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(603) 472-1083, 155 Fleet Street However, they do damage books and other paper products including paper packaging. Booklice will be found in damp areas with excessive humidity. Use a trained professional pest controller. Before trying to get rid of booklice, it’s a good idea to ensure that you actually have them. BPCA warns of second spike in rodent activity, Defra release three new general licences for bird control, Check for clusters of cockroaches as heating goes on this autumn. Cleaning Advice Most species live out doors and can be found in  places where the molds they feed on are present. I was pregnant when these issues happened and daily cleaning almost drove me to a breakdown. Replaces NO Bugs Borafume. About Kiwicare Log in, (1) The house dust mite and the sugar mite, (3) The German cockroach and the forest cockroach, (4) The rust-red flour beetle and the confused flour beetle, (5) The merchant grain beetle and the saw-toothed grain beetle, (6) The cigarette beetle and the drugstore beetle, (7) The rice weevil and the granary weevil, (8) The pharaoh ant and the common black ant, Prevention and Control, Integrated Control, A. the top menu to view all the items you They are also believed to feed on microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book-bindings or on damp cardboard, damp food (especially cereals) or o on the … I know because I lived in humid Hong Kong where these pest are common. Visible mould and damp patches in the affected rooms. They do not feed directly on the paper but on microscopic fungi and yeast that grow on the paper where the humidity levels permit. These pests are usually found in books and old papers. They are not related to the true lice and do not bite or harm humans. Prevention is similar to the cure. As they graze on molds and mildews, the papers an starches that the molds grow on may be damaged. BPCA catalogue of the most common public health and nuisance pests, BPCA Training is designed to suit all learning styles and enable professionals to grow and develop throughout their career, Join the leading trade association for the pest control industry in the UK. I have just moved into a new build (house lay idle for 2 years) no visible damp.. have booklice on all walls and kitchen cupboards.. have already tryed spraying and using an industrial size de humidifier ..and still have them!! Please help me, I had these in my old house, and have recently moved to a new house (literally new build 4 months old) and they are here too!! © British Pest Control Association. Treatments can be made to limit the activity and damage caused by booklice. “To be the number 1 choice for safe and effective pest management services, satisfying the needs of our clients, our staff and the environment.”, Operations Office: 76 Chalmers Street, Belmore, 2192, Sales Office: Suite 452, Seabridge house, 377 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, BIOMISTING SERVICES AVAILABLE SYDNEY WIDE. Learn pest management from industry professionals with a training course or qualification from BPCA. Other notable places where booklice may be an issue are granaries, libraries, insect collections, stored foods, and in the nests of birds or insects. Shop Now, ©2020 Kiwicare • Proudly made in New Zealand. Here’s how we approach the problem: Aside from the solutions provided by our experts, you can take some steps to reduce the problem yourself. Marlborough, MA 01752 Limited by guarantee. may harbour booklice. Booklice are also known as Psocids (pronounced sosids). Once the building dries out, the booklice will cease to be as noticeable. My Kiwicare. … Identify a booklice infestation. Some places booklice have been observed in homes include wall voids, under floors, behind door and window trim, in closets, cupboards, outlets, in furniture, in rugs, books, paper bags and boxes, in flour, cereals(mold must be present), old trunks, straw matting/pet bedding. Kills and eliminates flying and crawling insects and spiders including borer beetles. Controlling the temperature and humidity is the best way to control severe psocid infestations. There are over 3000 species of booklice to be found across the world, but less than 50 are associated with human activities. Booklice will be found in damp areas with excessive humidity. Adding fans and dehumidifiers in areas of excessive moisture. Turn off any humidifiers that might be on, and use a fan or dehumidifier if you have one. Good ventilation is key to success. Booklice, or barklice feed on microscopic molds, pollen, mosses, and lichens in nature. The worst case I have seen was a home that never opened the windows, ever. Already know what you want? They do not bite and can be easily eradicated. Similarly they can contaminate the flour and other products in your pantry. They are a group of tiny pale* insects often referred to as booklice because they are often found associated with books and other paper or cardboard, including packaging. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Pest Advice However, they do damage books and other paper products including paper packaging. Making sure bathrooms and kitchens have good ventilation. They are also believed to feed on microscopic moulds that grow on the glue of book-bindings or on damp cardboard, damp food (especially cereals) or o on the surfaces close to damp plaster inside buildings, which is very common with brand new houses. 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