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But if you feel inclined to continue your education, there’s ample support and reason to do so. They must have the persuasive ability to convince editors about the viability of their ideas for articles. Companies with this position: Gannett, Nexstar Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group, National average salary: $38,853 per year. Most communications majors won't be thinking of sales as an eventual career when they enter college. Northwestern University in Evanston, IL Video Review. A communications major who opts to specialize in music production could find several roles in the music industry available to them. Buyers and Purchasing Agents 4. They might work directly with an organization or an agency to achieve the goals of a brand. Here are a few of the most common jobs for communications majors: Just starting out? Companies with this position: 2u, Adobe, California College of the Arts, National average salary: $62,522 per year. Advertising is another potential option for communications majors. However, they will learn many skills while studying communications that can lead to a successful and lucrative career in sales. Reporters have one of the most exciting gigs in the league. “Average Social Media Manager Salary.” Accessed Sept. 1, 2020. Primary duties: Marketing coordinators are responsible for the organization and execution of various marketing activities. PayScale. They must be attentive to detail but at the same time understand the big picture. Copywriters for marketing positions also may need to have skills on various computer programs such as Photoshop and Sony Vegas to bring their content to life. They ensure that each corporate client receives good services and also receives the appropriate products or services for their situation. Health educators assess the health-related problems and needs of a target population, and formulate programs to address those issues. Communications majors also might choose to enter the human resources field. 17 Possible Career Paths for Biology Majors. Start developing a sense of what you want. Being able to handle client problems is vital, and strong communications skills are needed. Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. This is the ideal career for the communications major who dreads the idea of being chained to his or her desk for eight hours a day and wants hands-on, world experience with interesting people. The key is to analyze the market and find a way to turn yourself into a category expert that will easily differentiate yourself from all other candidates seeking a position in your chosen category. Learn about the training, job duties and certification to... Students interested in studying communications in Seattle have a handful of schools to choose from. Customer Service 9. Acquiring a degree in communications opens a multitude of doors for graduates for a variety of educational or professional opportunities. The low-stress way to find your next communications major job opportunity is on SimplyHired. The end goal for a content marketing manager is to find the best content to drive demands for products and brands, and to ensure that all content and marketing projects are delivered on time. These communications professionals are also typically in charge of approving content, choosing production talent, monitoring the needs of production and measuring feedback after production of the event or program. (What Can You Do With a Communications Major?. In order to become a communications pro, you must enjoy and hold proven outstanding creativity, writing skills, and a strategic mindset. They are responsible for communicating with the platform to buy or sell spots and projecting campaign performance based on the media channel. Primary duties: Business reporters are journalists that work for online or print publications. Doctoral programs emphasize original research and students are expected to develop an area of specialization. Many employers felt that a strictly specialized degree in communication did not prepare students to acquire the global skills necessary to succeed in the world of work. Communication degree jobs can be found in diverse areas, such as: Journalism ... A communications major who opts to specialize in music production could find several roles in … This major may also be called communication studies, mass communications, strategic communications or communication, and media studies. Description: Account executives, much like public relations specialists, work across various audiences to build credibility and foster relationships for a client or product. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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