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Water, Green birds eye chillies, Canola oil, Lemongrass, Fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar, water), Galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, Modified corn starch, Garlic puree, Sugar, Salt, Onion, Thai basil, Spices, Cilantro, Red onion powder, Citric acid, Chlorophyll. I figure it's for two as children are not the best at spicy food! Stir up your senses with this fragrant favourite. Finally Making Those Matcha Green Scones (@NLi10). Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Mrs Brown’s Kitchen - Chicken Fajita Crowns (Icela... Francis Hartridge's Celebrated Root Beer - Sweet S... Brewdog Quench Quake (Asda) By @SpectreUK. Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup 400g 400g. 1 packet of Blue Dragon 3-Step Thai Red Curry; Instructions. Water, Canola oil, Lemongrass, Garlic puree, Fish sauce (anchovy extract, salt, sugar, water), Heinz Chilli & Lime Salad Dressing Spray (Waitrose... Homemade Kombucha and Loganberry Jam (@NLi10), Tick Tock Wellbeing teas (Degusta) By @SpectreUK. Buy 4 for £3. Add to trolley. 95p 23.8p per 100g. Thai Red Curry Paste Pot. Ingredients. Just add coconut milk, fresh veg and the meat of your choice. This is one we've had waiting around to be used. Add to trolley. £1 £2 per 100g. 400 g chicken breast (thinly sliced) ½ cup of each mushrooms and eggplant (or any vegetable – sliced) 1 packet of Blue Dragon 3-Step Thai Red Curry. Offer. Then after I took out my partners portion I put the other two in just mine - yum! Made from an authentic recipe, our Thai Green Curry Paste will help you to experience a real taste of Thailand. I decided not to put the extra water in at the end to make it authentically sloppy (there are a few other suggestions on the sleeve too) but it was a great, quick meal for two! We only put one of the three chillies in. vegetable oil. Blue Dragon Thai Red Curry Paste Pot 50g (5)Leave a review. Add to trolley. www.bluedragon.us/products/thai-red-curry-3-step-cooking-sauce-kit This is one we've had waiting around to be used. Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original (Germany) By @S... Godiva Blood Orange Dark Chocolate (Waitrose) By @... Oggs Victoria Sponge Cakes (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar, Blue Dragon - Thai Red Curry Kit #Vegan (by @NLi10), Carullo Especial Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK. Uncle Bens Original Sweet & Sour Sauce 450g 450g. Chicago Town - Sti... Mangajo - Pomegranate & Green Tea (@NLi10) - Water... Peperami Pep'd Up Chicken Bites (Asda) By @SpectreUK. Dry Ingredients: Add the herbs & spices and vegetables and simmer for about 10 minutes until all infused with the flavours and cooked through. Essentially you pop the paste on your meat/quorn and then once that's all coated you put the coconut milk in and simmer away. I figure it's for two as children are not the best at spicy food! Theme images by, 4 Scottish Snowballs (Marks & Specncer) [By @cinabar], Hot Chocolate Bombs (@ThorntonsChocs) [By @Cinabar], Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin (Costa) By @Cinabar, Nestle After Eight Orange & Mint (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar, Christmas Spiced Cappuccino (Costa) By @Cinabar, Cadbury Dairy Milk - Jingle Bells (Co-Op) By @Cinabar, Terry’s White Chocolate Orange (Co-op) By @SpectreUK, M&S Fruity Gruesome Sweets - jelly brains! ;-). 2 red onions, cut into thin wedges; 2 red peppers, cut into strips; 1/4 jar Blue Dragon Thai Red Curry Paste; 1 can Blue Dragon Coconut Milk; 1 tbsp sugar; 1 tbsp Blue Dragon Fish Sauce; 4 portions egg noodles; 250g shrimp, peeled, deveined and cooked; 1 squeeze of lemon Paste: Fry your meat in a splash of vegetable oil until cooked through, reduce heat to medium and add your paste and gently cook for a minute to release the flavours & aromas. Where as the jar sauce contains the fishy bits, the kits let you decide to add in the nam pla yourself. That reminds me; I must clean the toilet! https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/search?query=thai red curry paste

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