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This video has good accurate subs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I think they’re very witty. You can’t control my shh I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but in certain situations people tend to do that. I looked up the origins of this phrase. I do think that he probably knows that in a subtle way, some people could view it as being interpreted in that bisexual tone. (-The “flow job” is supposed to make you think of “blow job”..most likely… considering what he says about his tongue later… I’m a baby shaman that rides on stakes called the beat, that’s me (that’s me) Thank you!!! 2. For so long!! Although you insult me with those kind of insignificant words You can’t control my shit I came back as a ninja that endured the distrust. (uses Kyungsangdo dilalect here too. I guess the thing that does stand out with BTS, is that they tend to do a lot of wordplay with everything, including the parts that include these terms. It can be liquidy and sticky or solid and stick-like. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This is a rap that hits the ears of the stiff old men From Daegu to Apkujeong, I’ve laid down my beat I got into BTS because of their iconic lyrics. “To bury me, they waste their time with my career.”) Artist: 방탄소년단 (BTS) Song: BTS Cypher Pt. Those kids whose skills are on strike This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I know I can always rely on you on accuracy. No matter whether someone screws me over behind my back → W-2020, → Like us on Facebook I’ll carve your skin, like a.. My flow job that takes those arrogant rapper no-names and plays with them, But no problem, I kill In hip-hop, making a man come simply means getting a hater, another rapper or MC’s attention. That’s why they all rap the same way here still Hope you like it. All frauds, back yourself and look in the mirror (Or, “You’re a pauper, your pockets and abilities are poor” he doesn’t give a shit, even in the societal position he’s in, and that’s the best thing. 3: Killer" lyrics. In any case I’m the new standard of k-pop ( Log Out /  I think of this because when I look for Taehyung’s rapping cypher’s videos (like a mad he is^^) he gestures a phone call when he rap that part. (sorry I wrote wrong thing at the wrong place), I looked up in google translate “gusuha” means flood? 3: Killer (English Translation) Lyrics: Kill 'em, kill 'em! idk sorrY) had any sexual connotations like “fucks me (over) from (my?) My rap will soon be a Korean meal that fills you up But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Whenever I walk through the streets, they whisper my name I’m better than ya lazy You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. My swag bursts out “make money with rocks, sell rocks, you rock sellers”) because of the shape of candy? They all fall under “others” doing “other acts” that RM is not doing. Who the man told you crazy Ah idek if u will see this, m not a new army but I found myself going back to tannies songs and meanings and I love ur blog thank u so much No matter what I do, I’ll be real for all mixed together. 3: Killer (English Translation) Change ), Rap Monster (BTS) – Joke (ENGLISH TRANSLATION + RAMBLINGS), BTS – Cypher Pt.3 : KILLER (Eng Translation + Ramblings), http://krdic.naver.com/detail.nhn?docid=4238001, https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&authuser=0&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1116&bih=857&q=%EC%97%BF&oq=%EC%97%BF&gs_l=img.3. It sounds really poetic in Korean. Will try to explain the slangs with ramblings…. See who is on top of you, what, SUGA a.k.a Agust D, my second name It means that the haters that he’s talking about will not need “airplane mode” because they’ll never be successful enough to perform overseas, so they won’t have to be on a plane. (Huh??? ( Log Out /  I’m just wondering if the original korean means something like that, or if its just a general statement about how good his rapping is. I don’t need GIVENCHY, ’cause I’m a star I smoke beat this a beat smoke I’m super late to discover your amazing website but I’m promoting you when people ask me where to find reliable trans!! 1. #taehyung, Whatever you do, I will kill forWhatever I do, I’ll be real forLook carefully,this is what you wanted, the beast modeWhen guys are smokingand girls are cheatingI smoke beat this a beat smokeWho the man told you crazywho the fella told you crazyI’m better than ya lazyI work a hundred times harder thanthe bastards who do hiphop with keyboardsRap is an easy genre to them,too many generalsAll you anyones and everyones, have some mannersBastards who can’t even give a single verse properlyThey try to discuss rap and musicThat’s why everyone rapsthe same way hereOnly saying three or two words at a timelike some hospital patientMotherfather verbal apoplexy patientsThey’re all fakes,back yourself and look at the mirrorIf you wanna bring some,bring it originally suckas,you have zero sincerityI go by the name of monsterWelcome to the monster plazaThis a cypher im a riderimma ride it like a bikerOh shit turn the beat backwardsYou’re like a sewer and I’m savory 1Kids whose skills have gone on strikeThey go on protests behind my backMan what you afraid of,I’m confident when I’m on the beatLike a beggar,you have no skills in your pockets,so poorI don’t need GIVENCHY, cuz im a starI don’t need HUGO, already a bossI’m not Buddha but I’m a butcher,I’ll cut away your skin like aChange your iPhone,you dont need your airplane modeMy roaming charges are hundredsand you know I can take it moreMake money from rocks, sell rocks, you rock cobblersSan paulo to Stockholm,seats that you all can never sit on in your lifetimeI sit, So many hatersBut no problem, I killThey try to chip away my career to bury meBut I don’t careYou can’t control my shitI became a ninja who overcame disbelief and returned, The official standpoint of this fourth album is CypherWhen this track comes out, haters will fall silentIn this illegal scene, this track is the lawEveryone will fall into the rap,every day, they hang hang over bangMy swag explodes,wherever I go, I’ll go forwardWherever I go, there are hip-hop losersI’m too busy for themto compare me and talk smack about meBut I’m getting a bite,all the touting girls call me PippiWho is talking smack about me?Tell them to look at their own situation before doing thatI have nothing to be jealous of, tell them to look at meOh I’m on the beat,wiggle wiggling jingle jinglingRolling around, beagle beaglingWith burning power,I’m the god who controls this ring,an ascending kingThis is just a taste, it’s just the appetizerMy rap is like the Korean meal that fills your stomachYeah, I’m from Koreaso all you bastards who try to rap in EnglishLook and see who’s on top of you right now, what, SUGA a.k.a Agust D is my second nameWhen I’m walking on the street, people whisper my nameMy beat spreads from Daegu to ApgujungThe life of my music lives and breathesall over the worldRiding the haycutter that is my beat,I’m a baby shaman, that’s meDid you know that half the thingsyou see on TV are Kagemusha?You can try to make rash sounds with your bird tongueBut that’s just you trying to pass it off as rappingThe fighting spirit of my heavy king-like raphits all the bums that play aroundMy flow job catches all the noname rapperswho think they’re all that and cajoles themYou can try to get to me with those little wordsbut I’ll just become stronger, it’s a wonderI’m a starfish that eats and grows on your jealousy and envyAs you know, my voice will turn you onWhether it’s a guy or girl,my tongue will make you comeOn this food chain,I’m always on the top of the topMy craziness won’t stopEven if someone betrays me from behindWhen you all are playing, we’re heading toward the worldAll you older hyungs who are getting older by the dayIn my standards, you all are like babiesWhether you call me wack or fakeWhatever it is, I’m a new standard to kpopThis rap will cut through your earsA slap to your ears like a storm,chop chop chop, Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.

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