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Spoiled single girl Angie Moore gets cut off 25 days before Christmas. Welcome to ChristmasTVSchedule.com, your source for holiday TV listings. First Look at Dreamworks TV Christmas 2020 Lineup for Netflix, What’s on Netflix is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Netflix or any of its partners in any capacity. (Not to be confused with the drug in Riverdale.) On November 15th, Netflix scooped up the license to two of Justin G. Dyck’s recent movies. It’s called The Christmas Setup, and it’s about a New York lawyer, his high school crush, and his meddling mother who uses the holidays to flex her matchmaking moxie. What she didn’t expect to find is an airforce pilot who she doesn’t click with at first but that relationship soon blossoms. GilMORE the Merrier . Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star in Happiest Season, which is about a woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend at a holiday party, but finds out that she hasn't come out to her family yet. Stars: Liliana Tandon, Dean Geyer, Charles Hittinger, Lorraine Bracco. Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance Starring Nicola Posener and Bradford B. Johnson, October 31 — 8 p.m. Candy Cane Christmas The movie which lasts just over an hour and a half is about the retirement plans by Blitzen putting Christmas at risk with a new member of the team having to get in the saddle with four days until Christmas. Soaps, Christmas specials, the Queen's speech and films galore - the TV schedules for Christmas are packed with things to tempt you. Also, she falls for an Air Force guy (Alexander Ludwig). Dashing Home for Christmas – Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. Kat Graham stars in Operation Christmas Drop as a congressional assistant who has to determine if a military base that delivers Christmas gifts and supplies to Pacific islands should be shut down. New Christmas Movies Streaming Now in 2020, « The Best Family Christmas Movies Now Streaming, Christmas Movies for Families That Parents Enjoy Too. Get the details on every new premiere in our 2020 Countdown to Christmas Movies Preview! — NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) September 15, 2020 Official description: It's been two years since siblings Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) saved Christmas, and a … Starring Lexi Giovagnoli, Travis Burns, Greg Evigan, Rachel O’Connell, Susan Chambers, December 4 — 8 p.m. With 2018’s Princess Switch, last year’s Knight Before Christmas, and this year’s switcheroo sequel, the streaming platform may have found its holiday star. Spotlight on Christmas It's time for snow, Santa, and Melissa Joan Hart as a "holiday romances" podcaster. What's on Netflix is a website of Posterity Information Technology Ltd. It’s about a congressional aide who is traveling to an airforce base in the hopes to close it down over Christmas. Both of which have streamed on Netflix previously. UPtv. A post shared by Kelly Rowland (@kellyrowland). The movie itself follows a town that’s on the brink of being sold by a Grinch-like figure but will a bit of Christmas spirit (and some helping from Dolly) help the town? Watch popular TV shows like "Bringing Up Bates" and "Reba" on UPtv. Starring Jonna Walsh, Jesse Hutch, Art Hindle, Jayne Eastwood, December 12 — 8 p.m. with one girl’s quest to save a small robot who has the power to change everything. Writer: Jennifer Westcott (Repeats on Veteran’s Day, November 11), November 8 — 8 p.m. A Very Charming Christmas Town It's never too early to start celebrating Christmas. The documentary Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker follows iconic choreographer and dancer Debbie Allen as she puts together the Debbie Allen Dance Academy's annual Hot Chocolate Nutcracker performance. Dan Levy, Alison Brie, and Aubrey Plaza have parts in what will hopefully be one of the best gifts of 2020. Lifetime is known for releasing a ton of Christmas movies each year, and for 2020, the network has already announced a whopping 30 films. Director: Maxwell McGuire As a romance starts to blossom, Kendall's farm is sabotaged, leaving her to wonder about Clint's true intentions. Download a printable schedule featuring our premiere movies or get the full schedule. This content is imported from Instagram. Genre: Romantic, Family See the list below for more info: A Very Country Christmas … Director: Michael Curtiz Genre: Musical, Christmas, Drama And PEOPLE can also exclusively reveal this year’s holiday movie line-up, which includes five new