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Any gene not unrolled is “silent,” and won’t impact the cell it’s in. Our understanding of DNA and genes is still evolving rapidly, and by having all my genetic information to hand I can take advantage of any new discoveries of important genes or variants without having to get a new test every time. DNA stands for “DeoxyriboNucleic Acid,” which, broken down, means: DNA forms a ladder-looking structure that’s then twisted a bit into a double-helix shape. Then the DNA strands are separated out from the cell nucleus and concentrated into a solution. ✔️ Access easy health solutions: Learn fast ways to reverse aging in any body. However, there are also risks and limitations to testing. Therefore genetic testing should only be performed by accredited, high quality labs that regularly take part in external quality assurance schemes. Genetic testing offers many benefits, including providing important information that can be used when making decisions about having a family and taking care of one's own health. Ideally patient care involves pre- and post-test genetic counseling to explain the range of options and possible outcomes, in order to obtain truly informed consent. Then the DNA strands are reconnected to other, synthetic, DNA strands. “Know thyself” is an invocation as old as the Oracle at Delphi, but when it comes to human life extension, that invocation isn’t just important, it’s a fundamental requirement. If you don’t know your own body before starting on specific longevity interventions—like taking new supplements you just learned about from some longevity podcast, life-extension blog, or anti-aging book—you could easily do yourself more harm than good. As the number of accumulated errors in the epigenome grow over time (like a well-loved but scratched CD, so the theory goes), cells start to “forget” what kind they are and can die off, become dangerous zombie senescent cells, or worse, become cancer cells. The next genetics article will compare the best DNA tests currently on the market to give you the information to select the right one for you, and the third article in the series will compare the top “after-market” DNA analysis services that help you interpret and take action from the genetic data provided by these DNA tests. is performed in order to identify or rule out the mutation that causes the symptoms, and in a lot of cases to confirm the diagnosis. In fact, genetic testing is being used more and more in a clinical setting to help doctors identify diseases, understand and target different cancers, and tailor medical therapies to individual patients. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Additional benefits of genetic testing for longevity, 7 Best DNA Tests for Health and Longevity in 2021 - Longevity Advice, 5 Best Free Strength Training Apps for Longevity - Longevity Advice. They’re not exact copies, but if you separate the strands in the middle you can “read” one DNA strand and be able to reproduce its counterpart. that control gene expression. And it makes sense, right? Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Genetic Testing Benefits for a Better Future For All. Given that aspirin, especially for men, is an oft-touted longevity molecule (it’s one of the supplements found by NIH’s Interventions Testing Program to prolong life in male mice), anyone with the WDR46 gene needs to be incredibly careful before embarking on a life-extension regimen that includes a daily aspirin (I mean, probably don’t). We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. It’s thought that introns serve the purpose of allowing a single gene to code for several different proteins by being able to be cut apart without losing any exon information, and then spliced together in multiple different ways. So A may be green, while C is blue and so on. DNA strands of genes are typically stored in the nucleus by being tightly wrapped around proteins called histones (like a garden hose around a reel, or thread on a spool) which, when chained together into a tightly packed rope of histones and DNA strands, is called chromatin. Forewarned is forearmed. Even the limited genotyping tests you get to understand your family tree often capture useful health information these days. Sometimes, biochemical/biomarker testing allows an early diagnosis and continuous therapy monitoring, especially in the field of lysosomal storage disorders. Formerly I was a content marketing director in the B2B software space. The data you get is so much more comprehensive than the consumer genotyping tests on the market right now, and can be uploaded to many different 3rd party analysis tools to learn all sorts of different things you can’t get from a typical genealogy DNA test. is used when no symptoms are shown yet. is important in families with a known genetic disorder when couples are planning to have children. Epigenetics is how we get different kinds of cells in our body. For instance, did you know that people with asthma who have the WDR46 gene are possibly at a higher risk for Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease? This kind of self-measurement, also referred to as “quantified self” or “biotracking” and which is foundational to practices like personalized medicine is, in our opinion, the first step any new spanner interested in extending their own healthspan should take. If I have a sequence on my single DNA strand of, say, “AGGTC,” and I know A only pairs with T, and C only pairs with G, then I know the complementary DNA strand must read “TCCAG” for the two halves to be able to fit together. The benefits of genetic testing go way beyond learning who your ancestors were or connecting with that long-lost cousin living in Bangladesh. For instance, within genotyping you can get: So with all these different tests and methods and data out there, why even bother getting a genetic test for longevity? That means you know the original strand must read “G, T, T, A” (since, remember, A only binds with T, and C only binds with G). We already know this to be true between males and females: for instance, rapamycin increases lifespan more in female mice than male mice. So if your camera records say, “blue, green, green, red” you know those colors correspond to “C, A, A, T” on your synthetic, glowing DNA strand. My sister once called me “King of the Nerds” and it’s a title I’ve been trying to live up to ever since. Though, as it turns out, that’s actually a really complicated, difficult thing to do. Exons are the parts of the genes that actually code for the making of proteins, while introns are stretches of DNA strands in between exons that are cut out during the protein-encoding process. Knowing your own DNA means you can make better, more informed decisions about different life-extension treatments and therapies and have a more full understanding of the actual risks involved for you as an individual. higher risk for Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease. Now, certain bases will only pair up and connect with other bases. What are different types of genetic tests? The outside supports of the ladder are made up of those de-oxygenated ribose sugar molecules (plus a phosphate group that sticks them to each other). Epigenetic factors can actually change based on lifestyle and environmental factors, including age. A laser then excites these synthetic nucleotides and a high resolution camera records the order of the colors their fluorescent dye gives off. Now you have a basic understanding of how DNA tests work, let’s talk about the different types of tests you can get before covering the main benefits of genetic testing. Think of a film strip for a movie, where the exons are the important scenes that move the plot forward, while the introns are the “B-roll” filler you could cut out without losing any of the story. If you know you’re at risk for certain conditions, you can plan and alter your lifestyle, diet, and exercise in order to alter your epigenetics (remember that word?) Within each of those two buckets are a whole host of specific types of DNA tests. Thanks for subscribing! What are the benefits of genetic testing? ✔️ FREE bonus test: This one question will test not just your body, but your mind as well. What are the benefits of genetic testing that spanners interested in radical life extension should understand? We'll also send you free bonus weekly content about life extension. If you already know all that stuff feel free to skip ahead to the “What is a DNA genetic test?” section! In order for a gene to be “turned on” so it can be expressed and tell the cell to make specific proteins, it needs to be unrolled from the histones so a transcription protein can “unzip” and read it.

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