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Thanos is marvel equivalent of Darkseid Let see how powerful Darkseid is Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in DC Multiverse, one of the Justice League's worst adversaries and greatest threats. More like ass kicking. C'mon Diana wins, she offers Thanos a 3-way between herself,thanos and death and then kills him during his sleep. Lucifer was around when the universe was first created, granting him the ability to manipulate matter, energy, and even time. Now that that's out of the way, what DC did with Dr. Manhattan recently (Doomsday Clock) is just absurdly overpowered. At least momentarily. She had some impressive feats in Civil War, but nothing that would make one consider her any more powerful than Thor; the most substantial use of her powers was burying Vision dozens of stories underground. In 2013, Slade Wilson was brought to life on the small screen, where he was portrayed by Manu Bennett on CW’s Arrow. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Thankfully, Infinity War did a commendable job of not only exploring Thanos’s origins, but turning him into one of the franchise’s more layered villains. It's a rare being that can defeat the Mad Titan one on one and everyone knows it. The Joker may be the greatest comic book villain ever created, but that doesn’t inherently make him a match for the Mad Titan. A lot of times Thanos is just responding to attacks from heroes and countering accordingly. For her, it's victory or death. Wonder Woman always tries to have a sword and shield handy but her best weapon is her oldest- The Lasso of Truth. Each one on its own increases the wearers strength and durability by a factor of ten. Aside from a law degree, a defaced coin, and an arsenal of firearms, Two-Face wouldn't bring much to the table in a fight against Thanos. Thanos consistently takes advantage of any openings and fighters are most open when attacking. Before he appeared in the post-credit scene of 2012’s The Avengers, Thanos was just another supervillain who was far more popular with comic book readers than he was with the general public. First appeared in Detective Comics #140 in October 1948, this villain’s story began with a man so captivated by complex puzzles and riddles that he decided to take up a life of crime to try and outsmart the Batman. Now, numerous Molecule Man vs Thanos with trinkets debates have raged over the years and most of them only end up in stalemates. The Lasso isn't all powerful. While she might be a nuisance to Diana Prince on Earth, this is yet another DC villain who would prove fruitless while up against Thanos. Marvel may have Thanos but DC has an Amazonian Goddess. That being said, he has still proven himself to be the greatest threat the Avengers and Guardians have ever been up against. He’d also be smart enough to realize that the chaotic, self-serving nature of the Joker would make him an utterly worthless henchman. Thanos tanked around 10 hits from Hulk, and scales well above Thor who took 20 ish in Ragnarok, Diana ain't hurting him. He never stops, never quits, just keeps going, inexorably getting closer to achieving his goals. 20 Defeat Thanos: Doomsday Few DC characters have posed a physical threat to the Man of Steel, which explains why some of his greatest foes, such as Lex Luthor and Brainiac, must rely on their super-intellect to try and defeat Superman. He’s often held his own against the Man of Steel. Diana all the way!! ulitmateninjagaidenx. We are the daughters of the 18 tribes of Wakanda. Full equipped WW is a beast. Looking at the MCU versions of these characters, the playing field is very different. Thanos comfortably. And someone else said Cap's shield blocked Mjolnirs strike. The only way Thanos could survive the mystic vice grip Wanda had him in was to get help from his army. @d2therj: Guy in the bank can tag her.....so Thanos should can. After all, Thanos often finds that the only reason for his defeat is due to his low self-esteem, which is something the former psychiatrist could certainly help with. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Could Scarlet Witch have taken out Thanos if he hadn't called in that bombardment in Avengers: Endgame? that's because compared to his Kryptonite, Martian Manhunter's weakness to fire is just laughable. Thanos can wade into just about any battle knowing that the vast majority of enemies can't hurt him at all.

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