U.S. premieres. Kate Winslet, Mia Wasikowska, and Rainn Wilson costar, and though it’s a remake of a Danish film, it definitely feels like a more serious, highbrow Stepmom. Credit: >> Movie Guide - Countdown to Christmas 2020 | Countdown to Christmas 2020 Download the Christmas movie guide featuring the all-new original premieres from Hallmark Channel this holiday season! The Hallmark Channel has released the 2020 Christmas movie schedule, including 40 new films as part of their annual Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas events. Many of your favorite stars will be appearing in Lifetime’s new Christmas movies, including Kelly Rowland, Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, Vanessa Lachey, Jason Priestley, Ali Stroker, Jacky Lai, Jana Kramer, and more. According to the film's IMDb page, it's about a "Scrooge of a woman" who "plans to sell her small town, regardless of the consequences to the people who live there." Because this Grinch of a year will not put a damper on our holiday spirit. Oct 9, 2020 Netflix / Courtesy. Netflix’s big family event movie for the holidays is undoubtedly Jingle Jangle which according to the reviews at least, is a runaway success. Runtime: 84 min. See the full schedule below. ET. As Hallmark promised in July, the network is committed to shaking up its predominantly white and straight film fare like a snow globe. The holiday musical stars Forest Whitaker as a toymaker named Jeronicus Jangle and Keegan-Michael Key as his assistant, along with Anika Noni Rose, Hugh Bonneville, and Phylicia Rashad. Netflix’s featured TV series for the holiday season has undoubtedly been Dash & Lily. Director: Otoja Abit When she discovers the existence of a sizable trust fund that she will inherit once she gets married, Angie decides to find a man to marry - by Christmas. Cast: Denise Richards, Danny Glover, Cameron Seely, Katrina Begin We’re convinced that The Princess Switch resides within the Orphan Black universe but that’s a topic for another time. https://t.co/Lm06YVy1mp pic.twitter.com/uzNIi7aHIw. Cast: Greyston Holt, Bea Santos, Greg Vaughan, Deana Carter Though it’s been a lump of coal for most, 2020 might actually be a banner year for Carey. Cast: Natalie Hall, Evan Williams, Michael Gordon Shore, Steve Cumyn, Albert Brooks Director: Martin Wood In a sort of Plus One meets Office Christmas Party, Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey join romantic forces as Sloane and Jackson, a pair of singles who agree to be each other's plus one to every holiday party. … Kicking off the holiday season for Netflix was Holidate which released just before November kicked off. The Christmas Edition The Christmas Yule Blog Cast: Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen Starring Tiya Sircar and Michael Xavier, November 15 — 8 p.m. Cast: Morena Baccarin, Josh Hutcherson, Martin Short, John Cleese The third film in the A Very Country franchise, Zane and Jeannette return from their magical honeymoon to plan the perfect first Christmas as a family, but the arrival of Jeannette’s former father-in-law throws a wrench into all of their holiday planning. Lifetime is releasing its first romance focused on a gay couple this year, as well as its first movie about a Chinese-American family. Genre: Family, Musical The Christmas Listing When self-proclaimed “Christmas Grinch” Harper realized that she accidentally donated her family’s beloved magic mistletoe to a charity, she enlists the help of thrift store owner and old friend Luke to help her retrieve it. Copyright What's on Netflix 2018. Lifetime will premiere 30 new movies this year and have over 1,200 hours of programming. Cast: Benjamin Bradley. Every year, thousands of wish lists addressed to the man in red are collected at centers across the country. Released on Netflix: November 1st Director: Debbie Allen That's vague, but methinks she's not going to marry her original fiancé. But will a third look-alike ruin their plan?”, Released on Netflix: November 15th Well, it's getting a sequel, and this time, there's three Vanessas Hudgens roles. Because this Grinch of a year will not put a damper on our holiday spirit. The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix. White Christmas has streamed on Netflix a number of times in the past but it’s always a pleasure to see it back especially at this time of year. Early reviews suggest this romance movie may not be the best you’ve ever seen but if you’re running out of Christmas romance movies on Netflix (which is hard to do) then check this out.

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