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i would like to buy mirin but there are some types of mirin in grocery store. . Just happened to have it in my house , Hi Shir! 1 cup can be very different for each person, and sometimes it’s WAY too much flour. Before I begin talking about these cookies, let me share a bit of info on Matcha with you. ... Eat This, Not That this link opens in a new tab; I’m sorry yours didn’t come out well. This Green Tea Cookie recipe is amazing! Also, I suggest using a kitchen scale as you may be adding more flour than needed if you use a cup measurement. So glad yours came out well. Hi Cyn! Thanks so much for posting the wonderful recipe! Wish me luck! Each oven is slightly different and my new oven heats faster on the left side (and annoys me like crazy as I can’t open the oven door and rotate for some recipes). I’ll be working on this recipe once again and try to film the video. We usually use Japanese flour and soft brown sugar三温糖. for me i have sacraficed icecream, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, doughnuts and all that lovely stuff and if i can do it anyone can do it especially yourself. Not strong bitter, just a hint of bitter coming from matcha. I had problem with slicing the dough when I put too much chips. The ingredients are simple: butter, sugar, and flour. . Hope you enjoy these cookies! Hi Nami- I tried making these cookies and instead of using powder sugar I used granulated sugar instead. I’ll try to make video for this recipe and will try to make some variations to see what works best. 2) Do you use a dark color baking sheet? Hi Nami, my 2 girls has been a fan of green tea cookies since they tried it at a friend’s place last CNY. Can’t wait to make these! . Hi Cecilia! Is this usually the case? I think the crystal sugar coating will look pretty too. Again I’m sorry for my late response. Our Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with only four ingredients and all the goodness you can handle. I’m happy to help to see what went wrong if you could give me a bit more information about your experience. Thank you for your kind feedback! In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment or in a large bowl with a hand mixer, beat 170 g (¾ cup) unsalted butter until smooth and creamy. Perfect amount of matcha:), Hi Yumi! Hope that helps…. It’s sable so it’s crispy/crunchy, not chewy, and little bitter. Like this? . I made them over the weekend and have eaten half of them already. . They turned out awesome either way, but in your pictures your dough looks so smooth…would me using an electric hand mixer make any difference? Thank you for your kind feedback! Is that normal or am I missing something? I’m so happy to hear you liked this recipe and glad to hear it was a big hit with your son’s Japanese group! I am so frustrated with the dough and I didn’t lost my appetite to try the taste because I really don’t want another big disappointment. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Sorry for my late response. You’re blog is amazing!! I just took time to make a good shape. , Hi! First, I highly recommend to measure by gram. Hope this helps! Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. I’ve literally never left a comment on an online recipe but this was really amazing, thank you! So glad you liked this recipe. So you were baking at 375F. I swapped the matcha with cocoa powder and put semi sweet chocolate morsels instead of white chocolate (although next time I’ll use white for both I think). These biscuits are easy to make and available in a variety of flavors so you never get bored. They came out just as good! I plan to make this again and hope to make this recipe a bit better…. I also want to mention that quality of matcha is really important. , This is a great & simple recipe! And which cookies do you suggest these green tea ones, or the vegan style on your blog as well? When preparing the dough I got a little fright as with the handmixer everything came out in small little pieces and it looked quite dry.. I wonder if you measure flour with a cup measurement? Unsalted cream butter, and 2 small eggs. Should I add a little food coloring? Healthy Tea Biscuits. I even had to make them a second and a third time, but some customers asked me if I could make a sugar free version, now the question is what can I substitute the powdered sugar with and what amount? As she points out: ‘When you’ve been tasting for a long time you hone your palate as you’re constantly assessing how things go together.’. I would open and taste and if the color is still good (not dull green), I may use it…. Hi. We are... Heard about fasting and wondering whether it’s suitable for you? We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Remember, over mixing the dough also cause the dry crumbly texture so when it’s combined don’t mix too much. Turned out so lovely – crunchy and buttery! Thank you for trying this recipe! I think it might be due to the size of my egg yolks? I haven’t tried with GF flour yet so I can’t tell… if you decide to try, let us know. Why do you use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar? Hi Emily! I don’t have a meal in a jar. Because the weight of flour is very different if you use a cup and measure incorrectly… and I have a video for this. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! I buy universal grade or ceremonial grade matcha powder by Maeda En*. It’s not chewy so it won’t stuck on teeth. You can omit it. I love your recipes; the illustration as well as the tips are very helpful and makes a difference in trying the recipes for the first time. More crispy like sables. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you in time while you’re baking.

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