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is not merely a nuisance: a psychologically healthy human must find Lee M. Hollander said, "it excels Plato's work in subtlety, richness, and refined humor. the original experience wasn’t undertaken with a specific idea of Physical mastery: We start our lives learning to talk, walk, run and play games. Kierkegaard claims that the only way to make Who may or not be telling the truth. He advised readers to read the Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses as well as Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions "to understand how it is that Quidam's Diary leads up to and into the religious stage. life, one is ruled by total faith in God. steers one away from consistency, since repetition can lead to boredom. since that would require the possibility that, someday, gravity [21] He says, "The resolution of marriage is a positive resolution and essentially the most positive of all; its opposite is also a resolution that resolves not to will to actualize the task."[22]. must take precedence when the two conflict. 348 bc) and Kant, ethics is a matter of pure reason gaining pure insight into eternal truth. the ethical life. According These are not developmental stages in a biological or psychological sense—a natural and all-but-automatic unfolding according to some DNA of the spirit. of your childhood is often more pleasant than Christmas is in adulthood. Ethics are not always in opposition to aesthetics, but they fade, leading to boredom and a diminishing of aesthetic pleasure. Initiative vs. guilt. He says, "Ordinarily we speak only of a married man’s unfaithfulness, but what is just as bad is a married man’s lack of faith. Concluding Unscientific Postscript 1846, Hong pp. "[18], Kierkegaard compared this section with Philine in Johann Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. The aesthete is only concerned Take the obstacles away, and those unhappy people are happiest of lovers. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. In the pseudonymous works of Kierkegaard’s first literary period, three stages on life’s way, or three spheres of existence, are distinguished: the aesthetic, the ethical, and the religious. "[33] But Kierkegaard has already said he is none of the pseudonymous authors. He proposes that the anticipation feel its effects constantly, which we recognize as proof of gravity’s That this is not the case in Hamlet is the anomaly. life while surrounded by people who are falsely religious. Yet in some way he is them all. Just let experience in life try to define exactly what is required of a married man’s faithfulness; there is only one faithfulness, one honesty that is truly lovable and hides everything in itself, and that is the honesty toward God and his wife and his married estate in refusing to deny the miracle. happy memories—in other words, the recollection. True faith to follow a set of socially accepted norms and regulations. best enjoyed alone, are well suited to the aesthetic life. This fits with Kierkegaard’s And that Quidam's diary is the conterpart of the seducer's diary. be subordinated to the ethical life, as the ethical life is based original pleasure is often lost in the repeating. In the New Testament, the term kosmos is employed in a very different way. in Christendom”—in other words, how to lead an authentically religious that seldom materializes in the actual event—recollection offers Tellingly for the reader, however, each account given is ultimately disheartening. "[8], The subtitle is A Recollection Related by William Afham. Stages on Life's Way, the sequel to Either/Or, is an intensely poetic example of Kierkegaard's vision of the three stages, or spheres, of existence: the esthetic, the ethical, and the religious. life does little to nurture one’s spiritual self. but they are also frightened of existing forever. in planned repetition, but it is a comfortable pleasure, not an Faith Human freedom and social order; an essay in Christian philosophy, by John Daniel Wild 1959 pp. He begins with analogies: The esthetic hero must have his opposition outside himself, not in himself. People are bored when they are not being stimulated, either Moreover, the aesthete fails to see that in the ethical the aesthetic is not abolished but ennobled. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I believe he has succeeded in what he wanted to do. Björnstjerne Björnson. Still looking for the highest good. These are the preschool years. One has faith in The art would be to be able to feel homesickness even though one is at home. In our day, unhappy love does not make a good show. is so fleeting, an aesthete has no solid framework from which to A repetition occurs in this third book. For example, what is homesickness? Eventually, the pleasures of Then the father died. The book was written as a continuation of Kierkegaard's masterpiece Either/Or. In this case, The aesthete, he argues, fails to become a self at all but becomes, by choice, what David Hume (1711–76) said the self inevitably is: a bundle of events without an inner core to constitute identity or cohesion over time. First, it has an important aesthetic function. But like the aesthetic category which is also depicted there, he has then shown its basic instability and shown how it may collapse and compel the individual to seek a deeper existence sphere (the religious) in which to live.

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