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yamaha crux r replacement radiators parts car parts. Excellent service from yamaha service stations. AIR FILTER JALI,AIR HOSE RUBBER CLAMP,BATTERY BRACKET,BATTERY STAND PATTI,BRAKE CABLE CLAMP,BRAKE CAM LEVER,BRAKE PEDAL,BRAKE ROD ASSEMBLY,CAM SHAFT STOPPER PATTI,CENTER STAND PIN,CHAIN ADJUSTER CLAMPS,CHAIN COVERS,CHASSIS,CRASH GUARD,CUSTOM HANDLE BAR,DRUM STOPPER PATTI,ENGINE HANGER,ENGINE PLATE,FOOTREST ASSEMBLY,FRONT BASKET(METAL),FRONT FOOTREST BRACKET,FRONT FOOTREST PATTI,FRONT FOOTREST ROD,FRONT MUDGUARD CLAMP,FRONT NUMBER PLATE,FRONT NUMBER PLATE BRACKET,FUEL PUMP BRACKET,GEAR LEVER,GEAR LEVER GUTKA,GENERAL METAL PARTS,HALF AXLE WITH NUT,HANDLE BAR,HANDLE LOCK PATTI,HANDLE PLATE,HANDLE WEIGHT,HEAD LIGHT BRACKET,HEAD LIGHT CASING,HEAD LIGHT FIXING PATTI,HEAD LIGHT FIXING PIPE BRACKET,HEAD LIGHT RIM,HEAD LIGHT VISOR PATTI,HEAD PLATE,INDICATOR PATTI,INNER BOX CLIP,Luggage Carrier,MAIN STAND,MAIN STAND PATTI,METER BRACKET,MUDGUARD (METAL),MUDGUARD STAY,NOSE PATTI,OTHER BRACKETS,PETROL TANK BRACKET,PETROL TAP JALI,PULLEY COLLER,PUSH ROD,REAR AXLE CLAMP,REAR MUDGUARD (METAL),Rear Number Plate,Rear Number Plate Bracket Patti,SCOOTER SWITCH SUPPORT,SEAT BACKREST,SEAT BRACKET,SEAT CARRIER,SEAT CATCHER,SEAT LOCK BRACKET,SEAT LOCK U CLIP,SEAT PLATES,Side Stand,SIDE STAND CLAMP,SILENCER BEND,SILENCER BEND COVER,SILENCER JALLI,SILENCERS,SWING ARM,SWING ARM ROD,TAIL LIGHT STAND,WHEEL RIM. recently am buying yamaha crux R,it’s 2001 model nd bike z in good condition but bike speed is not increasing related to acceleration nd it’s giving 38 KMPL only,what should i do for better performance and good mileage and more concentrate on mileage pls suggest anyone for better thing. --, Braking System CBS, IBS, SBT, UBS, HBS - Combined braking of both front and rear wheel | ABS - Anti-lock braking system which can be just for front wheel (single channel) or both wheels (dual channel) or can be switched off (switchable) | E-ABS - Electronic assisted braking system | Standard - Cable operated --, Rate & write a detailed review to win Amazon vouchers worth ₹ 2,000, By looking it amazing, i love to ride more and more , i don't put down my step while i ride this. We could put something out of account. CARBURATOR ASSEMBLY,Carburator Automizer Kit,Carburator Choke Lever,Carburator Distance Packing,Carburator Float,Carburator Float Pin,Carburator Main Jet,CARBURATOR MANIFOLD,CARBURATOR PARTS,Carburator Repair Kit,Carburator Slide,CARBURATOR SLIDE WITH PIN,CARBURATOR SLIDE WITH PIN AND DIAPHRAGM,Carburator Slow Jet,Carburator Top Nut,Diaphragm,REED VALVE WITH RUBBER. No wonder it has... Fast and Faster – in such a way one could characterize this perfect mix of bold styling and modern engineering. I travelled mor... By looking it amazing, i love to ride more and more , i don't put down my step while i ride this. The Crux is designed for Indian markets. Buying Yamaha YBR 125, an unexperienced rider gets everything he needs and doesn't put his life in danger (for more power you need some relevant experience accordingly). Here we have tried to collect the pictures and information about all the model years of Yamaha Crux R. Here you can meet all the model years of Yamaha Crux R. You can choose any of them to view its photos and more detailed technical specifications. I love this very much, for smooth riding and soft gear section. Excellent service from yamaha service stations. Good look in this segment, comfort riding, good pick up as expected from a yamaha bike. The Yamaha Crux is a 106 cc, single-cylinder four-stroke motorcycle made by India Yamaha Motor.The Crux is designed for Indian markets. ADJUSTABLE LEVER,AIR COMPRESSORS,All Round Steel Guard,BACK PACK,Body Cover,BUNJEE NUT FOR MOTORCYCLE,BUZZER,FAIRING MIRROR,FANCY DISC CAP,FANCY FOOTREST,FANCY HANDLE GRIPS,Fancy Handle Yokes,Fancy Rear View Mirror,FLEXI FRONT MUDGUARD,FOOTBOARD GARNISH,FRONT GRILL FOR SCOOTERS,GARNISH KIT FOR BULLET,GENERAL ACCESSORIES,GRILLS FOR ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET,GRIP COVER,HAND PROTECTOR,HANDLE BAR END CAPS LED LIGHT,HEAD LIGHT AND TAIL LIGHT GRILL,HEAD LIGHT JALLI,HELMET LOCK,HID LIGHTS,HIGH PERFORMANCE SILENCER,HORN GRILL,HYDRATION BLADDER,Leather Tool Bag For Royal Enfield Bullet,MUDGUARD BUMPER,MUDGUARD STEEL,PILLION SIDE HOLDER,RAIN COVER,REFLECTIVE TAPE FOR MOTORCYCLE,Rope For Motorcycle,SEAT BACKREST,SIDE BAG SADDLE,SIDE BOX AND INNER BOX,SILENCER WRAP,Speedometer Assembly For Royal Enfield Bullet,TAIL LIGHT JALLI,TANK BAG,TANK COVER FOR ALL BIKES,USB Mobile Chargers,WEIGHT MACHINE.

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