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Thank you very much for your great review. Depending on the quality of your existing soil, you may need to add a locally sourced compost or topsoil to the back-fill soil. Barbara R. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It was great working with this company. We have seen many mail order companies come and go in our time but we are still here! Keep a clean environment, free of weeds and dropped fruit that host insects or attract animals. It was a single branch jutting out to the side on a stem. Dwarf citrus are topped low, and as a result they grow as a bush. A 2-3 year old citrus tree typically wants to grow in about a 12” diameter nursery pot. The skin is tightly clinging to the flesh of the fruit and has a characteristic thin nipple on the blossom end. Thank you for taking the time to review. So far, so good. Bearss Persian Lime Tree for sale online is a nearly thornless plant with drooping branches. You can now re-establish this delicious lime in your own backyard! Leaves may also drop due to spider mites, fungus, canker, and other diseases. We genuinely care about our customers and want them to enjoy growing their own tropical plants and trees. The Persian Lime is a heavy bearer of juicy, lemon sized fruit in winter to early spring. Use the manufacturers general recommendations. Choose a 1-year or 3-month care kit to get optimal health and fruit production from your trees. Black sooty molds can hinder the tree growth and kill the leaves. It is self-pollinating and proves to be quite easy to grow. Once collected, you can keep the fruit in good condition for up to 8 weeks under refrigeration without curing. There are a couple of pests that could cause major problems for Bearss lime tree. Its flowers bloom from Spring/fall and produces fruit during fall/spring. A tree with yellow or cupped leaves, or leaves that don't look perky AFTER watering can indicate excessive watering and soggy roots. Julia H. But lime trees with a companion pollinator will often grow more fruit than single trees. Create a basin around the roots drip zone so that water collects. The Persian lime tree usually tops out at a maximum of 10 feet with an equal spread. Zone info $99.99. Persian “Bearss” lime trees are best grown outdoors where they can get full sunlight but can be taken indoors if the temperature gets too cold in your area. Tree as advertised and carefully packed. Pre-Black Friday Deals - Discounts up to 58% Off! The Limes turn to a pale yellow at full maturity and have thin, smooth rind. When planting dwarf lime trees in a pot, use a pot that is larger than what it is shipped in and has lots of holes at the bottom to allow proper drainage. But of course, the ultimate test to determine the readiness of the Bearss lime fruit is by tasting it. When buying a Persian Lime tree, make sure to choose a healthy tree from a trustworthy nursery to make certain that it is free from any diseases. All of our other propagated edible plants do not require a pollinator. The thick-skinned fruit is the about size of a lemon and has a tart flavor that goes great in food and drinks. Use organic Bordeaux and Liqui-cop to manage fungus causing diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, and leaf-curls. This warranty guarantees a free replacement if your tree dies under normal circumstances - you just cover the shipping costs. Each care kit provides exact monthly care instructions to make growing trees easy. If the soil is damp down to two or three inches, wait another few days before watering. (verified owner) – April 27, 2020. Always water fertilizer in thoroughly. • Fruit tastes better than anything you'll find at a local gourmet market • Fills the air with a wonderful citrus scent when it blooms in spring Giant, Delicious Limes The Persian Lime Tree is what most of us picture when we think of a “typical” lime, though frankly the taste of this lime is not typical; it is delicious. Mulching helps to keep weeds away which will compete with your new investment for water and nutrients. Thin the tree in the Summer, and remove excessive fruits. Each care kit provides exact monthly care instructions to make growing trees easy. While June and July are the heaviest months, limes ripen throughout the year. The growing system designed by Citrus.com horticultural experts combines the exterior elegance of our European plastic pots and an interior air pruning pot which ensures healthy root development and maximum aeration. Thank you for the positive review. Beautiful, colorful, and unique array of shrubs, trees, and plants, We grow and deliver the highest quality products directly to your door, Order online or over the phone with no waiting and no hassles. Water before leaves show wilting, and when roots have reached about 50% dryness. The Persian Bearss Lime Tree is a sun-loving tropical tree that needs plenty of sunlight, about 8-10 hours a day. You would always be next to a Dwarf citrus tree, and would not go under. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. So you can shop with confidence. If you prefer to place your order over the phone, just call us at. Physical Card service for very cold areas available (just contact us for details). Returns/Refunds are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Bearss Lime (Citrus x latifolia), commonly known as Persian lime or seedless green lime, is the most popular lime sold in California markets and in much of the world. adroll_pix_id = "5YH5INRZ45CMPC55LNF3CM"; Growing Zones If you are looking for a newcitrus tree, and are planning to grow a Persian “Bearss” lime tree, read the tips we have below.

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