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The most typical commercial alternative to roach sprays are roach traps and baits. They approach differently in their way of working as the Bengal roach spray kills the roaches slowly and on the other hand, the Raid spray kills insects on contact. It could also be due to the fact that you’ve had much more roaches in your home than you thought and the spray has thrown them into disarray, as well as is preventing them from escaping as it has cut off their escape routes. Easy-to-use and efficient in results, this spray can free your house from every kind of roaches without putting much effort into it. They approach differently in their way of working as the Bengal roach spray kills the roaches slowly and on the other hand, the Raid spray kills insects on contact. The Bengal Gold roach spray comes in a pack of two 11 ounce bottles. It’s odor-free and has a lasting effect of up to 12 months. If you want less toxic residue left on your floor for your kids and pets to walk over – choose a more lightly concentrated spray. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. These products do have the negative downsides of often insufferable smells, as well as health risks for your pets and children if a direct contact has been accidentally allowed, but they are sometimes the only effective measure against significant bug problems. Raid ant and roach killer spray promise to kill upon contact with the pests. All common roach species, including the more tenacious ones like German cockroaches, are effectively dealt with by this dry cockroach killer spray. If a customer has sprayed their home in places that aren’t as frequently passed through by roaches and has skipped some of the key areas and locations, then it’s quite likely that the customer will keep seeing cockroaches in the future. It is easy to apply on all kinds of cracks and crevices at home, which is where roaches typically dwell and breed in. The difference is that they are not sprayed all over your floor and walls, but are contained in small traps, usually cubically shaped. That’s especially true if it’s a plant or a vegetable that you intend to eat yourself. Usually, it’s because you might have pets or small children and you don’t want them crawling on pesticides. Wondercide brings us the second natural pest control home and patio spray option to our list – the Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray. Whether you’re just looking to get rid of some common roaches and ants or from silverfish, crickets, spiders, waterbugs or anything similar, there is no question about whether does raid roach spray really work or not. Mosquito repellents, for example, help keep mosquitoes from biting by producing an intolerably strong smell that will repel them. This is done thanks to the chemicals’ effect on the insect’s nervous system as they prevent it from sending signals or impulses throughout the bug’s body. Because roach and bug killer sprays need to be sprayed on areas that are frequently traversed by the pests themselves, their effectiveness is dependent on how well you’ve located said areas. It should go without saying, but the Raid Max Roach Spray is not a simple natural roach spray. Both have their advocates and both groups of advocates tend to throw exaggerated arguments and oversimplified facts at each other. It is highly effective and its special feature lies in the ability to flush out roaches and other bugs from their hiding places like crevices, cracks, and behind sinks and baseboards. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As long as direct skin contact and exposure with the sprays isn’t allowed, especially while it is still wet, your pets and should be fine. As effective as it is, however, like all other natural products, it’s just not as powerful as the heavy-duty chemical anti-roach sprays. As such, price differences between different brands may not be as crucial, but it still doesn’t hurt to keep them into consideration. It might be that they are just using subpar products that attract certain species of roaches rather than repelling them (there are ~4000 different species of roaches in the world). Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer >> Best Over-the-counter budget Roach Spray. A lot of people complain that they are seeing more roaches after spraying with certain products. Its active ingredients are clove and cottonseed oil. Heat guns kill cockroaches by rapidly dehydrating them within seconds which is highly effective when applied on enclosed roach nests. This goes for almost all domestic surfaces with the exception of plywood where you’ll need to reapply the spray every 4 weeks. This dry aerosol comes with an active ingredient that eventually helps to provide 100% work efficiency. Bengal Roach Spray is designed to irritate roaches before killing, which causes them to run out of their hiding places to die on surfaces where they can be picked up and disposed. There are multiple studies that have been done on whether indoor pesticides have a noticeable negative effect on a pregnant woman’s or her baby’s health, but the results are inconclusive. Mosquitoes rely on their incredibly potent sense of smell to locate their victims based on lactic acids and carbon dioxide. And there are those brands – including a lot of the more prominent ones – that have chosen to leave their products with their typical and well-known “bug spray smell”. Once the pyrethroid chemicals have entered the cockroach’s body they produce the so-called “known-down effect” that stops the insect in its tracks either instantly or after a short while. Roach killer sprays are deemed safe for people and pets if they are applied properly and direct contact is avoided. Raid topic, follow the content below and explore more about these effective cockroach sprays. The effectiveness of the Bengal Chemical roach spray, as it is for all other similar products, is highly dependent on how and where you apply it. To help you out a bit more, here are the brands that we’d advise you to consider first: Raid, Bengal, Advion Syngenta, Black Flag, Invict, Wondercide, Harris, Aunt Frannie’s, Ortho, Combat, and Hot Shot. If you have pets it’s generally advisable to spray only on areas that are inaccessible to your pet at all. So, if you’re looking to find a new bug killer spray option, here are the things we think you ought to consider first: Toxic or natural. Different roach killer sprays need different amounts of time to dry off – some do it almost instantaneously, while others can need 15 – 30 minutes.

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