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c language lecture notes Strings – Concepts, C Strings, String Input / Output functions, arrays of strings, string manipulation functions, string / data conversion, C programme examples. } Programming in C – Stephen G. Kochan, III Edition, Pearson Eductaion. C++ provides some especially powerful shorthands.Maintainability: modifying code is easier when it entails just a few text edits, instead of rearranging hundreds of processor instructions. C Programming & Data Structures, P. Dey, M Ghosh R Thereja, Oxford University Press "@type": "FAQPage", 0000006255 00000 n C& Data structures – P. Padmanabham, Third Edition, B.S. The topics we will cover in these C++ Handwritten Notes PDF will be taken from the following list: Introduction to C++: Overview of Procedural Programming and Object-Oriented Programming, Using the main() function, Header Files, Compiling and Executing Simple Programs in C++. c language solved papers" - C Language, C Study Materials, Pattern 106 program all in one like characters, star and numbers, Computer Programming and Numerical Methods, Fundamental of Computer Programming and IT, Computer programming And Computational Techniques, Computer Applications in Civil Engineering, Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering, Note for C Language - C By Manjeet Mishra, Lab Manual for C Language - C by Mohit Kaushik, Lab Manuals for C Language - C By Umesh Kumar, Note for C Language - C By Kamalakar Vankala, Lab Manuals for C Language - C By Shaina Arora, Note for C Language - C by Abhishek Patel, Previous c language basic questions Jones & K. Harrow, dreamtech Press