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Crabs can be steamed, poached, deep-fried, stir-fried, pan-fried, grilled or barbecued. It is best not to buy dead uncooked Mud Crabs as it’s difficult to determine their quality. On the east coast of the USA it’s the highly prized Blue Crab that is harvested from the wild. Sydney Fish Market COVID-19 Update As the focus on Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues around the world, the health and safety of visitors, employees and other workers here at Sydney … Dressed Crabs, often sold in the UK, refers to cooked crabmeat presented in the cleaned top shell in rows, usually with a row of brown meat on both sides and a row of white meat in the middle. House Of Crabs in Cleveland Street, Redfern, serves Southern-style crab "boils" in delicious sauces, with a variety of other dishes. If you need Crab meat, place chilled whole Crabs in a large pot of rapidly boiling water, that has been well salted (½ cup table salt to 2.5 litres water), for 8 minutes per 500g up to 1kg, or 5 minutes per 500g for larger specimens (timed from when the water returns to the boil). Hairyback Crabs (Charybdis natator) with a covering of fine hairs all over their shells. Mud Crabs, also swimmer Crabs, are found mainly on the muddy bottoms of shallow coastal mangroves. From tiny Oyster Crabs that make their homes in live oysters to the world’s heaviest Crab, the Giant Crab, found in our southern waters, there are well over 1,000 species of Decapoda reptantia (‘ten footed crawlers’ or Crabs) worldwide. They have large front legs and developed claws and generally weigh 500g-1kg. Subscribe to Sydney Fish Market Newsletter. Tip the body of the Crab over and, from underneath, lift off the top shell, most of the inedible organs will come away attached to the shell. Very popular in the 1990s, especially in Chinese restaurants where they are often still seen, there is increasing realisation that the fishery for these slow growing, long living creatures needs to be carefully managed. Some Crabs, however, are more commonly sold with soft shells. Three-spotted Crabs (Portunus sanguinolentus) named for the three distinct white-edged purple/red spots towards the back of their greenish-yellow shells. All Crabs shed their shells from time to time as they grow. A number of closely related Mud Crabs, are differentiated by colour, but the Giant Mud Crab (Scylla serrata), with its dark blue-green to mottled brown shell, is by far the major species in Australia. They have an almost triangular-shaped orangey-red shell with cream flecks and very developed front legs and claws with black tips. Cooking Crystal Crabs (Chaceon bicolor) are large chalky-white Crabs of increasing importance, caught commercially off WA. The three main species seen in Australia are: Blue Swimmer Crabs (Portunus pelagicus), distinctive for the mottled bright blue to purple of the males’ shells (the females tend to be more mottled brown), are caught year-round with peaks from November to April. If stir-frying or marinating Crabs, it is easiest to work with uncooked (green) Blue Swimmers as they are already dead, clean as above without removing legs and claws, quarter the body and crack legs and claws with nut crackers so flavours can penetrate. Killing Scylla serrata (Giant Mud Crab) 250g at woolworths.com.au. **TIP** When planning for your memorable occasion, we highly recommend between 1-2 pounds per person. So ‘Soft Shell Crabs’ are not a particular species of Crab, but any Crab that’s undergoing this process. Refresh them in iced water then twist off legs and claws, crack and remove the meat with a Crab pick, skewer or crochet hook.

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