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Out: -1 Echoing Truth, -2 Gut Shot, -2 Thought Scour. I did win a good amount with the deck despite all of that, but I definitely got lucky once or twice and had an opponent make a mistake or two. A matchup that is more difficult is the ramp one, where, Young Pyromancer is much more reasonable to board out as it can look very weak in the face of, Thanks for Reading! ; An opening hand with at least 1 untapped green land, 1 Once Upon a Time, 1 Rosethorn Acolyte, 1 Merchant of the Vale, and … These three lists really only serve one purpose - to demonstrate the similarities between these archetypes. Moving onto the deck's enablers, early versions chose to add Desperate Ritual and Lava Spike to speed up the clock and also have the change to splice into arcane both. After leaving my beloved Hollow One aside, I was looking forward to start brewing with one of the most underrated cards from Guilds of Ravnica: Arclight Phoenix. It serves as removal, stack interaction through its counter mode, and when it comes to it, a way to put Phoenix into the graveyard and/or dig for a threat. It is simply a little too narrow to see play in most decks. Find a threat and counter their key cards, the KCI and Scrap Trawler. Aside from the 18-19 lands mana base, the 32 remaining cards only differ in 18-20 slots. The red version played by Jeffrey Carr is a little rougher around the edges but felt like it could maybe be the better deck in the long run as it can kill faster, giving it some chance in matchups where players are trying to goldfish each other. can blunt the efficacy of your Phoenixes and flashback cards… But Crackling Drake is okay with its food being exiled. Acting as three spells for Phoenix is very useful at four mana. Arclight Phoenix is the only card seriously crippled by graveyard hate, and even then you can just cast them or Faithless Looting them away and win with your other threats. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Mike also has two Grand Prix wins, both Limited. Petty Theft is a very powerful tempo play that curves out nicely into Brazen Borrower, an aggressively-costed flyer to apply some pressure. In theory it could help with a castable spell when you get left with excess lands after a Goblin Lore or Burning Inquiry. It was also an issue against Jeskai Control when they got to fix their mana with a Field of Ruin. Thanks for Reading! It’s less resilient to graveyard hate, but also goldfishes faster, especially in its good draws. On the play, you can keep the aggressive hands that present turn four kills, but on the draw you need to mulligan to interaction. In: +4 Leyline of the Void, +2 Force of Negation, +1 Flusterstorm, +1 Anger of the Gods Imagine you play a first turn Faithless Looting, discarding double Phoenix. But that said, Gut Shot is very productive for launching Phoenixes on turn two. It’s not easy to cast a turn-2 Bedlam Reveler and it’s pretty easy to cast a turn-2 Gurmag Angler. Out: -1 Flame Slash, -1 Echoing Truth, -1 Crackling Drake, -1 Pyromancer Ascension, -1 Finale of Promise, -1 Gut Shot. From the day the format was announced, there were concerns voiced over cards banned in other formats that remained legal in Pioneer. I have limited experience with it, but it consistently performed well for him so I think it is likely a worthwhile going forward. None of the creatures trade down on mana for it, except the Phoenix itself, which comes back and is usually free. Then, watching coverage this week, I saw that two different Arclight Phoenix decks faced off in the finals of the Baltimore Open. This planeswalker can invalidate a lot of your draws through its static ability and, if you fall behind on board with a Narset on the battlefield, the game can quickly find its end. This changes the language of the site.It won't change any text entered by users. Arclight Phoenix, the namesake card, provides an incredible source of pressure, coming down fairly regularly on turn and often in multiples.In this deck, it is possible, but rare, to return a Phoenix to the board on turn three but the deck is built in a way that you are able to control the board well with disruption so that blistering speed is not always necessary. For that reason, I’d consider it an aggressive tempo deck. While these decks failed my eyeball test, I’d say that I was definitely wrongly judging the book by its cover. Having a powerful deck that was resilient to narrow graveyard hate cards meant that the format struggled to adapt, and Phoenix dominated every constructed event for a period of five to six months. Opt, Planning, and Chart are crucial to the engine, though if it came to it, trimming on Chart would be where I would start. It was the first out of the gate and it put up some good results. Out: -2 Pyromancer Ascension, -1 Flame Slash, -1 Echoing Truth, -1 Lightning Bolt, -1 Crackling Drake. By using our services, you agree that we use cookies. Brazen Borrower is underwhelming when both modes are not relevant (against mono black, for example, where trading two mana to bounce a one-drop and not being that relevant in the air makes it rather lackluster). Crackling Drake was impressive. It is no secret that delve is a broken mechanic, and this card fits a pretty unique role in Izzet Phoenix. On turn two, you can plausibly play a Thought Scour, a Sleight of Hand, and then finish the play with a zero mana Gut Shot. They bring in a lot of answers to Thing in the Ice so I often take the control role in this matchup. Able to dodge graveyard hate, those two creatures can close games quickly if uncontested. Last time. They also have World Breaker to shut down the Phoenix plan and Walking Ballista for Pyromancer. Arclight Phoenix Variants in Modern By Rone (2018-12-07) The Standard Black-Green Midrange Compendium By HansD (2018-11-26) Rone's MKMS Zaragoza Modern Main Event By Rone (2018-11-21) Dinosaurs at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica By JaminK (2018-11-20) It should be no surprise that the goal of an Arclight Phoenix deck is deal lethal combat damage to your opponent as quickly as possible. I was surprised to say the least, and after saying all these decks looked like bad Hollow One decks on the Pro Points Podcast last week, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Alongside Phoenix, Treausure Cruise is an essential part of this deck’s operation. While they used the graveyard a good amount you’d still be fairly weak to a card like Rest in Peace. Flying, haste. With the Izzet version of Arclight Phoenix you could cast cantrips to find cards and set up for a big Phoenix turn. Moving onto Hollow Phoenix, this variant combines the successful B/R archetype of random discard spells with the Phoenix package by removing the black part and making the deck mono red. Thing in the Ice and Crackling Drake do an excellent job of closing out games, and the deck has so many cantrips that I found it easy to find as many Lightning Bolts as I needed to end the long games. Cons: very linear plan, mono colored sideboard, easy to hate (Leyline of the Sanctity). Welcome again loyal readers, Today we will look at another card from Guilds of Ravnica that has been showing up in many decks in Modern – Arclight Phoenix. Izzet Phoenix has carried me to back to back Modern Open Top 8s at the end of Season One on the SCG Tour and shows no sign of letting up. You can usually side out some Bedlam Revelers and hard cast Arclight Phoenix in a pinch. These Phoenix decks are all pretty good against Lightning Bolt, which seems to be pretty popular in Modern right now. Basically, the version I played is the same as the posted above but running Sleight of Hand and Izzet Charm playset but I will try the Noxious Revival addition by cutting the fourth Reveler and the Charm.

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