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No idea! Boil slowly, stirring constantly for 5 minutes. Nice to have a small treat just be careful it’s a dangerous for people addicted to sugar. it says butter, is that salted, unsalted or margarine, I use blue bonnet in all my cooking but I wanted to make sure. Ooh good idea using Ghirardelli, can’t go wrong there! Coat with nonstick spray. Once it’s mostly melted, pour the sugar into the center of the pan as carefully as you can so as not to get any sugar crystals on the side of the pan. Made this tonight, I’m picky about my fudge and this was super creamy & delicious! Line 9-inch square pan with foil, with ends of foil extending over sides. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. Can the fudge be made substituting cream or milk for the evaporated milk? Let me know what recipe you try next!! Throw it in the microwave and melt it, then stir really well. The popularity of their brand spread in the 1930s as Marshmallow Fluff ads took to the radio and promotional efforts reached hundreds of thousands of homes. Then as she poured the completed fudge into the pan we would all make non-subtle comments about making sure not to do a too-good job scraping (so that we could attack the pan with our fingers of course). It really is No Fail!! I bet it was your grandmother’s recipe, it’s been around a while :) Thanks for reviewing! I might also try making this with mint chips. I don’t really want to have to buy that fluff stuff! Just made this for the first time and I will be saving this recipe! It is raining here so do you think the fudge will be runny or will it set? It sounds like there wasn’t enough moisture. Yes, vanilla extract. I can’t wait to taste it myself! The only time it’s failed is when I chose to try it with lower quality choc chips and I couldn’t get them to melt all the way (sad tear!). I think the reason may be because they still have you boil the butter/sugar/milk for five minutes and with smaller amounts it ends up too hard. Way to go Michelle! Maybe I need more chocolate! My grandma used to make this, glad I found this recipe…its absolutely delicious. For some it’s toffee and candy. Candy & Fudge Recipes Chocolate! Hope this helps! As the 1950s rolled on, the delicious, easy-to-make Marshmallow Fluff Never-Fail Fudge recipe was printed in magazines such as. It was crumbly and grainy. **Wait for the fudge to harden (will harden quickly). I used it for fudge for my family members who hate the flavor of the Evaporated Milk. Once it’s so hot it’s crazy boiling even when you stir, turn it down so it doesn’t boil over (to med) and start your timer for 5 minutes. Fake it til you make it, I say! But listen, I'm no chef. If the boil isn’t constant or starts to die a bit, you turned it too low and need to turn it back up. It’s a must for the holidays!! What am I doing wrong???? Lost mom’s recipe and was afraid it was gone forever. Total WW points are 160 which came to 2 points for 1 piece 5 for 2 pieces. ***. "I’m surprised how many people commenting have had issues with this fudge. It must be boiling enough that when you stir it there are still big bubbles in the center, they won’t go away. Timer goes off and very quickly with as few pauses as possible you: turn off burner, move pan over, dump in chips, start microwave, stir in chips, take out creme, stir in, add vanilla, stir in. I used butterscotch, peanut butter, white chocolate (or vanilla) and mint chips in place of the semi-sweet chocolate ones. I turned the fudge over onto a piece of parchment paper and cut it up for the treat bags. I’m sorry it didn’t set! Going to be adding peanut butter topping to part of it for the man of the house. Try it! That is awesome Emily!! Thanks for your tips about the humidity Sandy! Still creamy, smooth and moreish! How was it supposed to cool to softball stage while it’s still on the heat? If you try it again, add the ingredients as called for (do not add more evaporated milk) and see how it goes. :) Enjoy! Thanks so much for chiming in Anne! Thank you, Hi Anita, yes 2 and 1/2 is correct!! Stands alone as a stellar chocolate fudge. Thank you. It will be the weekend before I try a small piece … but I’m sure they’ll be a hit with some friends. They have to try this! Probably cooked it too long. I made this again this year…today, and it came out perfect. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/24068/peanut-butter-fudge Did you make this project? Something wrong with that recipe! That would mess with the sweetness level. This will be be my go to recipe from now on. The Fluff fudge recipe combined the famous marshmallow cream and Nestle’s chocolate bits, lifting sales for both halves of that delectable dynamic duo. Its No ones receipe. Did it work out? Boil slowly, stirring constantly, 5 minutes. Hello It’s ready when it puffs up over the opening a bit (mine is about 15 seconds). Sounds like a case of not boiling long enough. I thought it was ruined until I read Donna B’s comment. Added the chocolate and it immediately crumbled :( In a 3 quart HEAVY saucepan over high heat, combine sugar, butter, and evaporated milk. Thank you so much Jane! In large saucepan combine milk and sugar. Here’s a tip to getting the chocolate to melt better. This is, by far, the best fudge recipe ever. This recipe was super easy and reminded me of the fudge my dad always made at Christmas. She has been on my mind lately and I just wanted some fudge, to make it like grandma did, Bonus for the night! That is a great tip Melissa! Can’t wait to dive in…it’s cooling right now. I doubt it Alice! Sounds better than walnuts to me :) Great idea! Then take off heat, stir in chips til melted THEN add fluff! Thank you for commenting! Easy to make….. Most of the time we would give it away to friends and neighbors, which is of course a very effective way to spread Christmas cheer. Ingredients:2 cups chunky peanut butter1 cup marshmallow fluff 1 teaspoon vanilla Butter, size of an egg (roughly … There was not enough liquid to melt the chocolate and combine it all. I should add that to the official recipe ;) I’m so glad you liked it! Just pure semi-sweet, melt in your mouth goodness. Thanks for putting it out there….I’m sure more people will fall in love, just like you and I….=) Merry Christmas! Will it turn out using milk chocolate chips? You are awesome Laura!!! I made mom’s marshmallow fudge with Splenda is it still going to set right? I followed the recipe on the Marshallow fluff tub. You were right, the whole batch never made it to the cooling stage :o), It’s the challenge of a lifetime waiting for this fudge to cool ;). I’m so glad it was a success for you Larissa! I gave the rest away and now that I’m home visiting family, I’m making it tomorrow for Christmas Eve. I made this fudge and it looks and smells wonderful, however it did not “set up” and has remained too soft to slice. Didn’t work for me. Remove from heat right then. Made others but this one is fantastic and I strongly recommend Girradelli morsels. Thanks for sharing! I am on a life time change of eating. Hi Karyn! But years ago I decided it was too grainy, and cut it back to 2.5. ** If fudge doesn’t harden within 10 minutes, place in the refrigerator until the fudge has set. I’ve never seen fluff sold in anything but 7 ounce jars, how frustrating! Durkee and Mower built a very successful door-to-door business selling their Marshmallow Fluff throughout New England, and by 1927 were advertising their delicious white cream in Boston newspapers. I should just call it "peanut butter fluffy fudge thing to eat" because it's amazing paired with or without a cake. 139 %. Chocolate chips have both fat and sugar in them, and cocoa does not, so that would change the recipe quite a bit. 15 g Maybe the chips were old. It turned into a giant pan of chocolate marshmallow goodness! Seems like the butter floats on the top, it doesn’t pour into the pan, it dumps and it is crumbly. So happy to hear that memory Karen :) this fudge is so special to so many families, mine included! You could also make 2 batches in bigger pans so they are thinner, and layer some crushed peanuts in between.

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