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If we would look at the Greek legend above, we could say that the hyacinth meaning is grief and mourning. >>Click Here To Learn More And Find Out About Organixx Essential Oils, Victorian meaning is play or sport or engage in sport, Can also mean rashness (as in the behavior of the god Zephyr), Purple can mean sorrow for a wrong committed, Purple – asking for forgiveness or symbolizes deep regret, Yellow – yellow means jealousy in the world of hyacinths, White – means loveliness or prayers for someone, Fresh hyacinth bulbs are poisonous and irritating to the skin, Juice from this plant (wild hyacinth variety) is starchy and was at one time used as a glue, The dried root can be used as a styptic (stops bleeding) by contracting and closing tissues around a wound, Hyacinth juice mixed with lemon juice reduces inflammation of abscesses when applied topically, Originally from the Mediterranean, Iran and Turkmenistan, now grown mainly in Holland, Bulbs are poisonous – contain oxalic acid which is so strong it can remove rust, Because the juice of the hyacinth plant is so naturally sticky, it was used as a book binding glue hundreds of years ago, Offer this flower when you have acted thoughtlessly. The hyacinth flower name has a most interesting meaning. To honor his lost love, Apollo named this flower after Hyákinthos. Derived from Greek legend about a young beautiful boy named Hyakinthos who was slain by Zephyr, the god of the west wind. This region includes Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and other countries. It can also be used to represent love, romance, and passion. antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, 2.2 lbs of the oil are obtained from approximately 13,227 lbs of flowers. Hyacinth has many medicinal properties. To bloom in spring, hyacinth bulbs must be planted in fall. Looking from this perspective, hyacinth is a symbol of a human effort to achieve his/her dreams. Hyacinths got their name from the Greek legend of a handsome young man named Hyakinthos. Hydrangea meaning. It’s gonna be really cold this week too….I’m afraid it’ll die! Mine too!!!!! The story in any way doesn’t sound very optimistic. In Greek mythology, Apollo the sun god and Zephyr the god of the west wind compete for a young boy’s affections. These plants are known as a symbol of jealousy. But the main usage of hyacinth is its oil. The flowers will preserve for two weeks, three at most. There are also some beautiful blues including a soft baby blue and a striking, deep indigo blue. Most commonly grown as an ornamental garden plant, the hyacinth flower can also be grown as an indoor houseplant. And because of such properties, we can also find hyacinth in many hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. You can grow them in flowerbeds on your windows or balcony, in your garden, hallway, etc. So, stay with us for a while and let’s get started. Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum Plant): Types, How to Grow and Care, Star of Bethlehem Flower Meaning and Symbolism, Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (Mini Monstera): How to Grow and Care, Rose Bush Care: A Complete Guide to Growing Garden Roses, African Daisies (Osteospermum Flower): Types, How to Grow and Care. Not so fast! White typically symbolizes innocence and purity. Thank you for your support! In Greek mythology, Apollo the sun god and Zephyr the god of the west wind compete for a young boy’s affections. Fashion was one of the main reasons why the flower attracted so much attention. However, in the language of flowers, we can find other hyacinth meanings as well: Looking from a broader perspective, we could say that most of the hyacinth meanings are related to positive things. And as the chief commercial producer, the Netherlands created more than 2,000 cultivars of hyacinths. Just discovered it last night when I was looking up symbolism of poppies. It symbolizes jealousy, and you don’t want to give someone the wrong message. We will also be looking at other interesting facts about this beautiful flower. Hyacinth Flower – Color and Meaning. And it doesn’t matter where you will grow them as hyacinth brings a strong aroma and an atmosphere of joy and energy. Purple is generally used to symbolize royalty and spirituality. Mweey Christmas. Her writing interests cover everything from farming and gardening to education, health and wellness, and business. Again, be careful giving someone a yellow hyacinth flower! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). The early varieties of hyacinth should be planted at the beginning of September, and the late varieties at the end of October. Otherwise, the plant will be weak and lose its beauty. To retain better moisture, the soil should be a combination of peat and sand. Pink flowers! Ancient Victorians also considered the hyacinth to be a symbol of sporting activities, so they may be useful as a celebratory bouquet in that setting, too. The meaning of the daffodil flower and origins of its name. During the middle ages, hyacinths were extensively cultivated in Arab gardens. Because hyacinths can also symbolize sorrow and occasionally forgiveness, a purple hyacinth is a good flower to give someone who not only deserves your respect but your gratitude, too. Hyacinth comes in yellow, white, pink, and violet colors. When hyacinth leaves open, we can observe how a cluster of flowers emerges from the center. Hyacinth is also derived from the word jacinth meaning a blue gemstone. It is a perfect flower for gardens, balconies, and an ideal decor element in interiors. The discus that Hyakinthos was throwing flew black and struck him, killing him on impact. With many star shaped flowers per plant these flowers make a beautiful effect when planted in swaths and drifts of solid colors.

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