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10.1016/j.jcis.2007.01.034, Tong S, Shi R, Zhang H, Ma C: Catalytic performance of Fe3O4-CoO/Al2O3 catalyst in ozonation of 2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)propionic acid, nitrobenzene and oxalic acid in water. The catalyst for preparing the cyclohexanone in one step by phenol hydrogenation comprises Lewis acid and a loading type metal catalyst, wherein the mole ratio of the Lewis acid to the loading type metal catalyst is 10:1 to 1:10. 2 ¥æ¥­é–‹ç™¼è‚¡ä»½æœ‰é™å…¬å¸, Producing method of cyclohexanone product by Phenol hydrogenation reaction, Method for preparing 3,3,5-trimethyl-cyclohexanone by selectively hydrogenating isophorone, Method of catalyzing phenol to selectively hydrogenate to prepare cyclohexanone, Method for preparing cyclohexanone by phenol selective hydrogenation and special catalyst for method, Method for preparing cyclohexanone or substituted cyclohexanone, Pd-In/C catalyst and preparation method and application in alcohol oxygenated fuel preparing, Apatite loaded platinum catalyst as well as preparation method and application thereof, A kind of hybrid material, its preparation method and application, A kind of catalyst for preparing cyclohexanone, its preparation method and application, One kind is in low pressure CO2The method that phenol hydrogenation prepares cyclohexanone in environment, A kind of restoring method of phenol hydrogenation Pd@CN catalyst, A kind of phenol hydrogenation catalyst and preparation method thereof, Phenol hydrogenation reaction of cyclohexanone, At low pressure CO2Method for preparing cyclohexanone by phenol hydrogenation in environment, The method of pimelinketone is prepared in a kind of catalysis of phenol selective hydrogenation, A kind of Ketohexamethylene or the preparation method of substituted cyclohexanone, A kind of Pd In/C catalyst and preparation method and the application in alcohols oxygenated fuel is prepared, A kind of hybrid material, preparation method and application, Rapid synthesis of unsaturated alcohols under mild conditions by highly selective hydrogenation, Gold nanoparticle catalysts for selective hydrogenations, Hydrogenation of citral: a wide-spread model reaction for selective reduction of α, β-unsaturated aldehydes, Co-production of vinyl acetate and ethyl acetate, Process for a cyclohexanedimethanol using raney metal catalysts, Method for the hydroformylation of olefins and apparatus using the same, Method for the hydrogenation of aromatic compounds with hydrogen containing residual gas, Process for converting glycerol to propylene glycol, Grid catalyst based on titanium zeolite or vanadium zeolite and on inert reticulated fabric for use in catalysis of oxidation reaction, Catalyst in preparation of isobutene by methyl tertbutyl ether pyrolysis, Catalyst used in preparation of ethanol through hydrogenation of acetate and preparation method thereof, Process for hydrogenating organic compounds, Hydrogenation catalyst and process for preparing alcohols by hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds, A kind of catalyst and its preparation method and application of N doping porous carbon carried metal, Catalysts and process for hydrogenolysis of sugar alcohols to polyols, Method for the production of 1,6-hexanediol, Selective hydrogenation of cyclododecatriene to cyclododecene, Selective hydrogenation of α-methyl-styrene to cumene, Catalytic conversion of hydrofluoroalkanol to hydrofluoroalkene, Oxidation method of organic compound having at least one CC double bond, Method for preparing ethanol by hydrogenation of acetic ester, Entry into force of request for substantive examination, Termination of patent right or utility model, Termination of patent right due to non-payment of annual fee. Permissions team. Chemosphere 2004, 57(7):711–719. Magnetic carbon nano composite as a novel catalyst was synthesized, characterized and then used in the catalytic ozonation process (COP) and compared with the single ozonation process (SOP). Chem Eng J 2009, 152(1):1–7. 10.1016/j.apcata.2007.05.027, Alvarez PM, Garcia-Araya JF, Beltran FJ, Giraldez I, Jaramillo J, Gómez-Serrano V: The influence of various factors on aqueous ozone decomposition by granular activated carbons and the development of a mechanistic approach. 10.1016/S0008-6223(01)00005-7, Moussavi G, Mahmoudi M: Degradation and biodegradability improvement of the reactive red 198 azo dye using catalytic ozonation with MgO nanocrystals. Below are the links to the authors’ original submitted files for images. The results clearly showed that the COP could improve the biodegradability and reduce the concentration of phenol and COD from around 500 and 1162 mg/L down to 126 and 822 mg/L after a few minutes, respectively. 10.1016/j.biortech.2008.09.032. 10.1016/j.carbon.2006.03.016, Sánchez-Polo M, Leyva-Ramos R, Rivera-Utrilla J: Kinetics of 1, 3, 6-naphthalenetrisulphonic acid ozonation in presence of activated carbon. 10.1007/s11771-010-0046-y, Pocostales P, Alvarez P, Beltran FJ: Catalytic ozonation promoted by alumina-based catalysts for the removal of some pharmaceutical compounds from water. Chem Eng J 2008, 144(2):205–212. 3 Data for 2012, estimated from American Chemical Society, 2015. -activated carbon magnetic nanoparticles for removal of aniline from aqueous solution: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies. J Environ Chem Eng 2013, 1(3):260–269. Zhao L, Ma J, Sun Z-z, Zhai X-d: Catalytic ozonation for the degradation of nitrobenzene in aqueous solution by ceramic honeycomb-supported manganese. Kakavandi B, Jafari AJ, Kalantary RR, Nasseri S, Ameri A, Esrafily A: Synthesis and properties of Fe 10.1016/S0045-6535(01)00215-6. J Hazard Mater 2012, 227–228: 227–236. Environ Technol 2003, 24(8):1031–1039. Appl Catal B: Environ 2008, 79(3):237–243. J Central South Univ Technol 2010, 17(2):300–306. Beltrán FJ, Rivas FJ, Montero-de-Espinosa R: Mineralization improvement of phenol aqueous solutions through heterogeneous catalytic ozonation. Lin SH, Wang CH: Adsorption and catalytic oxidation of phenol in a new ozone reactor. Bhatnagar A, Hogland W, Marques M, Sillanpää M: An overview of the modification methods of activated carbon for its water treatment applications. Sui M, Xing S, Sheng L, Huang S, Guo H: Heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of ciprofloxacin in water with carbon nanotube supported manganese oxides as catalyst. 10.1016/j.cej.2011.02.042. 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2006.03.025. The findings indicated that phenol was mainly decomposed through a series of oxidation reactions occurring on the surface of the catalyst, and the radical scavengers present in wastewater could not affect the catalytic reaction. Accordingly, it is concluded that this nano-composite is an efficient and active catalyst in the degradation and mineralization of phenol in the COP technique ,and combination of the biological process followed by COP is an effective and economic technique for the treatment of wastewaters containing recalcitrant contaminants, such as phenol. https://doi.org/10.1186/2052-336X-12-50, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/2052-336X-12-50, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in This method can be used for converting alcohols into esters, but it doesn't work with phenols - compounds where the -OH group is attached directly to a benzene ring. Phenol is commercially prepared from the middle oil fraction (443-503K) of coal tar distillate in which it occurs with cresols and naphthalene.First naphthalene is removed by chilling the fraction.

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