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The Bolivian river dolphin, (Inia geoffrensis boliviensis), a dolphin, is a subspecies of the amazon river dolphin.Although older publications and some recent publications consider the I. g. boliviensis population as distinct species from Inia geoffrensis, much of the scientific community, including the IUCN, consider them to be a subspecies of Inia geoffrensis. As soon as the dolphin was transferred to the laboratory, it was go time. The Bolivian river dolphin (Inia boliviensis), a mammal, is a species related to the Amazon river dolphin. Slipping a soft net underneath a dolphin, the team lifted it into the boat to transport it to the laboratory. The latest on endangered species and conservation efforts. Your donation helps keep Shedd ready to rescue animals in need. Why? When we were planning our originally backpacking route around this part of South America, we had no design on going to Trinidad, Bolivia. Water pollution is an increasing concern in Bolivia. [10], French naturalist and palaeontologist Alcide Dessalines d'Orbigny explored South America from 1826–1833, including a stay in Bolivia from 1831–1833. For the first time, the rescue work would include full veterinary health examinations to gather baseline data on their condition and assess how their health and well-being might have been affected by the constriction of their habitat in these isolated lakes. Because suspended in formaldehyde are 470 fish species from the Amazon. There have been research studies on this species in other areas of Bolivia, and they have also taken some limited samples, but not to this extent,” said Bronson. Although having said, we did see huge lorries coming across them. Locally known as bufeos, it is found in some rivers in the Upper Madeira Basin of the Bolivian Amazon. First of all because of their no bullshit policies, second of all because they cover tonnes of adventurous activities as standard. And not just one or two quick flashes. With separate living areas, private bathrooms and patios, rooms at this Trinidad hotel are more like apartments. Well why not indeed! The Bolivian dolphin is paler which, according to some researchers, is caused due to temperature, water clarity and physical activity. Well that is if it’s not raining. After more than a year of planning, obtaining permits and assembling a team and equipment, the group of collaborators was ready to relocate as many dolphins as possible. 764-777. Annnd…it’s also free. We placed satellite tags on their dorsal fins and then released them into the Rio Grande. Thank you for supporting Shedd Aquarium. Then you have Museo Itícola or Fish Museum. Other articles where Bolivian river dolphin is discussed: river dolphin: The Bolivian river dolphin (I. boliviensis), native to a few remote streams in the Bolivian Amazon, is slightly smaller than the Amazon river dolphin, and its skin is coloured grayish pink. Rainy runs from October – March, with December, January and February seeing the most rain. Your email address will not be published. A real life bloody caiman. Guizada, Luis and Enzo Aliaga-Rossel. Next up you’re venturing onto the Jose Ballivian University Campus which houses three of the museums in Trinidad Bolivia. 1834. Especially here because helmets are not provided and the roads outside of the town are full of potholes. Side note, there are a few bars around town with karaoke. Situated halfway along the road between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Rurrenabaque, Trinidad Bolivia makes for a great stop off when travelling between the two. They are newish but not all in the best nick. [2] Fisheries also pose a threat to the dolphins, for fishermen might see the dolphins as competition for fish. Their laterally compressed bodies and long, flexible pectoral fins allowed them to lie easily on either their left or right side, differing from marine dolphins, which more easily lie on their stomach when out of water. He returned to France in 1834 and started to describe his scientific explorations, including the new Bolivian cetacean species "Inia boliviensis". THE ZOO IS  OPEN. Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know to plan your trip. Discounts and news about special Zoo savings. Otherwise known as the gateway to the Amazon, Rurrenabaque is a must for your Bolivia itinerary. However South America and particularly Bolivia, still have populations of river dolphins in relatively good condition”, said Fernando Trujillo. Then from the terminal you can just jump on the back of one of the moto taxis for a few B’s. began considering the Bolivian Amazon pink river dolphin (Inia boliviensis) as a full species. It used to connect to a larger lake but is now too shallow for dolphins, let alone boats, to travel through. Gravena, Waleska & Farias, Izeni & N. F. da Silva, Maria & da Silva, Vera & Hrbek, Tomas. 114, no. Note on a new cetacean genus, from the rivers of the central part of South America. There’s also quite a few smaller restaurants around and places with BBQ chickens cooking outside that are delish. But sure enough, less than 10 minutes down the river our guy cut the engine and said there they are. Best visited as early in the day as possible, this is where you get to see…caiman! 330-338. And when we say a park, it’s like a proper park with picnic benches and a kids play area. Which given the poor quality of the road, we’d suggest is the better option anyway. The museum has been rescuing river dolphins throughout Bolivia for eight years, but never mounted a rescue of this magnitude. A bit more upmarket. After completion of the exams, we moved each dolphin into a boat and transported them back to the camp. They are considered to be an important quality indicator of the aquatic ecosystems they inhabit. According to van Damme, you can observe females with their babies throughout the year, which suggests that the reproduction is performed in both seasons: In high water and low water. In September 2012, Bolivian President Evo Morales enacted a law to protect the dolphin and declared it a national treasure. Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s largest city, truly fascinating, yet attracts few tourists. Nothing about this trip was easy, and our team overcame many challenges new to me: a delay in departure to the field due to a highway blockade; having to find a new release route to the river because our plan A “road” was washed out by rain; and learning how to keep refrigerated medical equipment cool for 10 days in the 90-degree jungle, how to turn a truck bed into a pool for better dolphin transport and how to push trucks out of the mud using palm fronds—all in Spanish. You know a spider is big when you spot it a football field away and have to stop the truck to let it cross the road! We spent hours counting blood cells, scanning for fecal parasites, examining cells from the blowhole, genital and oral swabs, centrifuging and organizing samples for storage and preparing our materials for the next day’s adventure. Saulo Usma, WWF official and another dolphin expert, explains that the continent-wide strategy proposes an action plan for each country, which responds to the context of each nation.

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