel not read to load. Wrappers were good consideration when copyright holders sued as royalties would be less. Executors carried this out, charging £1 per year. No offer to sell at auction. BS could not rely on this, insufficient notice. Consideration and the Performance of Existing Duties: Performance of an existing public duty is not good consideration. P sued but she had already breached, her attendance was crucial, hence condition and SP was able to treat as repudiated. Man died, expressing that his wife be allowed to remain in house. Carlill –v- Carbolic Smoke Ball Co [1893]. IR not bound by previous agreement. Buyers tried to repudiate, but this technicality was not a condition. Dispossession failed – moral obligation not relevant but paying ground rent was good consideration. A contract is an agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognised by law. M liable. The father promised the mother that if she kept the child ‘well looked after and happy’ then he would, There were 2 members out of 11 of a ship’s crew who decided to desert it. Rotterdam court ordered sale. Clause in shipping contract exempting agents employed by carrier. Quality, not quantity. However Thomas did not express this in, A father agreed to take control of his son’s DEBTS via IOU’s. Act would be more beneficial yet contract generally to C’s benefit – claim failed. Failed to pay and W sued successfully. B was a mutual acquaintance, therefore notification valid. You must enable Javascript on your browser for the site to work optimally and display sections completely. F owed £113,000; F sends £10,000 cheque “in full and final settlement to be accepted when banked”. Contract voidable on return to sober sate. Not an offer, merely statement. R sub-contracted W carpenters to build flats for £20,000. By using our website you agree to our privacy policy Relative (MS) took cars and given note but not asked to sign, ferry sank through MCs negligence, inconsistency invalidated exclusion clause. H sued successfully. BG accepts and B affirms. Company argued Williams –v- Roffey principle: existing obligation was good consideration. M rented shop with small sleeping room, landlord’s restricted use of room on renewal, but said he could still sleep. Subsequently she placed a notice in her local newspaper requesting tenders in respect of the work to be undertaken. It refers to a time before the making of a promise. G contracted skin disease from underpants, court accepted buyer implied purpose on purchase. Father promised money towards upkeep if child “well looked after and happy”. Court agreed with materials but would not acknowledge the invoice for labour. Mother sought repossession and daughter failed to prove contractual nature. “normal Mirror rules apply” just sufficient. Quantity correct but came in tins of 24. Not upheld for lapse of time. 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