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The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment, key among them being X- Ray Machines (stationed & mobile), Ultrasound, Surgical Equipment, Medical Gases and Patient Monitors. Huss et al. 2011). Conversations helped to gain a better understanding of management, leadership, power relations, organizational practices and interactions among the different actors. Similarly Daire and Gilson's (2014) study of nurse-managers found that there was professional power imbalance in favour of doctors. Although all the administrative processes are being taken care of—so administratively the institution is running perfectly, but managerially on the day to day basis the staff on the ground do not see it running perfectly. GNA has therefore been operating in the unique role of mobilizing the citizens for nation building, economic and social development, national unity and integration. Government needs to consider stepping up her responsibility to fully provide for the needs of health institutions if quality health care is to be realised. To ensure that the Hospital functions without any major obstacles, the full complement of Electro-mechanical systems and medical equipment were provided. Call our Emergency Service on: SOD Hospital Copyright ©2019 all rights reserved, WHO commends Shai-Osudoku District Hospital, SOD Hospital, possible benchmark for Africa. There are many challenges and constraints, some of which could have been resolved within, but there is a failure to resolve them, which is one of the major causes of our problems.2, We are not asking for money, but when you come to work and there is no gauze, no linen, the doors are broken or no theatre doors, patients lying on the floor and no vital signs taken. Also managers were asked to justify incentives for staff.38 On the other hand, managers were told at managers’ meeting by their superiors from the GHS that they should offer staff incentives that were within their means.39 Managers addressed the conflicting directives by writing to the GHS to justify incentives for doctors, which was approved. In a second phase of the same study, she collected data in Grace hospital in July and August 2013 and in Adom hospital from October to December 2013. Similarly, Pfeffer's (1981) study of power in organizations suggests that the professional manager is expected to operate in a more bureaucratic environment, where she has less control and ownership over resources. Elements of transformational leadership include intellectual stimulation by encouraging worker creativity and innovation, encouragement and support through mentorship, inspirational motivation through presenting a clear vision, meaning of task, empowering and giving subordinates challenging tasks. The actors in Management and Leadership are some of the most powerful actors within hospitals as they wield different forms of power such as reward, coercive, legitimate, referent (based on identification) and expert power, which enables them to influence organizational processes and outcomes (Mintzberg 1983). These small small things to make your work comfortable.3, It (hospital) lacks a lot of things, so I am trying to go along with them. (2013) argues that transactional leadership has proven to be effective for change and efficiency compared to other leadership styles. This explains the absence of orderlies and a focus on ward aids in Grace hospital as reported in Table 1. Managers on the other hand felt that they were doing their best in the face of contextual constraints on their power to address issues such as national policies, directives and processes. You have entered an incorrect email address! Conversation with a medical doctor, 18 July 2012. Braithwaite and Travaglia (2008) add that due to the shortage of staff, it is difficult to know how far to push accountability, for if clinicians are pressed too hard, they may leave or go into private practice. Addressing the chiefs and people of Tolon, Vice President Bawumia said that contrary to propaganda that the NPP government had not put up any hospital over the past four years. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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