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Research and development is a broad area in which many find a vocation – this may be in food and drug development. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative career options for veterinary graduates. Veterinary disaster response positions are available at local, national, and international levels. First and foremost, you need to decide if a career change is definitely the right choice for you. Coaching could help you find clarity, Opening up conversations about the profession and leading on wellbeing issues, Marketing within the livestock industry has been at the heart of my career, "Life as an endless list of possibilities for vets", Finding a love for creative writing alongside my veterinary duties, How to become a veterinary physiotherapist, How to reinvent your veterinary career when practice isn't for you, Starting your own business? A number of possibilities are often overlooked, but are potentially as satisfying and rewarding as "traditional" veterinary jobs. Alternative career options for veterinary graduates. Happy veterinarians are the backbone of quality medical care for pets. Veterinary medicine is broken. There is no one “perfect” fit for the Vetted model. On the flip side, if you already have your degree and license, and are exploring different options to pursue - we have compiled 20 alternative nursing careers … Not only did the change in direction work out well, but he describes the work “like being sort of a detective”. What else can you do with your vet degree in government? All Rights Reserved, Further Qualifications & Training for Veterinary Nurses. Can you say… pet detective? – and we never, ever ask them to work towards production goals or sales quotas. Plus, who do you think other veterinarians are more likely to want to buy from: a fellow veterinarian, or a business person who can’t relate to them? They do so in part by partnering with other large brands – pharmaceutical suppliers, pet food companies, etc. Vetted provides in-home vet care only. Being a veterinarian is incredibly hard work. 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Veterinary Conference. I am a vet/vet nurse looking for a career change ... How to reinvent your veterinary career when practice isn't for you. They also offer tremendous opportunities for free career-advancing training. We support them with cutting-edge technology and an engaged, experienced customer support team. YouTube millionaires have been made in every area from gaming to parenting. Many vets just starting out find themselves saddled with crippling student debt and a demanding, unfulfilling career. Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians and Nurses. Similarly to practice management, previous experience of veterinary nursing places you in a great position for knowing the best kind of people to hire within the veterinary sector and where best to place them. If you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse, you might be wondering what career paths you can follow with an RN degree and license. Apply to Veterinary Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Hospital Manager and more! They spend more time developing deep relationships with their clients and less time filling out paperwork. Are you passionate about veterinary medicine? A New Career Alternative to Clinical Veterinary Practice. It is a role that is seen as an ideal job for plenty of animal lovers but, along with all the positives, there can be downsides to the role too. Apply to Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Receptionist, Practice Manager and more! It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. Nursing school provides you with all the skills you need to become a qualified nurse. It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. The average veterinarian works 9-14 hour days at least 261 days a year, and all for a sub-six figure salary. The veterinary nursing profession, though numerically small (there are over 12,000 registered veterinary nurses in total), has varied and important duties to support veterinary surgeons in safeguarding the health and welfare of animals. It’s this gray area that many vets say is causing great doctors to turn away from the profession. Here are ten alternative vet tech careers that you may not have considered: 1. Pet news, updates, and special offersfrom your friends at Vetted. Nor is it enough that getting through vet school is probably even harder. In this interview, she describes her government career and highlights some of the transferable vet skills that can be valuable within the Civil Service, Felicity Caddick is a senior veterinary manager at a pharmaceutical company, as well as being the proud holder of a lesser-known Guinness World Record, If you feel you’ve reached a point in your career where a rethink or reboot might be needed, coaching or mentoring could help you find a way forward.

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