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What if you want to open it using just your smartphone? The handset can then be used to open the door by pressing a button. [URL=http://www.ebuyrayban.com/]Ray Ban Outlet[/URL]. * Pulldown resistor (10k-100k) from the MOSFET gate to GND. } Set up another IVR, this one will be the main greeting. // mySerial.println("Code correct, unlocking. So here we go: Doing this test before you build your full blown app is really important, it will save you from debugging an issue outside of your control. Follow-me List: enter your cel number followed by the pound sign [#] For example “Enter pass-code, or if this is my pizza guy, press two to be buzzed in.” break; Once you have assembled this circuit, you will need to connect wires in your handset base to the appropriate locations on breadboard. This tutorial is inspired by the simpler buzzer hack here. You might be able to pull this off by taking apart the intercom box, and re-routing the signal into a computer running Asterix or some other PBX. It'll be something like 9 or star [whatever you press to currently unlock the door]. (c: I already had the phone for music and tracker. Brad's garage door hack inspired Matt (my roommate) to do a similar hack. So there you go, now you can manage a callbox for a bunch of roommates, add secret pin codes, and even give selective access to delivery people, cleaning staff, or whoever else is coming by to visit. Next was the wireless component. My apartment has a Comelit handset that lets me press a button to open the front door after someone keys in my apartment number downstairs. For that we used a big old washing machine solenoid, the kind that usually moved gears in the mechanical assembly under the tub. I just connected the grounds and used a transistor or mosfet though. I hooked up the MOSFET and relay, and I threw in a pull-down resistor so that when powered on there wouldn’t be any weirdness and the MOSFET will stay low and not switch unintentionally. No, my friends, the solution was not a carefully crafted circuit or a complex piece of software but a lowly answering machine. // mySerial.println((State) newState); if(isBuzzing()) { This can be a minute of silence if you're the secretive sort and just want time to type in your entry password, or it can be a recorded greeting like “enter pass-code, 12 seconds to self destruct.” I tried it both while the dial tone was sounding and by pressing 0 which stopped the dial tone. }, boolean isBuzzing() { }, void checkAndUnlock() { Hmmm…. Learn how your comment data is processed. Now I can run in stealth mode. Because of this, my name is not in the display. You might be wondering why everyone has their own secret-roommate.xml file, when they all do the same thing. switch(currState) { Love the roommate code. typedef enum State{ If you’ve lived in an apartment with a call box for buzzing people into your apartment before, this will sound pretty familiar. Possibly, but in this case after looking at the schematic I couldn’t tell if there was a common ground or common positive voltage, or which way to hook the MOSFET up, and I figured the mechanical isolation would also prevent ground loops or any other kind of interference. The next morning, I went for my run without my jingling keys. } The intercom sounds like it is a closed loop system and doesn't interface with the POTS system at all. I did this with a garage door opener years ago. My street has a lot of bums and other riff-raff on it, so I wanted something with a couple different types of security. I’m not concerned about security. Two screws and a razor blade later and the plate was separated from the wall.

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