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At Lumaprints our mission is simple: We believe in providing the best canvas prints, framed canvas, metal prints and fine art paper prints to ensure that your photos and artwork are displayed beautifully as wall art, at great affordable prices. The icemount is mounted to a 30mm thick piece of acrylic, in a size smaller than the wall mounted acrylic, they are great for putting on a shelf, mantle, or even a hall table. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your email address will not be published. If you are framing your canvas print you may want to choose a less expensive 3/4″ thick museum wrap because you will have many more traditional frames to choose from. My in-laws have several Matte is not commercially made in sizes larger than 40 by 60 inches. Let's explore. A canvas giclee print’s benefit of not producing glare, painted textures and vibrant colors look beautiful. Canvas printing has improved over the years using dye sublimation and specialized inkjet printers. Just as important as the decision between paper and canvas is the decision of which printer and framer to hire. Another question people often ask is whether to buy stretched or unstretched (rolled) canvas.... Quality is everything. Large abstract art paintings for sale by Jaison Cianelli – Expressions of nature, energy, and light. In term of the printing process, there is no real difference between printing a Canvas and photo print. Some acrylic prints are even scratch-resistant. Assuming a matte measurement of 4 inches on a side, this limits the size of the image to 32 by 52 inches. On very large prints, the weave of the canvas will not be an issue, because viewers will look at the print from farther away in order to see the whole thing, and the weave of the canvas will then be relatively smaller in comparison to the image. Any high quality printer will help you in determining the best format and medium for your print and should provide you with a list of options and possibilities for your specific needs. Also I would choose a mat color that matches the painting and interior decor. ... Photo and art prints have increased in popularity in recent years. The artwork as a whole would also take up more physical space on your walls (something to think about). Canvas needs to breathe and will expand and contract slightly with temperature and humidity changes, therefore an open back is best to encourage this process. Customer Pictures – Large Abstract Canvas Art. Overall, you get this sleek, contemporary look coupled with a sharp and vibrant image. Matte finish photo paper will greatly reduce the amount of glare and reflections, but colours may not appear as bright as a gloss option, ideal for wall prints hanging in a location opposite a window or bright lighting. Large Format Printing It's much cheaper than acrylic as well as traditional framing and modern photo mounting. Acrylic is better than both for showing the image off. I would like to have one of my photos enlarged, printed and framed as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. Canvas can be mounted on a wall with a simple frame around its edges, or even be hung with no frame at all. Acrylic face mount. The metal base (in either white or clear) basically works like paper, and will be finished (just like paper) in either glossy, matte or satin. Admittedly, there's just no substitute to the visual and creative impact of tangible masterpieces. For the color of the frame I like black, brown, or gold colors. The last step is to remove the paper to reveal the beauty of the metal print. These prints can be signed and numbered just a like a paper print and are considered works of art in their own right by art collectors. First, an art print is any reproduction of an original work of art (e.g. High-quality work will look good on either paper or canvas, just as poor work will not look good no matter what surface is carrying it. on Canvas and Paper. Learn how your comment data is processed. Required fields are marked *. Texture can be distracting at times so choose your image wisely. With a variety of options - canvas, acrylic, paper, metal - it's only natural to weigh the factors and find out the best choice to what you're looking for. Take a look at our gallery wrapped canvas prints, How To Order When purchasing a fine art print, one of the decisions to be made is whether you want it on paper or on canvas. Or venture into something that consumes less time and effort - canvas prints. Jagg Xaxx has been writing since 1983. In fact, the same could be applied for digital artworks. I don’t recommend doing it yourself unless you are very skilled at … You cannot change the image like a paper print inside of a frame; once stretched and mounted it is permanent. Required fields are marked *. Sizes 24″x 30″ and larger should also have a brace bar support. There are two types of acrylic printing: 1) direct printing onto the acrylic, and 2) printing onto paper then face mounting to acrylic. The bottom-line is that choosing a medium boils down to deciding factors such as taste, preference, aesthetic needs, and budget. At Lumaprints our mission is simple: We believe in providing the best canvas prints, framed canvas, metal prints and fine art paper prints to ensure that your photos and artwork are displayed beautifully as wall art, at great affordable prices. Brightening up any room requires a pop of color or accent pieces that tie up everything into one picture-perfect area. Canvas print provides a frameless look that suits any room and any budget. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You can undergo a large scale project - painting the room or changing the wallpaper. I suppose it would depend on a case by case basis what looks better with the room. It goes tastefully with commercial spaces. Each of these surfaces has different qualities and different strengths and weaknesses.

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