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Join the discussion today. In most cases, cooking oil is flavored depending on the fruit which it is extracted from, but generally, it is tasteless. It definitely depends on your recipe; I've made cakes with just butter and they are extremely moist. Butter is an easy substitute for vegetable oil in cake, and it usually provides a notable upgrade in flavor as well. W e've all had that moment where we start mixing up ingredients for a baking project and then discover that we're out of one ingredient. Read the Oil vs. Unless you use unsalted butter, the butter will add a touch more salt, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to tell. It’s not always a straight one to one substitution, there are several things to consider when deciding to use butter or oil. For example, if the recipe calls for 1 cup of butter, substitute it with ¾ cup of oil. Fat chance! While butter has saturated fatty acids, oil has unsaturated fatty acids. When substituting oil for butter in a baking recipe, it doesn't go as a 1:1 substitution; use ¾ the amount of oil for the specified amount of butter in a recipe. Breads made with oil tend to keep a little longer than breads made with butter instead. You will get the flavor of butter with most of the tenderizing effect of oil. Switching butter for oil will work less well if the recipe has no other liquids added as the water introduced with the butter can toughen the glutens in the flour and the resulting cake will have a slightly different texture to one used with oil. Here are some suggestions and insights for baking with butter or oil. Butter is a solid fat, and oil is a liquid, so you'll need to melt the butter first and let it cool to room temperature before you try to incorporate it into the batter. Because baking is all about chemistry, sometimes that ingredient can be swapped and sometimes it can't. So unless you are truly confident in what the substitution would mean for the recipe, I would avoid doing so, as it will most definitely change the flavor and consistency of the dessert. discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Butter food community. Here we discuss the differences between butter, margarine spreads, shortening, lard and oil so that you can have a better understanding of the role fats play in your baking. Butter, on the hand, has a salty flavor. Recipes are optimized in the Betty Crocker Kitchens using butter, margarine or oil to create the best flavor, texture, browning and overall baking performance. This is however to the detriment of the rise in the bake, as with it not solidifying when cooled, liquid fats cannot support the ‘web’ of air we discussed earlier. Not all fats are created equal…especially when it comes to baking, it makes a difference which fat you use and when you use it in the recipe. That could cause some problems as it will change the moisture of your product. Butter in Muffins, Cakes, etc. Most American butter, on the other hand, is comprised of just 80% fat; the other 20% is made up of about 5% milk solids and 15% water. Bake a cake without butter, margarine or oil? However if the recipe requires the butter to be creamed first then oil will not work as this incorporates air and using oil will result in a flat cake or muffin. Butter is a fat that can be aerated when creamed, oil can't. Butter is an easy substitute for vegetable oil in cake, and it usually provides a notable upgrade in flavor as well. There are differences between butter and oil. Melted butter can be substituted for oil. You'll miss out on the texture butter offers, but oil is great in quick breads like banana breads (much denser products, not as airy as cake) The biggest, and probably the important one, is that butter is only 80% oil. Clarified butter could possibly be interchangeable directly. The biggest, and probably the important one, is that butter is only 80% oil.

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